Interior designer Anjaleka ( Angie ) Kripalani brings to you first time in India Angie’s bridal registry - where she personally curates and designs for your special occasion - your wedding , engagement, baby shower and baby announcement.Angie through Angie homes offers you home accessories, furniture, table ware , bedding , fabrics from all over the world and India so you don’t have to travel and yet have the best in home through her affordable luxury online one stop home solution and the palm of your hand . Come register on our Angie’s bridal registry program - and be a part of our Angie homes family !

Luxury Bridal Gift Registry

CREATING A WEDDING GIFT REGISTRY Whether registering for gifts for your own nuptials or celebrating loved ones who are tying the knot, be sure to take full advantage of the Angie Homes wedding registry. Not sure how to get started with your bridal registry? It's easy. If you're creating a wedding registry, scroll back up to the top of this page and click "Create My Registry." From here, enter all the necessary information about your event. Then, you can start shopping for all your wedding registry must-haves, including Furniture, Tableware, bedding, Interior Designing, Lighting Solutions, and Many More. If you're looking for inspiration for a wedding registry, use the wedding registry checklist to help guide you as you make your free gift registry. Wondering what to put on a wedding registry? Check out some of our registrants' favorite registry ideas or one-click registries for added convenience. What's even better: When you register for a wedding at Angie Homes, you get a registry completion discount of 10% that's good for up to six months after the event.

Wedding Gift Choosing independence for Guest

Looking to purchase a bridal wedding gift for a friend or family member from the Angie Homes wedding registry? Navigate to the "Create Registry" section at the top of the page. Then, just type in the registrant's first and last names to bring up their wedding gift list. Aside from the items they've chosen for purchase, you can also select a Angie Homes gift card or contribute to a group gift that makes it easier for the recipients to buy larger registry wedding gifts.

4000+ Gift Available For Wedding

If you would rather create a gift registry in person, stop by angie homes store. An associate will be happy to help guide you through popular registry picks and assist you in adding them to your bridal registry, they may even give you a little something as a "thank you" for creating a wedding registry with us. Interested in other types of gift registries? Ask away while you're in the store; our associates are also happy to help with housewarming registries, birthday registries and baby shower registries.

Hassle-Free Organization of Wedding

With the Choosing as a bridal registry of your big day of life. Angie Homes provide a a suitable products with out any hassle to your door step. so you can easily enjoy your wedding.


What is a wedding registry?

A wedding registry, also referred to as a bridal registry or bridal shower registry, is a gift list created by engaged couples that indicates to wedding guests which presents the couple would like to receive for their big day. Once completed, this wish list is sent out to friends and family who can determine at a glance which presents have been purchased and which haven’t, helping them decide what to buy while avoiding duplicate wedding gifts.

Why is Angie Homes one of the best places to register for a wedding?

When you create a Angie Homes gift registry, there are a number of perks and benefits to take part in. Registrants get easy access to our wedding look book and a 10% discount that is good for up to six months after your event.

What are some popular wedding registry ideas?

If you’re unsure of what to include on your wedding registry, be sure to check out the gift registry checklist. Not only does it help you sort your wedding registry must-haves by category, it also lists some of our favorite products and how many we think you’ll need of each. This registry checklist is also available as a printable PDF for your convenience.

Does Angie Homes have a wedding registry app?

Apple iPhone users with iOS 12.1 or later can download the Angie Homes app(opens in new window) from the App Store. The registry app allows you to create and edit a gift registry with ease. And sneak peeks are encouraged—the app alerts you every time a registry item is purchased. You can even use the app to scan barcodes in-store to add items to your wedding registry.

How many items should be on a wedding registry?

The size of your wedding registry depends on the size of your wedding; the best rule of thumb is to add twice as many gifts to your registry as there are invitees to your nuptials. While this may seem like a lot, doing so allows guests to select something off your bridal registry that they feel excited about giving you. As you approach the big day, continue adding to your registry to ensure that last-minute gifters have enough options.

What goes on a wedding registry?

Anything you want. While dinnerware, cookware and linens are among the most popular wedding registry items, the Angie Homes wedding registry also allows you to add non-traditional items as well, such as furniture, holiday decor, baby products and gift cards. Be sure to include your best registry ideas at a variety of price points to accommodate your guests’ different budgets.

When should I set up my wedding registry?

The best time for the bride and groom to set up their gift registry is four to six months in advance of tying the knot. This gives loved ones plenty of time to purchase gifts and ensures the registry is set up in advance of the bridal shower.

What are the benefits of a Angie Homes registry over a universal registry?

While Target, Amazon and universal registries have their perks, we consider ourselves the ultimate wedding registry for a few reasons. We’ve had 25 years of experience providing customers with the best quality furniture and housewares, so you can feel confident that your registry picks will last for years to come. We also offer unparalleled customer service to gift givers and registrants—both before and after your walk down the aisle. In addition to that, our commitment to sustainability and responsible design isn’t just a promise. Finally, cultivating your wish list with items from just one brand helps give your space a cohesive feel. From bedroom furniture to dinnerware, our entire collection of products evokes the same clean, timeless feel to bring effortless style to every room.

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