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    ALIA Multicolor Luxury Kashmiri Carpet

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    A carpet is a textile floor covering and is used as a home decor item. The carpet are from kashmir. A hand-knotted carpet is made purely by hand using either...

Buy luxury carpets online from Angiehomes.

When we talk about our ideal home, we always have some wishes for the interior and exterior design as well as other aspects. A luxury carpet or hand-made luxury rug, as we've discovered occasionally, is necessary to complete a dream home. Any living room space is improved and given a unique look by Angiehome's affordable Carpets. Angiehomes' extensive selection of rugs and carpets are made from high-quality and opulent materials, which ensure an incredibly soft feeling beneath your feet. Purchase online carpets or artificial grass carpets from AngieHomes to place anywhere in your home, including the entryway, the living room, the bedroom, or even the kitchen floor. It looks fantastic everywhere.

Angiehomes offers a selection of carpets for a range of applications, including jute carpet, wall to wall, luxury, and room carpets. In short, we have everything you need for everyday use in your home, from dining sets to towel sets. We are a business that makes it simple for housewives to select the best option for their home because we are so reasonably priced. With our products, you can transform your home into an imaginary one thanks to their wide range of styles and prices! We are confident that once you take a look at our extensive selection of products, you won't be able to look away. We have created elegant yet lovely products in this modern era to enhance the beauty of your home.

A dream home cannot be finished without complementary furnishings and accents. AngieHomes took a risk to create jaw-dropping decorative items because of this. What about a magnificent carpet or handmade luxury rug? Think about how they would look in your home and how it would always look the way you wanted it to! Our various carpet types are made from high-quality, luxurious raw materials. Place an order today to enhance the beauty of your home!

Designer carpets at affordable price

We are all aware of how dramatically changing our homes can be with carpets. If you choose a print or a strong color when redesigning a space, it can make a MASSIVE style statement. But for homeowners on a tight budget, carpet can be an expensive option. AngieHomes collaborates closely with all the top carpet manufacturers, from historic producers to iconic brands like Kashmiri Flooring, and stocks everything from traditional wool carpets to specialized natural floor coverings like sisal and grass carpet.

We produce luxury carpets with suitable carpet flooring prices using our excellent in-house design methods. Our skilled carpet weavers give the designs life, not just for the rooms but also for the people who will use them. Our carpets can be produced based on an ill-defined idea, a creative inspiration, or a conventional method that may not be widely used today. The stimulus may be original or inspired by anything, including fancy, the natural world, art and culture, local history, a brand, or even an emotion. Our designers are prepared to grasp your idea and make it a reality.

● Grey is a calming and comforting color, so unless you add depth with layers, it might feel a little flat in a living room with a grey carpet. Textural effects in the rug and obnoxiously patterned cushions are used in this Scandinavian-inspired living room to add interest and vibrancy.

● From the jute plant, which belongs to the genus Corchorus, jute carpets are made. The tropical lowlands of Bangladesh and India are the natural habitat for this plant. Jute is the plant that is grown on the planet second only to cotton in terms of production.

● Black and white carpet: This stylish rug offers countless color and pattern options that can be customized to fit individual tastes. Soft and cozy touches, comfortable feet, and a warm environment are all provided by soft and cozy.

Browse carpet design for floors online

The prices of the carpet are based on the factors listed below, and we customize the carpet.

● Material: Out of respect for the history of carpet manufacturing, the majority of our rugs are made of natural materials.

● Color: The design and customization depending on the color combination you want to use, and we generally prefer natural materials for dyeing carpets.

● We have all the common sizes of carpet that are offered on the market. Size: Measure your space before deciding the size of the carpet or rug.

● Shape: You can go with standard shapes like rectangles, circles, etc., or you can choose an atypical shape that fits your personal style.


Q1. How do I remove stains from silk carpets?

To prevent a liquid spill from soaking deeply into the weave, blot it up with an absorbent cloth or towel or scrape it up with a flat object (like a credit card). Do not to rub the surface.

Q2. How should I care for a handmade carpet?

Another effective conventional technique for cleaning and simultaneously airing the carpet is to hang it outside to beat it. A handmade carpet's lifespan can be extended even further by having a professional clean it once or twice a decade.

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