Initially presented by Angelika Kriplani Angie Homes is one of the best home decor businesses in India, offering its prestigious services all over ...
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Initially presented by Angelika Kriplani Angie Homes is one of the best home decor businesses in India, offering its prestigious services all over the world. This brand was created with the goal of bringing happiness to every corner of the world and inspiring consumers to select only the best. It provides a high-end assortment of contemporary dinnerware sets, tea sets, plates, glasses, decanters, etc. This collection may be used in a microwave and is very white and light. Contrary to the majority of comparable products, it is genuinely break resistant. Enhance whiteness is the distinguishing feature of our tableware. We use the best chemical components to make the tableware whiter than before while increasing the beautiful glow. The exceptional glazing, which was fired under very strict control, ensures strong resistance to scratches and abrasions.

Whatever be the place, culture, preference of food is every household needs tableware. You need something to eat off of, Afterall. You want to make sure that whatever you choose for your home is of the highest possible quality, pleasing to the eye, and useful; tableware ware is without a doubt one among them. To ensure that the tableware you choose is ideal for your family and the purposes for which it will be used, take into account each of these qualities before you buy your next set.

Decide how many place settings you will need and your budget before you go shopping. For a home of two people, we advise using four to six place settings, whereas a household of four or five people should use eight to twelve. If you only sometimes host parties, you can buy a smaller main set for everyday usage and a few inexpensive plates for when your guest list grows. Depending on the quality, dinnerware and tableware can range in price from a few bucks per piece to more for a five-piece set of fine china. Consider all of your alternatives because occasionally items are less expensive when purchased as a whole place setting or box set. We advise inspecting a set of tableware in person before deciding on it to make sure the weight, size, shape, and design of each piece are suitable for you. Angie Homes has a checklist of things to look for in-store at the end of this guide to help you get the best tableware online.

Tea Sets

Angie Homes has marvelous collection and choice of best tableware items to buy online

Angie Homes flourished by Anjelika Kriplani suggested to stick to what is appropriate for your eating habits and lifestyle and avoid purchasing extraneous items that you won't use. If you want to minimize the size of your portions of food, wider rims make a plate's surface less capacious overall. We advise purchasing plates with narrower rims if you want a lot of empty space on your plate or more capacity for larger amounts of food.

Before making a purchase, we advise inspecting dinnerware in person to make sure the weight, size, shape, and design are suitable for you. Looking at photographs online makes it too difficult to determine the true colour and shape of each piece and makes it impossible to check for defects. Measure the interior of your cabinets and microwave to be sure the dinner plates will fit before you go to the store. To make sure the plates are the right size, don't forget to carry a tape measure with you to the store. Make sure each element is the right size for your needs as you take its size into consideration. When attempting to improve your meal presentation, purchasing the appropriate crockery is an essential first step. Food presentation includes everything from the plating to the manner in which you serve your meal. A dinner plate, a soup plate, and a dessert plate must be included in a dinnerware set. At Angie Homes you get all sorts of plates to buy online.

Online, there are several publications that assert that bone china is more resilient than porcelain; one of such articles used to be our guide to the greatest dinnerware set. But more investigation revealed that there are too many variables that affect durability for us to conclude that bone china is fundamentally more durable than porcelain. Follow these suggestions if you want to replace but don't know where to begin. Start your search for these three sorts of plates because they will fulfil most of your requirements both practically and artistically. Those adorable bone china serving dishes have a certain allure. Exquisite dinnerware items have evolved into the ideal complement to everything from Victorian paintings that incessantly depict flora and fauna. We have the best eye catching design and pattern.

Luxury Plates


During the holiday season, spend money on modern tableware for formal gatherings. You must visit the tableware set section of our website, where you can find a wide selection of dinner plate sets and other dining dinnerware. We create each and every item to stand out by using the best materials, having them all carefully inspected, and passing those tests. Our dinnerware set is worth purchasing because it is microwave safe, strong and robust, has a long shelf life, and doesn’t stain or seem weak. Unknowingly, even after investing money, consumers frequently end up purchasing dull and dull dinnerware.

Angie Homes is a lifestyle design company that upholds the principles of understated luxury and sustainability. Their items are frequently ageless and evergreen, fitting any occasion. They have unveiled a line of best tableware for the holiday season that inspires you to live in harmony with the countryside and be one with nature. Our plates and cake stands make entertaining more enjoyable overall because they are perfect for serving delicate appetizers and desserts. A magnificent dining experience fit for royalty is made more charming by subtle colours. Their dinnerware epitomizes sophistication and elegance, whether it's for a formal event or gift wrapping.

