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     Tomas Gold Ice Bucket

Buy Luxury Ice Buckets & Modern Barware Online

We at Angie Homes deliver a vast range of ice buckets, while choosing an ice bucket you should determine the quantity of drink that has to be cooled. Mostly ice buckets are used to cool one or two bottles at a time. It is available in varying sizes according to the number of bottles that can be kept inside. Commonly found ice buckets are made of stainless steel with a high-quality finish and they are durable. These come with holders and attractive designs. Expensive ice buckets contain engravings and can be made of crystal or glass. Crystal pieces are elegant and it adds a luxurious charm to the table. Shop ice buckets online from Angiehomes and get products from brands like Mosaic, Tricon, and Bhalaria. Place your order online and pay through net banking or avail cash on delivery option. Get the product delivered to your home and enjoy your favourite chilled drink with ease.

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