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    Nima Green Sofa Chair | (Green) single sofa chair

    Rs. 65,550.00
    Liven up your home with this modern sofa Chair. Place it in your living room for a contemporary touch, crafted just for your happy space. Colour: Green Primary Material: Marandi /...
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    Vertigo Luxury Yellow Classic Sofa

    Rs. 298,000.00Rs. 300,000.00
    The Vertigo Luxury Designer Sofa is a classic sofa set that offers superior comfort and style. It features a designer set that includes a 3 seater and a 2 seater,...
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    Venya Designer Classic Sofa With Curved Arm

    Rs. 298,000.00Rs. 300,000.00
    The Venya Designer Classic Sofa With Curved Arm is the perfect addition to any living space. This designer sofa set includes two pieces; a 3 seater and a 2 seater,...
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    Kyle Beige Luxury Classic Sofa

    Rs. 299,000.00Rs. 300,000.00
    Elevate your living room with the Kyle Beige Luxury Sofa. This designer sofa set includes both 3-seater and 2-seater components, so you can customize for ideal seating arrangement. Soft and...
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    Harley White Designer Classic Sofa

    Rs. 297,000.00Rs. 300,000.00
    The Harley White Designer Classic Sofa set is a luxurious and classic piece for your living room. This set includes two pieces: a 3-seater and a 2-seater sofa. Crafted from...
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    Levis Green Luxury Classic Sofa

    Rs. 297,000.00Rs. 300,000.00
    This stylish Levis Green Luxury Classic Sofa set is designed to provide maximum comfort and exceptional design. This designer set includes two cushion sofas, one 3 seater and one 2...
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    Rs. 200,000.00Rs. 300,000.00
    This YARA Blue & White Line Sofa is an elegant designer classic set, perfect for adding luxury and style to any living room. It includes both a 3 seater and...
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    Rs. 298,000.00Rs. 300,000.00
    Experience comfort and luxury with the VERTIGO WHITE LUXURY SOFA. This designer sofa set features two separate pieces - a 3 seater and a 2 seater - to provide ample...
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    Rs. 300,000.00Rs. 2,980,000.00
    This ROW GREY CLASSIC LUXURY SOFA set is sure to be the envy of your living room. The set includes a 3-seater and 2-seater with a designer look that will...
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    Rs. 297,000.00Rs. 300,000.00
    This OAK BEIGE & BLUE CLASSIC SOFA WITH CURVED ARM is the perfect combination of comfort and style. It features a unique design with a timeless elegance. It is built...

Buy Luxury and Designer Sofas Sets Online in India

Each element in the home speaks about the personality and vibe of the space. The evolving times, trends, and tradition has changed the entire meaning of interior decor and the availability of different design elements that satisfy the needs. From modern to classic there are a series of choices available that turn the home and give it the best shape by adding a sofa set in the living room.

The sofa set plays a crucial role, just like any other piece of furniture. However, the sofa can have a significant impact on the overall appearance of your living room. It entirely depends on the sofa set you choose. Whether you are spending a very cozy evening with your family or watching a movie with guests, your living room has the potential to become the center of activity in your home if it is chosen appropriately.

Consider the shape and size

The first thing to think about when purchasing a designer sofa set online is the size and shape of your room. Measure the area you've already designated for your new sofa, taking into account the shape and size of the room. Taking note of the sofa's dimensions and marking them with string on one's room and the floor is a good idea. This method ensures that the sofa will fit the space without difficulty.

Choose the material for the sofa

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a Sofa Set is the material. The most comfortable sofa material is fabric. It provides color and style variety at the same time. Fabrics are relatively inexpensive, but they must be properly maintained. Aside from fabric, you can also buy a leather sofa, which will last for years. The leather sofa requires little upkeep and is simple to clean. This is typically sold in primary colors, but it complements the majority of living room decors.

Shop Best modern sofa set for the living room at Best Price

The modern luxury sofa set is made for serving a great purpose rather than just seating for long hours. The sofa set's latest design in neutral color goes monochromatically with other furniture in the room giving off the aesthetic vibe.

Consider the Colour Palette

The size of the sofa is determined not only by the layout of the room but also by the function it serves. Colors play an important role. To test stain resistance, swatch various colors, such as burgundy or browns of luxury sofa set designs with price, against common spills such as wine, coffee, or tea. Also, if you paint your walls in brighter colors, the furniture and upholstery will reflect more of them. If you select a color such as dark maroon or navy blue, the furniture will reflect more on such backgrounds.

Pick Sofa Set Design for Living Room

When it comes to style, the shape, material, size, and makeup of the sofa are all important considerations. While most luxury sofa designers agree that some people prefer a soft couch, others prefer a firmer feel. Determine your safe depth.

The set should either contrast with or complement your home and its décor. If you live in a Victorian-style home with high ceilings and original molding, a sleek couch will look like a work of art. On the contrary, most luxury sofa set designs with price, stuffing, and curves will be ideal for more contemporary homes.

Explore the wide range of sofa set designs at Angie Homes

Depending on the size of your living room, choose Sofa Sets based on their placement. Recliners or a relaxing chair are ideal sofa set designs for a small living room, but if you have a large space, you will need a living room sofa set to complement the room size. Here are options you can choose from such as 3 2 sofa sets, 3 1 1 sofa sets, 3 2 sofa sets, and more.


Q1. What is the difference between a sofa and a couch?

The term couch refers to the French word for lying down; it's a comfort-driven piece to rest after a long day. However, the sofa is termed a formal design-driven piece that changes the entire aesthetics of the home.

Q2. What factors should one consider before buying a sofa?

Here is the list of factors to consider when buying a sofa set such as color, size, shape, comfort, legs, arm style, design, style, and more.

Q3. What type of sofa is ideal for the living room?

Fabric sofas are ideal for living rooms as they are the most comfortable types of sofas and are available in myriad colors and sizes.

Q4. Is it good to buy a sofa set online?

Buying sofa sets online comes with a range of products to choose from in various colors, sizes, and shapes.

Q5. Can we customize the size of the sofa??

Yes, you can customize the size but not the proportion of the sofa.

Q6. Can the sofas recline?

Yes, there are recliner sofas too available.

Q7. Can we choose the fabric of our choice?

Yes, you can choose the fabric of your own choice.

Q8. Is it packed in one piece?

Yes, sofas are packed in one piece.

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