Choosing the best item with a longer shelf life is crucial because no one enjoys the trouble of frequent shopping. We never skimp on quality and strive to provide you the best on a single dish at all times. Also as per your need and convenience you can alter number of plates, bowls in a dinner set. When it comes to relying a certain brand there are some keep in mind things. A brand’s crockery’s substance is important because it will determine how long it will last and how well it will withstand cooking, serving, eating and cleaning. Porcelain, aluminium, and stainless steel are a few common crockery components that are commonly used. We always go for the quality service rather than cheap tactics and we have the finest materials used for the crockery set. Buying tableware online or modern plate set make sure the company you are choosing is known for producing high-quality goods that can withstand frequent use. We always stand with the quality and rendering the best. It’s not always simple to choose an inexpensive crockery name, but it’s worthwhile in the long run. a Try our dessert plate on a matte gold metal pedestal is ideal for all celebrations. It is apt for anniversaries, birthdays to make it a grand affair and getting magnificent clicks.


Grabbing the right piece

We are not here only to sell but to tell. Angie Homes believe in helping customers to get them buy right thing. When it comes to teacups, mugs keep in mind some basic points. Because they are more formal and help prevent coffee or tea rings on your tablecloth, teacups and saucers are excellent for entertaining. However, teacups are divisive because they may make one person feel like a bull in a china shop while making another feel like pure royalty, so go with the design you prefer. Whatever choice you make, make sure the mugs or teacups' handles are comfortable to grasp. You can alternatively purchase your set open stock and completely omit the inclusion of mugs if you are limited on storage space or your cupboards are already overflowing due to your mug collection. We have sets and individual piece to buy. Angie Homes crockery set, cutlery set or any tableware set is a long-time investment as they are durable and stays shiny after several use. To deliver we always pack with utmost care using bubble wrap and sturdy packaging layers for a safe delivery.

Tea cups, saucers, and contemporary tea sets in a wide range of patterns, shapes, materials, and sizes are all available to purchase from Angie Homes. With our elegantly designed tea cup set, which contains a gold finish modern tea set with all shine and dazzle to make tea parties a magnificent one with faultless shine, we have the best tea sets online to satisfy diverse needs. Choose a porcelain pastoral lime green tea set with a sleek, polished appearance that is suitable for tea and coffee to bring elegance to your dining table. You may also purchase bone china tea cups and saucers with lovely prints that bring colour and happiness into your home. Our tea cup set is beautifully crafted from the best materials available. One of the fundamental aspects of human existence is eating. If we think about it, we work hard all our lives to get money so that we can eat.

We have luxury dinner sets with different pattern, color contrast and sizes to suit every person’s taste and convenience. Made from bone China and porcelain our crockery set is apt for parties, weddings, official dining, and any other function. You can go for color splashing vibrant looking dinner sets, or classy elegant minimal artwork for a more sophisticated feel, there is a lot more to explore at our website that includes floral print, butterflies playing around, color theme and plain ones to satisfy your choice wholesome. Some suggested ones by us are Anthony dinner plates, Barret dinner plates, Beau dinner plates, Avery Gold Finish, Benjamin Dinner Plates. We have garnered as many happy customers who shopped for dinner sets for their lavish dining feel.

Wondering where can I find contemporary champagne glasses or the highest-quality, best-carved wine glasses? If you want the greatest wine glasses in town, we have the ideal answer for you. A one-stop shop for all things home decor, including the greatest dishes and tableware. Order online right away to purchase stemless wine glasses, vintage glasses, or any other type of drinking glass. Without delay, you may purchase a profusion of distinctive wine glasses from Angie Homes online. We focus in supplying a broad range of things for home decor. The best wine glasses are all easily washable, stylish, and readily available online. If you are a fan of the past or old school, you may find vintage champagne glasses online. If you are looking for sparkling glasses for wine, whiskey and other beverages we have the best collection to buy online champagne glasses, wine glasses etc.



Apart from these discussed above there is silverware too. With a sterling silver serving ware set, dinner settings shine unlike any other. When used as a serving dish, sterling silver works well for some meals but not others. Airborne moisture causes silver and copper to tarnish over time. Your cutlery or dishes won’t be harmed by these black, brown or green deposits, but they could lose some of their aesthetic appeal. You can maintain the cleanliness and tarnish-free condition of your copper and silver kitchenware with the aid of a few simple items. Angie Homes suggest to Keep them in a dry location and use them frequently to avoid tarnish build-up. Your ornamental serving ware will likely last a long time if you take good care of it.

We have tableware for kids as well. Check out Angie Homes to get beautiful kid’s tableware for giftgiving or for your own use. We provide high-end children’s dinnerware made of bone china as well as single-piece sets of tableware such cups, mugs, plates, bowls, and spoons. Every piece is made with love and attention, and we always uphold the highest standards of quality. Now place a hassle-free online order for kids’ dinnerware. Shop at Angie Homes for the luxury collection of one-of-a-kind, handcrafted, and customised products in a variety of sizes if you are seeking for kids tableware online in India. If you have any query of doubts get in touch with us anytime. Check our website and Order to buy tableware online from Angie Homes, including kids tableware, dinner sets, tea cups, and more.

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