The vision of ANGIE KRIPALANI for the future of an affordable interior luxury in INDIA   & ABROAD.

ANGIE HOMES bring affordable luxury at your doorstep with interior solutions which makes this website different from others as it not only provides home products but also has interior design packages for mid to high end apartments and mid to high end individual room solutions.

Our vision for this concept is to be able to provide every aspirational youth and mid age guest and visitor on our site an opportunity to provide an interior solution for their personal space at an affordable price and a styling package.

We also are going to provide our visitors/clients a finance and EMI option through certain channels and banks which we will unveil shortly. 

Through this vision we are not only bringing an INDIAN look by ANGIES INDIA but also mid to high end designed collection by ANGIE HOMES under our brand and an international designer brands collection by the best brands in the world to create a one stop shop for homes and interior products in the site.

We are also providing all looks from Contemporary to classic to fusion.

We will be providing certain software by 2021 where you can design a room in 1 hour with any products of your choice from our site for your projects.

Not only are we giving our mid to high end an aspirational customer or client the best product, best software, a designed solution but also at an affordable cost with a finance option. E pr

Till now most sites have only products.

By 2020 we would be providing a market place platform where you can select all hard finishes from renowned brands in industry in India and Abroad.

Artwork in India is a very important feature to dress up and design your home.
We will be providing all kinds of artwork, prints, photography, lithographs, water colors, oil on canvas, video mapping, 3Ds etc. from various artists across India and Abroad.

Our goal is not the product. It is our hand-picked product by our interior designer from FIT New York, at affordable prices so that you need to wait till your middle age to get your dream home or room.

Contact us on : Email: inquiry@angiehomes.co , projects@angiehomes.co.
Mobile: +91-9810711655

Our new online venture ANGIE HOMES along with ANGIE KRIPALANI DESIGN – your all solution to interior design, which will be the India’s first International Market Place with a unique collections ranging from contemporary to classic and fusion and will also provide all solutions cum designs to the Interiors.
Looks slash range of soft furnishing, furniture, lighting fixtures and Accessories.

Angie Homes will market and curate the widest range of soft furnishing and hard furnishing. 

Angie Homes will provide manufactured products as well as Imported products which will be curated by Anjaleka Kripalani, a renowned Interior Designer in India who has Designed Homes for a large numbers of corporate Politicians, Industrialist , such as Vijay Maliya, The Goenka’s Of R.P.G Groups , Dabur Groups, Birlas , Jindul’s etc.

We are going to have Manufactured and Imported Products in our collections from 25 countries in the world.  We will have different price brackets from low end to mid end to high end.

So that we can reach put to all the first cities, Second cities, third cities in India and the sub continents as they have a huge demand for online Products.
We are going to tap the youth and the middle class also.

We would like you to join our club for largest online portal end see our vision for doing a great business together.

Please send your price list and catalogues. That we can have you as a part of our family.


Indian Ecommerce Industry is a booming market today. From Less than $5Bn to $13Bn to $76Bn by 2021, that is the growth, being witnessed by Ecommerce Industry in India. With Huge population, rising spending power and aspirations for Brands has led to this Growth. Furniture and Furnishings market is one of the fastest growing sector within this growth story. With Three established players, and growing ecommerce market, the market in this segment is largely untapped.

I take this opportunity to proudly introduce ANGIE HOMES (angiehomes.co) - along with ANGIE KRIPALANI DESIGN – all solutions to Interior Design, from the umbrella of Renaissance Homes, a leading Furniture and accessories retailer catering largely to Uber Rich class. A brain child of Ms. Anjaleka Kripalani of ANGIE HOMES is going to be one of the leading players initially with a pose to reach the top. AangieHomes.co, is going to be India’s only Furniture Online market targeted to all the Three Segments of Indian Society at large: The Mass Market, Rich Segment and Uber Rich Segment. With Angie’s rich experience of over 20 years, she understands the nerve of the people of India, the idea is to Showcase, the Brands and companies from Local and International Market, so as to satisfy the aspirational requirements of the people. With advertising and marketing budgets for both Online and Offline mediums, Electronic Medium and through Affiliate Network, Angiehomes.co is likely to break the barrier of Top 3 Players of the market.

