Wonderful and Effective Engagement Gift Ideas

A celebration is in order when two persons announce their engagement. At every party, giving and receiving gifts is an expected custom. There is no...
A celebration is in order when two persons announce their engagement. At every party, giving and receiving gifts is an expected custom. There is no requirement for Gifts for Engagement or Shagun, but they are very much appreciated. Whenever you are invited to a reception such as this one, it is customary to provide a gift for the newlyweds hosting the event. Unlike purchasing a gift for a wedding, shopping for an engagement present can be more challenging.

When shopping for a gift to give at an engagement party, a few things are essential to keep in mind. However, the facility itself ought to be something that stands out in people's minds. Therefore, if you or someone you know has recently asked the other person to marry them (or the other person has said yes!), giving them an Engagement Gifts is a lovely way to convey your happiness for the happy couple.
There is a long list of things that are suitable for the occasion of the engagement party, some of which include but are not limited to homeware, kitchen appliances, decorative items, food, and drinks. Therefore, continue scrolling to view Angie's comprehensive list of shagun gifts and engagement presents suitable for any couple.

These Are The Best Engagement Gift Ideas

Bed Set and Pillow Cushion

When in doubt about what to get a couple, a beautiful set of sheets is a failsafe and thoughtful present. Couples just starting a life together might save money and time by purchasing a pair of bed sheets and matching pillowcases. If you decide to go that route, give them something of superior quality and an excellent design or pattern.

Designer Plates

These Designer Ceramic Plates will be a wonderful wedding or housewarming present if you know a couple who appreciates fine tableware. These Dessert Plates by Wishing Chair artisans are gorgeous and demonstrate that you've put more consideration into the present than just buying anything off the shelf.

Elegant Tea Set

Every couple starting a life together should have individual cups. His & Her Teacups are adorable and perfect for couples. Also, those doddle cups are pretty.

Kitchen Cutlery Set

This cane-handwoven bar cutlery set is perfect for a couple who appreciates an elegant bar presentation. This bar cutlery set is ideal for parties. Handwoven cane on iron and Sheesham wood exudes elegance and excess.

Serving Plates

Wall-mounted decorative plates are trendy. The Plated Project reimagined decorative plates. These beautiful plates celebrate a couple's love.

Luxury Towels As A Gift For Shagun

Giving someone a lovely and lavish gift is like giving them a little bit of joy in a box. Linens and towels are the ideal thoughtful present for any occasion because they can be used often and show consideration for the recipient.

In the category of shagun gifts, we at Angie's Homes offer a gorgeous selection of towel sets in exquisite packaging.
These are exceptionally comfortable, versatile (in three distinct types), and airy; they are also incredibly absorbent, long-lasting, and germ-fighting.
These towel sets for shagun gifts come in stunning colours, patterns, prints, jacquard designs, and embroidery techniques. As a bonus, we now offer gift sets that include standard white towels.

Colorful Candle

• This mix of light and flirty notes with a musky undertone can be used any time of the year. People often call the sweet pea "the Queen of Annuals," and it is the flower that represents the month of April.
• Made by hand from 100% natural soy wax from soybeans, biodegradable and non-toxic. When burned, no soot is made, and no carcinogens are made. Zinc and lead are not in the unique cotton wicks that cut themselves.

• Each product is poured, mixed, labelled, and finished by hand. • Sweet Pea candles are beautifully packaged gifts for your friend's engagement.

Artificial Flower

The best artificial flower for decorating your home is the ALANIS ARTIFICIAL FLOWER. The green colour is soothing and revitalizing. Those in your extended family will surely be thrilled to get it as a wedding or engagement present and will likely enjoy it. This ALANIS ARTIFICIAL FLOWER is now available for online purchase in India from ANGIEHOMES.CO, and it is sure to provide a sense of calm and beauty to your living quarters. The soothing qualities of an ALANIS ARTIFICIAL FLOWER-decorated home will astound you.

Modern Vases

Vases made of unique Murano Glass in the ARA Yellow and Golden Color Scheme. This Decorative Vases gives off the vibe of being Unique in the home. This sort of home furnishings may be purchased online in India at ANGIEHOMES.CO This is the best present for an engagement because it stands out from the crowd.


Investing in a set of luxurious sheets in a modern Printed and Self Stripe Design is a great way to give your bedroom an updated and classic look. This excellent flat sheet is constructed from one hundred per cent soft cotton, making it exceptionally breathable and lightweight. As an engagement present, this is a practical thing to have on hand. It would help if you got it for your personal living space or a guest bedroom because of its impressive design.

Dinnerware Made of Willow

Dinnerware Made of Willow These modern sets are made of fine porcelain and bone china. In every manner, high-end tableware elevates your social gatherings to the next level. Our Modern Plates come in a neutral white colour. Quality control during production was meticulous. This dinnerware is perfect as a housewarming or engagement present.

