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As adults, we like to be surrounded by things we like. When it comes to home decor we want our house to speak to our soul. This is no different for children. Children love to be surrounded by things they relate to. Picking these things out for children becomes tedious but Angie Homes has an elaborate range of wall art work for kids which they will absolutely love. Children absorb the energy they are surrounded by through wall art work, and parents could help shape their child’s mind. Wall art work of their favorite cartoon character or a wall painting of their favorite folktale can make them feel loved and inspire them to embody the values that the character has in those stories. Value-based quotes on wall art for children can help educate them in a subtle form.

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    Pritchart Framed Wall Art

    Rs. 65,000.00
    • Water Color • Red and Yellow Flowers with white Base. • Size for Each Pannel- 18"x1'

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