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Ms. Anjaleka (Angie) Kripalani is the third generation entrepreneur, who has been designing luxury interiors for homes, offices, hospitality, real-estate projects for the last 20 years. She has been a pioneer in bringing international luxury brands for furniture and home accessories. She has won several awards and has featured on covers of several magazines.

Interior Designer Angie Kripalani | Blog on Mini Master Class | How to Design an attractive Kids Room with a Soft Palette


You are designing the space that will eventually function as your child's bedroom can be a fun experience for the two of you to share. We are confident that you will find a healthy dose of inspiration and modern designs for children's bedrooms that will accommodate your child's uniqueness! The kid's bedroom layouts that we've selected, all of which are easy on the wallet, are adaptable to the constraints of your house's available and your offspring's imaginative requirements. Get in touch with our experienced professionals as soon as possible to get the ball rolling on building a Kids Room Interior Solutions that your child will enjoy using.



 The children's room should be the brightest in the house because they are the future. Your kids will be happy in their room with a dash of colour and the right furnishings. We can help you foster your children's creativity. Kids Accessories
Despite a small bedroom, children need space & Kids Accessories. Your children's independent and creative development will benefit from an area of their own to play and explore their fantasies. Providing children with personal space promotes a sense of being in the moment, sparks their inner productivity and helps them mature into responsible people who can face the world with open arms, a smile, and a good attitude.


At Angie Homes, we know that each child is unique and that each kid's room has its own set of essentials. We pay attention to minor details when designing a kid's home. As a result, we analyse each design step carefully. To help a child feel comfortable and happy, you must get many things right, both challenging and amusing. If you try to do it yourself without a professional, you may give up several times before finding the right interior designer. It will take longer if you try to discover an interior designer on your own.

We aim to make constructing a space for your children as enjoyable and stress-free as possible for parents. We help parents create a safe environment for their children. Children, like adults, need space to grow and enjoy themselves with amazing Kids Art Work. Angie Homes will design your child's room with you.

Provide a Stress-Free Environment for Kids

Every child is different, and at Angie's List, we know that every child's bedroom has unique requirements that Kids Furniture must be met with meticulous attention to detail. As a result, we carefully consider every facet of the design. It gets complex and fun when trying to make a child feel at home in their new environment by balancing several factors. You can't know how often you'll give up looking for the perfect interior designer for your needs if you try to do it on your own without help from a professional. Kids furniture
With our help, designing a room for your beloved children may be a fun and stress-free experience with Kids Wallpaper. One of the things we do is assist you in providing a setting where your child can feel secure and comfortable. Like what grownups need, kids need their own space to grow and have fun. Here at Angie's List, we can help you design a perfect room for your kid.



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