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The main purpose of your home's doors is to provide the security and privacy from the outside world that you so desperately need. Additionally, the door's design is crucial because it can enhance your décor statement and add visual appeal. Your exteriors can be completely changed in an instant by a distinctive front door. It is also the first thing they look at when they arrive and the last thing they think about when they leave. A lovely front door design also gives visitors a lasting impression of the house. Visitors can quickly forget about "that house with the red door," but "that house with the brass metal entrance door" stays in your memory.

The placement and orientation of wall openings must be taken into consideration when choosing a door design.

The list of popular door designs that homeowners choose is provided below:

Solid Door Design: Solid aluminum door designs will give your home that classic charm. They are offered in a variety of colors, from elegant silver to regal white, and they perfectly match your home's decor. Additionally, using a solid aluminum door against a vividly colored wall might produce a pop-out effect.

● Front door design: If you want a straightforward yet elegant design that works with various décor styles, go with a solid main door. Additionally, you can incorporate a variety of motifs into the door design; choose from floral patterns, gods (Ganesha is a local favorite! ), or geometrical lines, as well a solid doors.

● Wooden door design: This grid-shaped wooden door's alternative cutouts give it a distinctive and interesting twist to a standard door design. Every visitor is given a dramatic first impression by the wooden door due to its substantial and weighty appearance among the exteriors covered in concrete.

● Design of the main door: Vertical door handles attached to the door are typically seen in Indian main door designs. However, why not choose horizontal handles if you want to experiment with modern door designs. The finely carved jali door, extra-long, intricate wooden door handle, and intricate wood details.

Wooden Main Door Designs Indian Style

The variety of colors and finishes that are available for door design options make it simple to match them to your decor. The climate in India is also a perfect match for uPVC doors. Main doors help in establishing a social connection with the surrounding community. Their construction, color, and design all express the homeowners' personalities. From the perspective of the festival, front doors, especially in Indian homes, have a special significance.

Front doors play a significant role in Indian home decor, from being adorned with flower garlands for Diwali to tying mango leaves above the main doors to symbolize positivity and creating rangoli patterns in front of the main doors for Onam and Pongal.

● Sliding door: Sliding door design options feature two independent glass panels enclosed in uPVC frames. They can be opened by sliding along a track while a glass pane is placed on top of another. These doors are the ideal finishing touch for spaces that lead out to patios, terraces, and backyards. You can see the outside without any obstructions through sliding glass doors. Large glass windows that run from top to bottom let plenty of natural light into your living areas.

● Modern door design: The panels can slide against a jamb, into a wall pocket, or along an exterior wall. Also available is a modern door with a slider panel that stops in the middle, giving you a partial opening.

● The importance of bathroom doors to the interior design and atmosphere of this room is frequently underappreciated. When planning your bathroom's design or renovating one, doors might not be the first thing that comes to mind.

Main Door Design for Home

Front doors give your home's exterior personality and style and give guests their first impression of it. They should complement the building's architectural features. An ideal melamine finish for weatherproofing exterior wooden doors should be applied. Many types of door design which can be used as a main door for home are:

● Contemporary Teak wood Door

● Three Side Glass Panelled Wooden Door

● Teak Wood Rectangular Panel doors with Mirror

● Rosewood Door

● Ornamental Wrought Iron Doors

The design of some doors, in particular, varies depending on the location or use

● Bedroom Door design: Sliding doors are ideal for people with small bedrooms or little room between the bedroom entrance and furniture, according to bedroom door designs. They also have the benefit of having a chic and contemporary appearance. These doors open horizontally rather than swinging open like hinged doors.

● Iron/Steel door design: A few of the factors that lead many users to choose this style of steel door include its plain appearance and rich appearance. The fundamental characteristics, such as safety locks and highly secure steel, are unaltered. Steel entry doors have been chosen for larger residential apartment projects in cities like Indira Projects, Appasamy Associates, and more, which has added some light to this segment.

Angie's Homes is the place to go if you want to choose one of the above-mentioned door design options for your home. Angie’s Homes promises unmatched quality and finish for all its door profiles.


Why do premium doors cost so much?

When deciding between a high-quality and low-quality door, it's important to consider the door's functionality or style, durability, expected lifespan, and warranty requirements. Price alone does not adequately convey the difference between a high-quality and low-quality door.

Which door design would be best for me?

When deciding which door design is best for you, you should take into account the durability of each type of door, its aesthetic value, and the customization options.

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