As above, we are looking for an association where we can have an understanding and we work together. For Our Platform Angiehomes.co, I invite you to be the part of this revolution and share with us the Products to be displayed on the platform, along with Details like, description, High Resolution Images, Videos (if any).



The world is in the middle of a new age revolution as the reach of the internet is growing at an explosive pace. We all are feeling it, experiencing it and enjoying the power and reach of the internet which defines our time.

It is now time for all of us to move into the Internet space. Putting business online is not a new concept. For the last 3-4 years it appears this is all what everyone is doing. The big surge in e-commerce started in 2008 and is growing leaps and bounds annually.

Over the last 2-years it has picked up speed and is moving as a juggernaut across all sectors of industry.

Growth has been phenomenal. Entrepreneurs have got great valuations. It is apparent that e-commerce is the way forward.

The e-commerce sector in India has grown by 34% (CAGR) since 2009 to touch 16.4 billion USD in 2014. The sector is expected to be in the range of 22 billion USD in 2015 $ 22 Bn 2015P $ 3.8 Bn 2009 34% CAGR Asia-Pacific emerged as the strongest business-to-consumer (B2C) e-commerce region in the world in 2013 • Sales of around 567.3 billion USD, a growth of 45% over 2012 • Ranked ahead of Europe (482.3 billion USD) and North America (452.4 billion USD). India’s internet penetration with total e-households at 46 million against China’s 207 million is one of the reasons behind India’s poor B2C sales growth. • The US, UK and China together account for 57% of the world’s total B2C e-commerce sales in 2013 with China having total sales of 328.4 billion USD. • As against this, India had sales of only 10.7 billion USD.

Overview of the industry Domain wise Market Penetration Market Trends Market Potential Competitive Analysis Value Chain Analysis By 2020, e-Tail in India is expected to account for 3% of total retail. orders per million are expected to more than double from five million in 2013 to 12 million by 2016 it is still miniscule compared to the figure in China, where the share is 8-10%.

 A significantly low (19%) but fast-growing internet population of 243 million in 2014 is an indicator of the sector’s huge growth potential in India. • It is evident that in absolute terms India’s internet users are short by only 36 million as compared with 279 million in the US. High Scope For Internet Penetration

Why E-Commerce?

With busy life styles, working couples can no longer shop for needs on a daily or a weekly basis. To add to this the stress of metro living, with its bumper-to-bumper traffic, high level of pollution which Delhi is combating, is it any wonder that more and more shoppers love the convenience of shopping on their laptops and mobile devices.

People love the convenience of being able to choose from a huge market place, being empowered to compare and choose between various competing choices in the comfort of their homes or while traveling in a metro.

Everything you are looking for, everything you need is on offer on the net. There is no longer a restriction or an exclusivity of information to a select few.  Everyone can shop for anything at the price point of the choice. “E-Commerce” emerged as the boundary-less trade medium in the era of globalization.


Which brings us to AngieHomes.co – Why am I thinking of an e-commerce venture?

Since I have been in the business of interiors for over 20-years and I have been redefining spaces, and doing exclusive interiors, furniture, artifacts, décor with my first venture Renaissance Homes, my understanding of the industry is deep and wide. I have the experience of manufacturing, putting together turnkey interiors, sourcing the best merchandise in terms of quality from all over the world.

I am bringing ANGIE HOMES along with ANGIE KRIPALANI DESIGN – your all solutions to Interior designs.

I have the experience of knowing what are the best interior products and accessory companies and those who will deliver timely. I understand logistics, manufacturing, packaging, and the best in class delivery systems. All this knowledge will be my differentiator and the way we do business at Angie Homes.

The past two years have seen a rise in the number of companies' embracing e-commerce technologies and the Internet in India. Most e-commerce sites have been targeted towards NRI's with gift delivery services, books, audio and videocassettes etc. Major Indian portal sites have also shifted towards e-commerce instead of depending on advertising revenue. The web communities built around these portal sites with content have been effectively targeted to sell everything from event and movie tickets to groceries and computers


I know the back-end delivery systems will be critical to our growth.  I am just back from Hong Kong where an industry insider told me that during the Christmas Season shopping Alibaba had 60% returns because of their inability to deliver on time. My current focus is to develop a robust backend system.

Our other strength will be a comprehensive product range. We will provide all ‘looks’ from – Classic, modern to fusion and will be serving across all price bands.

