Luxury Interior Designer Angie Kripalani | blog on mini master class of classic powder rooms .



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Ms. Anjaleka (Angie) Kripalani is the third generation entrepreneur, who has been designing luxury interiors for homes, offices, hospitality, real-estate projects for the last 20 years. She has been a pioneer in bringing international luxury brands for furniture and home accessories. She has won several awards and has featured on covers of several magazines.

Luxury Interior Designer Angie Kripalani | blog on mini master class of classic powder rooms .

How to design a fusion | modern powder room

7-10 design tips on my master class ( Angie Kripalani) how to design your modern fushion powder toilet .

I feel a powder room is a formal part of a home , as all our guests and friends use this as a formal part of the interior of a home ! 

IN the Furniture layout of floor plan we must locate the powder room near the living , dining room of lobby .. so the guests can use the powder toilet and don’t need to enter or use the private parts of the home .
once u have the sample board which consists of the flooring | wall title | the wood finsh | look and fell of the mirror and frame 

once the above are designed and taken care of -I suggest the designer should select a stylish sink , the w c snd vanity ! 

according to me the flooring and wall texture !
the vanity and mirror details define the look of the powder toilet 

A stylish wash basin | sinks _ seals the deals 

the counter top could be a good marble or corian ! 
the vanity can be with woof or have a good texture shutters which can not only provide storage but also make a design feature and statement.

The next tip I suggest to get a dramatic mirror snd mirror frame which would make a statement and go all up to the celing .

so that it looks grand and the scale gives the powder toilet and opulent look.

Book your appointment for the classic powder room with all the luxury items. Contact Angie Kripalani mail at angiesindia@angiehomes.co or call at +91 9810711655


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