Metal Tables

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    Sentient Metal Table | Round wood and metal table

    Rs. 62,000.00Rs. 72,500.00
    Modern hexxagonal top and mess geometric base with golden brass finish 
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    Genon Metal Table | Round metal and wood table

    Rs. 59,500.00Rs. 70,000.00
    Modern Side Table with Geometric Mess design with black wooden lacker top.
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    Minimal Metal Table | Glass and metal coffee table

    Rs. 146,750.00Rs. 157,250.00
    2-layred MS metal Geometric Rectangle Coffee table with Wooden ledge for accessories 
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    Scandinavian Metal Table | Small round metal table with marble top

    Rs. 61,500.00
    Modern SS Round Side Table with black and white marble top
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    Rattan Metal Table | Wrought iron coffee table with glass top

    Rs. 147,750.00
    Coffee table with Glass top and gold MS powder coated base 
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    Arc de Metal Table | Gold metal bedside table

    Rs. 57,500.00Rs. 72,000.00
    SS Side Table with Eprodor marble top and golden brass finish base 
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    Guarding Metal Table | Rectangle metal coffee table

    Rs. 145,750.00Rs. 156,250.00
    coffe Tables with saturio marble top, metal base ,made of MS powder coated in gold finish 
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    Geeky Pi Metal Table | Wood and metal sofa table

    Rs. 144,750.00Rs. 158,250.00
    Metal Coffee Table, 
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    Accent Metal Table | Metal table with wood top

    Rs. 143,750.00Rs. 155,250.00
    Accent Metal Table
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    Slaby Metal Table | Unique round metal coffee table

    Rs. 138,000.00Rs. 149,500.00
    Modern Coffee table with Emperador marble top and with mess golden brass finish, 
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    Joey Metal Table | Stainless steel coffee table

    Rs. 70,500.00
    Contempery stylish side table with satvareo marble top and cone shaped base with golden brass finish ,24''height
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    Gem Metal Table | Metal side table

    Rs. 59,000.00Rs. 69,500.00
    Rectangle Side table with SS, Golden Brass Finish Base, 
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    Matt Metal Table | Metal outdoor side table

    Rs. 61,000.00Rs. 71,500.00
    Modern Side Table with Cylindrical Base with golden brass finish and wooden top, 
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    Lyon Metal Table | C Type metal table

    Rs. 60,000.00
    Modern Side Table with Satvareo Marble top, SS with Gold and brass finish 
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    Sleeky Metal Table | Round metal and glass side table

    Rs. 62,500.00Rs. 73,000.00
    Modern Round Side table with glass top MS with golden brass finish 
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    Beton Metal Table | C Shaped Metal Table

    Rs. 58,500.00
    Modern Pencil table SS with Golden Brass Finish Base 15''x12''x18''
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    Triumphae Metal Table | Wood and metal side table

    Rs. 63,000.00
    Modern Metal SS Side Table with Emprodor Marble Top and Brass Finish 
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    Toscano Metal Table | Glass top metal table

    Rs. 139,000.00Rs. 151,500.00
    Suare coffee table with bevled glass topand MS with golden brass finish,
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    Facted Metal Table | Metal Coffee Table with Glass

    Rs. 201,250.00
    Metal Coffee Table with Glass Top with brass gold finish. Dia-5' & H-18"
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    Mandalal Metal Table | Square Metal Coffee Table with Glass

    Rs. 60,500.00Rs. 71,000.00
    Set of Two Side Square Wodden Table with Gold finish.


Buy Luxury Metal Table at Best Price in India

Owning one of a kind table is a satisfaction that everyone wants and has been looking for one piece of luxury furniture that stands out from the crowd. The different table tops and bases speak to the aesthetics and vibe of the home. Create your table with the aesthetics you like and you will be amazed at how amazing the luxury metal table looks.

Here are some things to consider when buying a luxury metal table for home

Style of the table

When buying the perfect metal table it is vital to consider the style you want in your home. Determine the specifics: it should be the specific, eye-catching metal base that appeals to the guests when they enter the house. There are a variety of luxury metal tables online available you can choose the design style as per your home aesthetic.

Heavy vs. Light Duty

There are two different styles of metal tables available light and heavy duty

The light-duty table includes different style legs with table tops or bases that can easily hold the weight of the legs. These tables work well with Side tables, coffee tables, entryway tables, and small desks all benefit from light-duty legs.

 Angie Classic Apartments Interior Solutions

Built to support the weight of heavy table tops made of wood, concrete, quartz, or glass, heavy-duty legs are made of heavy gauge steel. Dining tables, conference tables, desks, benches, and coffee tables all benefit from these legs, which are designed to last for generations. Depending on the style, our heavy-duty legs, which are typically constructed from square tubing, or rectangular tubing, can support more than 200 pounds per leg of weight.

Shop Best Design Metal Table at Best Price

Table Top Material

You can choose a series of tabletop materials when buying a small metal table. Wood Table Tops are more traditional and popular as they have supportive designs and are well-suited to every kind of aesthetics. Concrete or stone tops can be adjusted and are available in eccentric styles and designs.

Determine the Table Base

When considering the table base made it is essential to look at what they are made up of wood, cast iron, stainless steel, or any other that you like. The table base material should have the strength to carry the weight of the heavy base and should be easy to clean. Durability is one of the factors which cannot be neglected and makes the table stay longer than anticipated. The tables should be lightweight and durable enough to carry and protect the texture from scuffs and chips.

Modern Apartments Interior Solutions

The table bases paired with table tops enhance the entire look and make it beautiful to look at. They provide enough room for the movement purpose and deliver an impeccable dining experience too.


Q. Is metal table costly?

No it is cheaper than wood also lightweight to carry and shift.

Q. Should I invest in buying a metal table?

Yes, a metal table is cheaper, durable, lightweight and looks elegant in the room.

Q. Can I customize legs of a metal table?

Yes, you can customize the legs between heavy duty and light duty.

Q. Is there any specific instruction for cleaning up metal table?

You can easily clean it with a dusting cloth using colin or any such cleaning solution.

Q. Can I change the top of the metal table?

Yes, you can customize it (terms and conditions apply).

Q. Is it worth purchasing a metal dining table?

Metal table online has stunning looks and tends to add a new age to the dining room. It is stronger, durable, and fits right with modern furniture sets. Metal is the first choice in table bases rather than using table tops.

Q. Is metal table furniture more expensive than wood?

Metal is less expensive than wood and its durability is excellent and easier to clean compared to wood ones. Metal furniture is resistant to nicks and scratches for the longest time.

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