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Fans are one such appliances that dates back from the ancient times. Most common fans are ceiling fans, exhaust fans, table fans but there are many others. With the evolution of time fans and their types get evolved, used mainly for air circulation in buildings and rooms, for cooling motors and transmissions, for cooling, for exhausting noxious fumes and dust, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. A fan's most obvious advantage is its ability to keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep. You can have trouble falling or staying asleep at night if it's too warm. Additionally, excessive perspiration may cause your body to lose necessary nutrients.

To shop fans for your home whether Ceiling fan, exhaust fan, table fan, wall fan, desk fan, mini fan, kitchen exhaust fan you can get them by ordering at Angie Homes. We help people to get the right thing by assisting them and giving detailed information about the product available online. Also, you can buy home décor items too in best designs and budgeted price. Depending upon the functions, shapes, and mechanism fans are of different types. To get you through the detailed knowledge below is the given for the types of fans.


  • A ceiling fan is a fan that is mounted on the ceiling of a room or area and is typically powered by electricity. It circulates air using rotating blades that are mounted on a hub. They effectively cool individuals by accelerating airflow. Room is made windy and breezy by ceiling fan. Ceiling fans can add to the interior design of the space while providing dependable and effective performance.
  • Through the removal of impurities, smells, and humidity, exhaust fans enhance the quality of indoor air. They offer sufficient ventilation for spaces where these air quality-degrading chemicals may accumulate. In order to let conditioned air into the room, stagnant air is vented out of the house.
  • The main component of table fans is a single-phase induction motor. Electric current flows from the fan's motor to the coil of wire that is wrapped around the core as soon as the fan is turned on. Then electricity is produced, and the blades begin to turn.
  • Pedestal fans are renowned for their strong cooling capacities and greater adaptability. Described as electric oscillating fans with a detachable stand that can be adjusted to meet your needs, pedestal fans are oscillating electric fans.
  • Wall mounted fans are your best bet if you're short on floor space! These are intended for small, constrained areas without adequate wiring and extremely low or high ceilings.
  • If investing in an air conditioner doesn't seem feasible, consider purchasing a high-quality misting fan instead. These fans are a fantastic way to beat the heat and stay cool during the sweltering summer months.


Need to buy ceiling fan for your room or noise free exhaust fan buy online at Angie Homes hassle-free. We have beautiful pattern of the modern ornamental fans as well as classic ones.


Q1. What are the types of fans available?

There are many types of fans to buy from angie homes- ceiling fans, misting fans, table fans, pedestal fans, fans with ornamental fixtures and chandelier bulbs attached to them.

Q2. Do fans comes in parts?

Yes, the blades will be packed separately and other parts sedately.

Q3. Is there manual with the fan given?

Yes, there is a manual given for an easy mounting of the fan.

Q4. Why do fans wobble?

The reason is not fitted properly, uneven blades, or dirt being accumulated.

Q5. How to choose the right ceiling fan for home?

Don’t fall for the beauty and color but width of the fan, style, energy efficient, light weight, height from the roof and budget are the keypoints to keep in mind while choosing a fan.

Q6. Do I need an electrician to install my fan?

It is easy to install a fan also there is manual given with step by step instructions..

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