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As an enthusiastic young couple, when you are embarking on the new journey of buying your home together, you might be on the lookout to decorate yo...
Cool Modern Homes Interior

As an enthusiastic young couple, when you are embarking on the new journey of buying your home together, you might be on the lookout to decorate your very first apartment. It is a no-brainer that you want to do it without burning a single hole in your pocket. Decorating a house can be a very emotional experience, and you should make choices which will make a long-lasting impact on your surroundings.
Some features of a Modern Home Interior are minimal furniture, a neutral monochromatic colour scheme, natural textures such as wood, fabric or metal and straight horizontal and vertical lines and the absence of flashy furniture. 

Living Room Interior

A Simple Bedroom Space

A simple bedroom is a type of bedroom with minimal décor and one that is elegant and understated. You can go for the white colour, which is a practical and expansive choice for your small bedroom décor, and you can also layer your white with different textures and patterned throw, transforming your room from sterile to stylish. In many cases, one often tends to feature the bed by placing it in the center of the room. However, when a young couple is starting to look for Bed Rooms Interior Solutions, they will have narrow floor plans, and limited space calls for a different approach.

Angie's home will design the dream home for you, and we have a plethora of simple beds for you, such as follows-
  • Violin bed set
  • Pearl's beautiful bed set
  • Doodle bedding
  • Peak bedding
  • Florenza bedding
  • Teresa bedding
  • Nicola bedding

You can choose among the above Online Bedding & Bed Set options, and these bed sets are very affordable compared to the other bedding options.

Modern Dining Room Interior

A perfect and well-decorated dining room will make your mealtime better. However, after adding size limitations to your Modern Dining Room Interior , you must work around them smartly. There is plenty of functional advice you can put to the test and make the best of the available space you have! You can opt for an extendable table, which you can use at its smaller size for daily meals and make it longer when having over guests. You should also think about the light fittings, which can help alter the proportions of your room. 
In a small dining room, which does not have tons of natural light, you can use a chandelier that rejuvenates the room. Checked flooring is the first choice of a young couple who has just moved in, and the lines created by the patterns draw the eye to the edge of a room. You should turn storage into décor. Open shelves are the best storage option in a tight space, and you must plan the area wisely. Many young couples colour-coordinate the plates and the Serve Ware.

Kitchen Room Interior

The structure of a straight kitchen is minimalistic since it is a single wall fixture and its layout is linear and clean. All the kitchen essentials are lined up in a linear way. The famous saying, 'less is more best defines a straight kitchen. You can decide the layout depending on the size of the kitchen. You can add a small island or table if you want extra counter space for your food preparation. The installation cost of this kitchen is significantly low due to the use of fewer materials.

Kitchen Interior

A u-shaped kitchen is a kitchen which comes with built-in cabinets, appliances and countertops. It has the entry door as the focal point. The kitchen may be constructed into three walls of a dedicated room with a case opening on the fourth wall. A modern u-shaped kitchen is a great place to cook, and for storage purposes, this kitchen design makes maximum use of loft space and cabinets.

L shaped kitchens provide an effective and a very simple workspace and the appliances and cabinets can be installed along the right angles walls and this kitchen is formed of two adjoining runs of cabinets which are referred to as the legs of the L. You can add a kitchen island and add clever corner solutions. Such type of kitchen easily fits into open-living floor plans and it also optimized storage and has a functional kitchen layout.

What are the types of Tableware Appliances young people might be looking out for?

Kitchenware is important as it makes the cooking process efficient and safer and you can prepare food much more easily and quickly if you have the appropriate kind of kitchen equipment. 

Following are some of the kitchenware appliances-

  • Celery glass bowl kitchenware
  • Kia Pasta Kitchenware
  • Luxury Marble Salad Bowl
  • Black and Copper Knife Block Set
  • Rectangular Glass Container Set
  • Manual Slow Cooker
  • Mango Salad Bowl
  • Coffee Maker

Young people opt for a Round Dining Tables as it suits their requirements perfectly. Round dining tables have the ability to create flow in your abode and this shape will suit a formal dining room as well as a more contemporary open plan where you can experience higher traffic around the table. Adding a rug underneath the area is also a very good option. As there are no corners, a round dining table has a smaller footprint as compared to a rectangle or a square footprint. Hence, a round dining table suits a smaller space perfectly.
Following are some of Round Dining Tables at Angie's-

  • Zio Round Dining Table
  • Karesha Round Dining Table
  • Gia Round Dining Table
  • Caira Round Wooden Dining Table
  • Vail Round Wooden Dining Table

Living Room for Modern Interior Designs

Living room is the most important space in the house and it is the room where you entertain your guests and loved ones. Thus, your living room should be eclectic and it should have the perfect mix of art that complements the style of the room. A typical living room has a sofa, chair, coffee tables, A TV, rugs, lamps and other furniture. Decorating your living room is important and a nice home décor is attainable at pocket-friendly prices. You do not need to splurge too much to decorate your living room. You can make use of area rugs and make sure that all the pieces of furniture fit on the rug. It is important to make thoughtful use of Pillows & Cushions and you should not go overboard with throw pillows. One can also choose a few pillows which enhance the piece of furniture and the overall look of the room.

You can decorate your living room with patterns as patterns can add life and character to your space. While you hang the art in your living room, make sure that you do not hang the artwork too high. Many people have the tendency to hang the art closer to the ceiling. However, you should avoid doing this. You can make use of table lamps or floor lamps and you can also use a mix as it will provide more light as well as make the room look better.

One often tends to get picky while choosing the right sofa for the living room as the sofa is one of the major pieces of furniture which every living room has to accommodate. You should be able to analyze the room, the layout, the design and the style while finalizing the Wooden Sofas. If you enjoy sitting in front of the TV, then you should place your sofa there. If you want a different arrangement, you can even place your sofa parallel to the fireplace. There are several different types of sofa shapes. You can decide one depending on how big you want the sofa and how you want it to be oriented.

We have a myriad of sofas for your living room such as-

Outdoor sofa and lounger Patio Furniture

  • Sun sofas
  • Jagger grey sofa
  • Sterling grey sofa
  • Convertible sofa sleeper
  • Kaylee sofa sets
  • Chesterfield sofa sets
  • Sumikko sofa set


Chairs in the living room offer style, comfort and an inviting place to sit back and relax. Chairs are highly customizable in their feel and style and a well-chosen chair is complementary to the room. When it comes to the Chairs in the living room, there is an array of styles one can choose from. There are many chairs which suit your need perfectly. If one merely wants comfort, he/she should opt for soft-cushioned chair which are famous for their traditional design, tufted upholstery and rolled arms.

Stylish Online Chair

There chairs offer a sophisticated look to any living room space. Wingback chair is one such chair which is tall and it creates a private area for the person who sits on it. This type of chair is versatile in style and it can be found in Modern Interior Home Décor Solutions. If you want to put your feet up and relax, you should go for an elongated chair which allows the user to put his body in a relaxed, half-lying down position.

Following are the types of chairs that we have-

  • AVA green chair
  • Amy pink chair
  • Vesk light green chair
  • Leo yellow chair
  • Mery Yellow chair
  • Sia blue chair
  • Zea green chair
  • Ziva yellow chair

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