We will eventually integrate local Indian skills for manufacturing and packaging in keeping with the skill development policies of the Government.

Every E-Commerce company has to evaluate itself on various parameters. These parameters are as diversified as of the conventional Value chain analysis on one hand. On the other hand it would also has to take care of some specialized instruments as depicted in the above diagram.
Indian e-commerce industry is still in the inception to growth stage, so most of the companies make negative margins on each product that they sell. All companies are innovating on all the primary and support activities for their firm, to reduce their losses, but due to fierce competition, all major firms are still to find their feet in the market.

We will target the younger population in Tier 2 and Tier 3 towns who will drive the digital revolution India.

Since I am the 3rd generation entrepreneur in the interiors business, and my family has been long in furniture and furnishing, I have a wide understanding. With Angie Homes along with ANGIE KRIPALANI DESIGN – your all solutions to  Interiors , I plan to take this legacy to another level by creating a revolution in the interiors by reaching out to all across all spectrum of consumers.

E-Commerce is surely being adopted by the Internet users as a way to shop. They are buying a variety of products online and visiting various websites to buy products from. Given the rate of growth in E-Commerce users, size of the E-commerce industry is expected to reach INR 9210 crores at the end of 2007-08, a big jump of 30% over the current industry size. It is imperative to understand the reasons behind the growth and reasons hampering the growth E-Commerce industry in the country. Time saving is the major reason that drives Internet users to shop online. It is followed by convenience of anyplace, anytime shopping online. Online stores do not have space constraints; thus, a wide variety of products can be put for display. Companies can display whole range of products being offered by them. This further enables the buyers to choose from a variety of models after comparing the looks, features, prices of the products on display.

To attract customers to shop online, e-Marketers are offering great value for money on products and services.  This is facilitated by elimination of maintenance, real-estate cost of the seller, selling its products online.

The security of online payments is a major issue requiring immediate attention of the e-Marketers. Increasing rate of cyber crimes has made customer apprehensive of revealing their credit card details and bank details online. Moreover, the duration of selecting, buying and paying for an online product may not take more than 15 minutes; however, delivery of the product to customer’s doorstep may take about 1-3 weeks. Thus, Ecommerce has to bank on the convenience and discount platform

Clearly Internet shopping has a number of benefits to offer. With changing lifestyles, E-Commerce is surely the most appealing and convenient means of shopping

With low cost housing in the range of 30-50 lakhs poised for a spurt the masses will be our target. Since housing and interiors are a symbiotic relationship, we also expect a similar support in the interiors industry.

While my retail model, Renaissance Homes will target the super luxury segment, my e-commerce venture ANGIE HOMES & ANGIE KRIPALANI DESIGN will be all about affordable luxury and living.
We shall prove our customers the option of EMI to make our products within reach. We will be especially focusing on woman buyers who will be big buyers.

Since I have the experience and background I deep understanding of the positives and negatives of this business line. Other players in this sector come from an IT background and get interior professionals to facilitate. Whereas my model is the reverse, I have huge expertise in interior solutions, products and services and this would be my defining strategy.

I personally believe that the interior business is far more complex than selling a gadget or apparel. Here several members of a family are involved in the purchase of each product. Also, every product is bought is also seen alongside other elements of the room. I as an experienced interior professional will bring my expertise to the table.

My ability as a designer is the strength of my venture. I have in my 18-years of work have lend that expertise to a host of celebrity homes and some of the most elite commercial projects.

The backbone of Angie Homes will be its range of products which would be personally curated by me and the professional advice I will offer.

The one big challenge I anticipate is the logistics of the delivery system across the country which I am working towards resolving. 

I am looking to the Government to support entrepreneurs by proving funding to start-ups and easier taxes. Funding, investments in skilling, taxation policies would be critical to kicking off the entrepreneur revolution in our country. I am hopeful that the Government will step woman entrepreneurs like me.

Thank you for your time and patience.  I conclude with a presentation of Angie Homes.com and invite to log and experience our brand new E-Commerce offering.

(Interior Designer & Director)

Registered address: F210 LADDO SARRAI NEW DELHI
Corporate Office: Worldmark-1, Aerocity, New Delhi-110037
Mobile: +91 9810711655
inquiry@angiehomes.co , customercare@angiehomes.co , interiordesign@angiehomes.co
Web: www.angiehomes.co

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