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Mirrors are an important part of every home. They help you look your best before leaving the house. Personally, mirrors are very useful to determine the spatial dimension and visual extension. It allows us to expand our perspectives, experiment with them and understand what is behind us. Mirrors also come in a variety of styles. Here are a few places to start your search if you have a particular style in mind. When people buy luxury mirrors for their house, they want it to look good, don't have either black spots, or waves in the reflection neither less dramatic feel. There are many types of mirrors to choose from including full-length mirrors, round mirrors, hexagonal mirrors, and more.


If you're new to decorating with mirrors, here's a short and sweet guide to the different types of mirrors to consider for your space. Mirrors can be purchased framed or unframed and in all different shapes and sizes. Mirrors tend to make a room look bigger than it is and reflect light a little. This is what makes them essential decorative objects.

Scandi style mirrors are going to be minimalist in design and highly practical pieces. You will find them in colors like white, black and brown. They will also be geometrical in shape. Venetians have been masters at perfecting mirrors since ancient times and today they are celebrated for their elegant and detailed designs. They introduced a new method for mirror-making, choosing to use lead glass for its clarity.

Gold Leaf mirror is one of the luxury mirrors in a way of inspiring concept of contemporary design and idea, It gives royal feel to your home. This mirror features a hand forged metal frame finished in gold leaf with an organic, scalloped edge design. Find the ideal style wall mirror in gold leaf for your home. Handcrafted Italian gold leaf mirrors collection — a selection of beautiful mirrors with carved with carved wood frames in gold leaf.

Decorative wall mirrors for home add an elegant touch to your entire room. Before choosing luxury mirrors for your home, check the dimensions before you buy. Bathroom mirrors or decorative mirrors do not have the function of a mirror in the bedroom. Some floor-to-ceiling mirrors can be placed in taller cabinets to give you a better view of your clothes. With individual frames, bathroom mirrors and other decorative wall mirrors become unique works of art. Add that something extra with the gorgeous mirrors at Angie Homes.

Silver leaf mirror is also one of the great options, to buy for home. Silver is used for making mirrors due to its high reflectivity property across the visible spectrum, reflecting of light. It is a low-density material so its weight is comparatively lesser than the other white-colored metal. It has the ability to form a smooth coating. They are mainly made of metal plating in most cases, which means deposing metals on the surface of the glass, like Gold, Platinum, Silver, Copper, etc.

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Q1. What is so special about venetian mirrors?

They are italy origin, made of beveled glass borders.

Q2. Where to buy best venetian mirror?

At angie homes you can have different sizes of best quality venetian mirror.

Q3. What are the packaging instructions for mirrors?

To keep them safe from breakage, chipping etc they are packed in sturdy packaging with bubble wrap, towels, cardboard at the edges.

Q4. . How to clean gold leaf mirror?

To clean it you can wipe if with a cloth on the mirror and for the gold leaf area use soft bristle brush.

Q5. Do gold leaf comes out with time passage?

If handled properly, not touching it, scratching it won’t comes off.

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