Why Angie Homes' Kids Registry is the Perfect Solution for Gift-Giving

Kids gifting is one thing that parents need to look wisely, also if someone is gifting their friend’s kids, or relative’s kids, they should buy use...
Angie Homes' Kids Registry

Kids gifting is one thing that parents need to look wisely, also if someone is gifting their friend’s kids, or relative’s kids, they should buy useful gifts for kids. Before buying gifts look for the age group, child’s interest, also keep in mind that the kid will play with others so if you are gifting a toy, it should be enough good. It's not always ideal to buy many gifts or even a large, pricey gift. Consider the motivation for the gifting. The quantity, size, and cost of the gifts are unimportant as long as your goals are achieved.

Kids Registry


When it comes to searching gifts for kids either for their birthdays, scoring good in exams, or any such other occasion you can buy them their favorite stuff with cartoon images. Angie Homes provides lots of options when it comes to gifting. Either you can buy kids gifts amongst the collection of furniture, tableware, bedding, lights etc. Or you can go for kids gift registry by registering up yourself online at Angie Homes setting up your budget and listing the favorite item that your friends and relatives would contribute and buy that gift for your kid. Online Gift cards are also a great way to gifting instead of giving gift that they don’t like much.

For decorating or designing kids room you can also contact us for interior work and can buy furnishings for the kids bedroom. At Angie homes you can buy Sofa, pouf, study table, shelf, study desk with drawer for kids bedroom or study room. You can customize as per your need and wish the size, polish, fabric of beds, sofa etc.

Kids Registry



A gift registry is basically a list of the desired gifts for a specific occasion or event that is compiled by the intended gift recipients and distributed to their visitors. A gift registry is a wish list is made when a recipient gathers a list of things they'd want and then sends it to family and friends. On the other side, a registry is made public, and as products are bought, the shop or registration system provider removes them from the list. If you want to register online for gift registry for kids you can register hassle -free at Angie Homes.

Gift registries are well-liked because they remove the element of surprise from gift-buying and because they can help avoid giving the same gifts. You may take as much time as you need to compile your wish list and conduct some research on potential gifts before you choose them by setting up an online gift registry from home. The best thing is that you can quickly make changes and add or remove items as many times as you'd like.

Kids Registry


Anyone with internet connection can utilize an online gift registry with ease. They can buy your gift even if they don't live close to the store you've registered with or don't have time to run out during their lunch break because they can do it all online using a computer, laptop etc. Since they can quickly order a present from your registry and have it delivered right to your door, this is ideal for visitors who are located abroad.  Gift givers would undoubtedly be content if they could simply choose an item from the recipients' own list. Additionally, it's a major plus to be able to accomplish this online! Many individuals will really value not having to make an extra trip to a store to visit a gift registry, especially if it's located far away. Everything is considerably easier and more convenient with an online registry. They can browse the merchandise fast and make a purchase with a single click. No need to stress about wrapping presents as we provide exquisite packaging on demand. For more details contact Angie Homes.

Kids Registry


Are you wondering to buy something rich looking and in budget price to gift your relative’s kid gift? Browse Angie Homes official website to get an idea about the wonderful masterpieces. Each and every item is quality checked and lasts longer as they are durable, strong, and perfectly carved. You can buy kids gifts either a beautiful blanket, bedsheets and pillow cases in beautiful hue and prints for their bedroom. Artwork, accessories, furniture also make great gifting's to buy.

It's important to check for kids' lights, tableware, and furnishings while decorating a child's room. By installing lights there, you can give your kids' room a starry theme. Imaginative lighting is a quick and easy way to enhance and breathe new life into any design. It can be any light source such as lamp, hanging light, fairy lights etc.

To buy decorative kids lights you can buy online at Angie Homes. Silver ware items are also great items to buy as gifts. The superior hygienic properties of silverware, which include antibacterial and disinfectant properties. Silver extracts are used as an active ingredient in some Ayurvedic medicines. In addition to improving health, it also supports brain development during the formative years. So, feeding kids with silverware is the best way to keep them healthy. Along with everything else, good furniture is something else that should be taken into account. All materials should, of course, feel smooth to the touch, so examine each one carefully before bringing it into the space.

Kids Registry



The traditional methods of giving are frequently time-consuming. Gift cards are being provided as a solution and are also well received by the majority. Gift cards, whether for a birthday or any other occasion, can help you relax about whether the recipient will appreciate your gift or not. It's a sweet gesture to give someone something appropriate and practical in every manner to demonstrate your sincere love. Gift cards allow you to set your limit for spending uselessly and also for the receiver to buy things that are useful. Don’t limit yourself to the conventional present, unwrapped and soon forgotten. Gift the luxury of a moment that will become a cherished memory. The offer of an exclusive experience, crafted by time.

Angie homes Gift Cards online are available in huge collections, hand-packed in premium packaging are couriered across India and abroad. Produced by a global leader in card design, home decor and interiors in India, Angie Homes cards have enhanced security features that can be reloaded and redeemed only at Angie Homes. If you'd rather not pay with cash or a credit card, they can be a good alternative. For the special occasion, gift cards are a great option. They can be used to limit spending because they are simple and practical to use.

Gift cards resemble debit cards in appearance and functionality, but the person giving them preloads them with money. The Gift Card recipient can then use the pre-paid funds to make a variety of online and in-person retail transactions using electronic payments.

Kids Registry


The Gift card is valid for purchases made from Angie homes only and is valid for a period of 12 Months from the date of purchase. For occasions like Birthday gift voucher, anniversary gift card for couple you can get gift cards for Tableware, Accessories, Lights, Gift products, bedding, furniture, and kid's interior solution, (made in India) Angie’s India:

Note that gift cards can be redeemed online at www.angiehomes.co or on Angie homes Android & IOS app.  To proceed with gift card purchasing you need to go through the following steps

Select your Products and fill required details till you reach the payment page. Go on the Website, click on "More options" and Select "Gift Card" as your Payment Mode. On the Android and IOS apps, choose Gift Card as the payment option.

Enter your Gift Card/ Card No. (16 Digit) and 6 Digit Pin Number.

Click on "Make Payment" and Pay the Balance amount (if any) using the other Payment Modes Listed. Note that Products are not redeemable offline.

Kids Registry


Angie homes have a gift card for every occasion you can shop online. There are festive gift cards such as Housewarming Gift cards, kids Gift vouchers, Engagement Gift Cards, Diwali Gift Cards, Eid Mubarak Gift Cards, Christmas Gift Cards, Onam Gift Cards, Bhai doojh Gift Cards, Karva chauth Gift Cards, Raksha bandhan Gift Cards, Wedding Gift Card and Anniversary Gift Card. Surprise friends and family with Thank You Gift Cards, Congratulations Gift Cards, Birthday Gift Cards, Brother’s Day, Mother’s Day Gift Cards, and Father’s Day Gift Cards. The Angie Homes Gift Card is only good for purchases of Angie Homes services. The card can be used to reserve a variety of items that are listed on the Angie Homes website, including tableware, lighting, bedding, accessories, and gift items. But as sky is not the limit we offer much more. Angie Homes also offers gift cards that may be used to purchase Christmas packages like holidaying with family and loved ones cherishing moments making memories. For more queries you can contact us.

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