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    Carter Luxury Modern Brown Wardrobe

    Rs. 720,000.00Rs. 960,000.00
    The Carter Luxury Brown Wardrobe is the perfect piece of furniture to complete any bedroom. Made from wood, it features a full-length mirror, giving it a unique and stylish design....
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    Cross Grey Duko Wardrobe

    Rs. 721,000.00Rs. 959,000.00
    Upgrade your bedroom with a modern luxury wardrobe. The Cross Grey model features a sturdy wooden construction, stylish design, and full-length mirror. With plenty of room for clothes and accessories,...
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    Mike Brown Luxury Wardrobe

    Rs. 720,000.00Rs. 958,000.00
    The Mike Brown Luxury Wardrobe is the perfect upgrade for your bedroom. Built with a modern design and crafted from long-lasting wood, this wardrobe is a stylish and elegant addition...
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    Mercy Light Wood Luxury Wardrobe

    Rs. 719,000.00Rs. 959,000.00
    Make a statement in your bedroom with Mercy Brown's Luxury Wardrobe. Handcrafted from high-quality wood, this wardrobe features mirror detailing and a sophisticated design, perfect for storing your clothes and...
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    Rs. 720,000.00Rs. 960,000.00
    The ELLIS MODERN LUXURY WARDROBE is the perfect combination of modern design and sturdy craftsmanship - crafted from durable wooden material, this wardrobe will bring a modern touch to any...
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    Mable Modern Wardrobe With Drawers

    Rs. 721,000.00Rs. 959,000.00
    Mable Luxury Wardrobe is a modern, wooden option for all bedroom wardrobe needs. With a wardrobe design that reflects elegance and sophistication, it comes with a built-in mirror for convenience...
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    Tag Luxury Ripped Wardrobe

    Rs. 722,000.00Rs. 959,000.00
    Tag Luxury Wardrobe is a luxurious wardrobe crafted from solid wood. It has a beautiful, reflective mirror attached and boasts a unique, stylish design for ultimate bedroom luxury. It has...
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    Blake Modern Luxury Wardrobe

    Rs. 720,000.00Rs. 960,000.00
    Bring elegance to your bedroom with this wooden wardrobe, complete with a convenient mirror. Its expertly crafted design offers both interior and exterior storage, all while adding style to the...
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    Rs. 1,200,000.00
    Hardware: Premium Material: SS material with PU coated modules Drawing charges: 25000 Warranty: 1 Year Note: *Indicative price, will vary basis exact specifications *Material specifications on client brief

Shop for trendy wardrobes on Angie homes

There's no need to confine yourself if you're trying to furnish a new apartment or house, even though plain cupboards could be typical in traditional residences. For those wishing to veer away from the conventional home decor routes, Angie Homes offer cutting-edge looks and designer wardrobe selections.

The capacity of a closet and, consequently, its layout are two of the most crucial factors to think about while shopping for one. Buying a four-door armoire for a home with just one occupant that has no drawers and only hanger rods might not be the best idea. A small apartment with just two people would be a fantastic fit for a three-door cabinet with shelves, a few drawers, and overhead hangers. But if you shop at Angie Homes, you have nothing to worry about. Buy clothes online from Angie Homes today with confidence, knowing that every item, regardless of price, is of the highest caliber.

Pick From A Wide Selection Of Designer Wardrobes At The Lowest Price

Finding the ideal ratio between wardrobe cost and value is crucial when choosing storage for your bedroom. Making an organized and useful storage solution requires investing in a wardrobe that fits your demands and budget. You may discover the wardrobe that provides the best value for your money by investigating several wardrobe kinds. So that your wardrobe pricing is more of a Prize, let's explore some popular choices closely.

Freestanding Wardrobe

An adaptable option that is simple to move and place wherever in the room is a freestanding wardrobe. There is plenty of room for storing your clothes, accessories, and other possessions in these wardrobes, which come in a variety of sizes and designs. The cost of a modular wardrobe is often more affordable and offers versatility in terms of changing the layout of your bedroom.

Mirror wardrobes

Mirror wardrobes are a practical addition to your bedroom that also adds style. These wardrobes include built-in mirrors on the doors, so a separate dressing mirror is no longer necessary. Mirror wardrobes contribute to the appearance of space, enhancing the size and brightness of your bedroom. People who respect both functionality and aesthetics frequently choose them, and the cost of mirror wardrobes even lessens the need for them.

Sliding Wardrobe

Sliding wardrobes are renowned for their sleek appearance and space-saving construction. These closets have sliding doors that move easily along tracks rather than conventional hinged doors. Sliding wardrobes are perfect for spaces with limited space because of their design, which eliminates the need for additional space for door clearance. They frequently have many compartments and movable shelves, offering great sliding wardrobe prices and effective storage options.

Open wardrobes

Open wardrobes give a modern and ordered look to individuals who desire a more accessible and minimalist storage solution. You can display your apparel and accessories in open wardrobes that have exposed shelves and hanging rails. The open wardrobe price, in particular, is particularly enticing as a budgeted choice. This design allows for easy visibility and quick access to your items, making it appropriate for individuals who like a more informal and accessible setting.

Wardrobe With Drawer

Hanging space and extra storage are combined in a wardrobe with drawers. Built-in drawers are located at the bottom of these closets, providing a handy location to keep folded clothing, socks, or other smaller items. Your stuff will be kept well arranged and conveniently accessible with the help of a wardrobe with drawers. Even adjustments within the compartments could be taken into account in the pricing.

The right wardrobe will ensure an effective and fashionable storage solution for your bedroom at a beautiful wardrobe cost, whether it's a freestanding wardrobe for versatility, a mirror wardrobe for added functionality, a sliding wardrobe for space-saving advantages, an open wardrobe for a minimalist look, or a wardrobe with drawers for enhanced organization.

Why choose Angie Homes for the best wardrobe

The furniture and accessories in your bedroom should be the ideal fusion of form and function. You have the opportunity to decide which items make the most sense to you and the people living with you because modern homes don't necessarily include built-in storage solutions. Furniture pieces like storage chests and dressing tables are charming and stylish storage choices for the bedroom if you enjoy traditional or vintage designs. However, Angie Homes also offer some incredible options for contemporary furnishings. In terms of storage space, a chest of drawers with a modern look is not only pleasing to the sight.

The complete selection of bedroom storage options available right now is offered by Angie Homes, along with the complete pricing options. Every product that passes our quality inspection is confirmed to be strong and long-lasting, regardless of price. You can visit the Angie Homes website right now and see for yourself, so don't just take our word for it!

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