Detail of a Set of Willow Dinner Plates

Four individual pieces make up one set: a charger, a main course plate, a salad/side plate, and a dessert/snack plate. Two 12-piece sets are available. Each includes six Dinner Set. You get 18 pieces across all three groups: six dinner plates, six quarter plates, and six snack/dessert plates. With this 24-piece set, you get four full-place settings for four people.

Perpetual Love Reed Diffuser

The scent of warm amber, reminiscent of an open fire on a cold winter night, is enhanced with fruity top notes. Soothing, Calming Effect. Buy this racy present for the engaged people in your social circle. They will adore it without a doubt. Quality perfume will not only make you smell good but will also make you feel better. There are numerous advantages to using smells. It may reduce stress, help you sleep, ease headaches and insomnia, boost your self-esteem, and make you look and feel better. It's an ideal present for the shagun or engagement party.

Paper Mache Box

The Olympia Decorative Paper Mache Box is an elegant addition to any home and would make an excellent engagement or shagun present. The Olympia Decorative Paper Mache Box is perfect for creating a look of a bygone era in any room.
To keep a cherished moment safe and pass it on to future generations, keep it in a box. With this train of thought in mind, I crafted a one-of-a-kind paper mache box with intricate silhouettes of exotic plants and animals.

It has a blue-black colour scheme and measures ten by 13 inches.

A light that is capable of standing on its own

The aesthetic value of a Standing Lamp is appreciated in the living area, the dining room, and the bedroom. It can be used in various settings, ranging from the household to the workplace. As a wedding present for any of your friends or family members, this Maxson Standing Light is an excellent choice that won't disappoint you. When applied to their residences, this illumination gives off the impression that they have reached a higher level of sophistication. There are many options available from Angie Homes, including Classic Standing Lights and Contemporary Standing Lights, that are excellent choices for engagement presents.

Crystal Whisky Glasses

A well-stocked home bar must always include the appropriate glasses as a necessary component. Whether they are drinking whisky, scotch, wine, or any other alcoholic beverage, he and his friends can imbibe in a refined fashion thanks to the five-piece crystal bar set he purchased. A fantastic starting point for anybody interested in whisky or the Old Fashioned cocktail is this set, which includes two Crystal Whisky Glasses, a decanter with a glass ground stopper, and a decanter with a glass ground stopper.

Things to Think About Before Choosing an Engagement or Shagun Gift


Gifts for an engagement or Shagun can be anything from a Leather Accessories and Modern Sculpture to a luxurious bedding set and handmade wall hangings. It's a great chance to show your loved ones how much you care by giving them something unique. If you decide to present a gift to the couple, make sure it is something they would appreciate. All of your friends and family members can find the perfect present here, whether it's a unique charcuterie board for their next wine and cheese party or a piece of art they'll cherish forever. However, before you rush out to get the perfect engagement or Shagun present, you should think about the following:

Always keep to your set spending plan

First, determine how much money you must spend on an engagement or shagun Gift before you start shopping. Please don't overdo it, but yet don't skimp. How close you are to the couple should go into your decision on how much money to spend on a present for them. If you share an intense bond, you could treat a close friend or family member to something lavish. A lower budget is OK if you and the other person are merely acquaintances.

Bestow a Practical Present

This ought to be the gift-giving equivalent of the golden rule. A practical presence for a newly engaged couple is usually appreciated. This is because the two of them will be putting it to good use in their shared future. An ideal engagement present would be something that enhances their current living situation.

Think about Online Gift Voucher for Engagement/Shagun

Indians rarely use online wedding gift registries. Some couples construct one. We love them. It will show you what the team wants in their new home. Check the newly engaged couple's internet Online Gift Voucher for Engagement/Shagun before buying a present.

Get A Feel For The Couple's Personal Preferences

This is something else you should always think about before buying the couple a gift. Donate the item you know they will put to good use. Consider purchasing a fine bottle of wine or whisky for a couple who appreciates a wide range of alcoholic beverages. You can also give them a practical present if they are avid art collectors or bakers.

5. Bonus Points for Individualization!

Keep in mind that personalized presents are constantly appreciated more than mass-produced items. There are a plethora of labels and manufacturers that provide resources for making custom presents. Personalization, even if it's as simple as a nameplate or a doodle sketch of the pair, always makes a gift more meaningful.


  • Is it still usual to exchange gifts when a couple gets engaged?

It is a thoughtful and heartwarming gesture to express to the engaged couple how grateful you are for them by giving them a unique gift. You probably needed more time to look for an appropriate facility in advance, and there is neither a registry nor a wish list for you to check because most engagements are not disclosed in advance.

  • Why should I go to the trouble of getting Shagun Gifts?

Gifts from the Shagun are presented to the newlyweds as a gesture of gratitude and well wishes for the couple's future. The exchange of presents is a thoughtful and effective method to express gratitude to the couple for their engagement.


Newly engaged couples are frequently flooded with gifts in the months leading up to their wedding, many of which are impersonal and poorly matched to the needs of the pair (though well-intended). The most thoughtful presents consider the interests and principles held in common by the couple. We hope that browsing through these suggestions for gifts from Angie's Homes List has helped you zero in on what you want most.


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