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Ms. Anjaleka (Angie) Kripalani is the third generation entrepreneur, who has been designing luxury interiors for homes, offices, hospitality, real-estate projects for the last 20 years. She has been a pioneer in bringing international luxury brands for furniture and home accessories. She has won several awards and has featured on covers of several magazines.

Modern Hanging lights | table lamps |wall sconces for luxury homes  and hospitality
When u make a lighting design - u must first have your final LAYOUT AND ELEVATION READY - only then can u plan where to put the chandelier - table lamps - wall sconces - standing lights - halogen / led or wall washers .
It is important to choose your lighting - the plug points - the wiring the sockets - the 5 amp and 15 amp x the a c points - the remote control switches - .its always better to look into the lighting aspect - as changing wires can be messy and complicated as is a must before u dress up and decorate your home.
Angie's 5 bullet points to dress up your home or interior space
A)— finalize your layout - floor plan - location of furniture- kitchen - wardrobe
B - know ware to display wall art - wall painting.
C )- Draw up elevations.
D)- You can use a trace paper and mark out lighting requirements in a b o q.
E)- Also have highlighted pen mark your lighting points.
F ) You can use differ colours pen to highlight the different lights.
Keep in mind that the lighting design of your home - is a key and important feature of your entire design - the lighting will depends in the landscape - the brief - the lighting on the wall and the rooms -@and wall washers.
In the lighting plan - wiring - bulbs - volts all a matter.
In the first part intruding the blog - i will keep it simple.
I will define  and describe the various types of lighting.
We also show you images of each type of Ligting in the next few blogs.
Every room and home - an interior space needs a wow factor or an interior space - the focus is on the highlight and romantic lighting.
General lights.
Direct and indirect lighting.
2)- Led lights
3)- Chandilker
4)- Table lamps
5)- Standing lights
6)- Wall washers
7)- Mood lighting’s
8)- hanging lights
9)-Up lighters for facades
Outdoor kighd

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