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Wedding Gifts are given as a token of appreciation. They are provided as a gesture of someone’s best wishes to the newlywed, and gift-giving is a p...
Wedding Gift Ideas

Wedding Gifts are given as a token of appreciation. They are provided as a gesture of someone’s best wishes to the newlywed, and gift-giving is a practical way to show appreciation for the bride and groom. However, you must explore the couple’s shared interests while purchasing the gift, as the gift you give should resonate with both of them. 


Silverware is a very auspicious metal and ranks second to gold in the hierarchy. It is the most obvious choice regarding wedding gifting, and the best part is that it is no longer archaic. There are endless options from jewellery, accessories, flatware and home décor, which come at different budgets.

Server Ware

Server ware is the term used to refer to extensive dinnerware products, which include bowls, shakers, platters, cups and saucers and many more things. Your dining experience should be truly immersive, and server ware is the best gift to give to the newlyweds. Server ware holds immense importance in setting the right tone for your party or any kind of family gathering. Many chefs and culinary experts claim that the presentation of food on the platter and the plate complements the visual aspects of the food. You have an array of options for selecting the proper server ware. No matter how scintillating or lustrous the server ware is, it should first serve all the functional purposes. Function always needs to be a priority over visual aesthetics when choosing the right type of server ware.

Wedding Gifts

Some of the most exquisite collection of server ware at Angie's home consists of-

⦁ Diana Gold Finish Server Ware

If you are looking to gift the best luxury modern, stylish brass finish server ware, which is gold, this is the best option. The gold finish has several benefits apart from the fact that it is visually aesthetic. In the situation where the gold might be exposed to corrosive substances, the gold plating can also serve as an effective barrier from oxidation and corrosion. It is non-magnetic, and it has excellent heat resistance.

⦁ Mani Copper Server Ware

Many people have increasingly been using Copper Server Ware lately. It carries a lot of health benefits, and copper makes a perfect addition to your exotic utensil collection. Also, it qualifies as an ideal wedding gift item as it is a fun novelty to add to their collection.

⦁ Tammy- Server Ware Copper and Gold

The ones who are confused about what can be an ideal gift for the newlyweds can gift this combo of copper and gold.

⦁ William Silver Finish Tea Set Server ware

Tea sets never go out of style when giving a wedding gift to your loved ones. A silver finish tea set will prove to be the most exuberant gift you can give your loved ones.

⦁ Giana Bar Accessories Set:-

This Bar Accessories Set is designed exclusively by Angie Homes and is the best gift for wine lovers. 


Whether filled with fresh flowers or displayed as objects and vases make a lovely finishing touch for any room. The right kind of vase is more practical and will help a Flower Arrangement keep its form for the most attractive display. A wedding vase is a personalized wedding gift, and the following are the types of vases which are available at Angie’s home-

Vases for Wedding Gifting

⦁ Italian Handmade Crystal Luxe Vases

A Crystal Vases is a traditional wedding gift and a beautiful accent piece for your home. The crystal flower vases possess a timeless elegance, and these Artificial Flower Vases elevate your space. An authentic crystal is robust, durable, and ornately designed to enhance sparkle.

⦁ Half Moon Crystal Flower vases

A half-moon crystal Flower Vases, a lovely half-moon crystal's natural beauty and is an ideal décor piece for a home and office.

⦁ Yellow Vintage Carousel flower Vases

This yellow Vintage Vases has beautifully detailed Carousel Goblets, which will take you to a new level of sophistication. 

⦁ Luxe Crystal Golden Crystal Vases with Black base

This fantastic golden half-moon Contemporary Crystal Vases has a black base, giving it an even more sophisticated look. It is an excellent ensemble for the living room.

⦁ Black Vases

This gorgeous sparkling Black Vase adds a luxury quotient to your living room!


A Sculpture is more than just a piece of decorative art; it finds diverse use in many aspects of culture, history and religion. No matter the shape and the size, a stylish personalized sculpture never fails to make a statement. A living room is not complete until a statement piece finds its way inside it. One should keep the sculpture at eye level for optimal viewing.

Some of the unique pieces of Modern Sculpture that are available at Angie’s are-

  • Wes yellow Boy Sculpture
  • Moon Metallic Black Abstract Sculpture
  • Carter Crystal Sculpture With Wooden Base
  • Olivia Crystal Sculpture with Wooden Base
  • Ethan Crystal Sculpture with Wooden Base


Walking into a room with a beautifully laid table creates a sense of anticipation of the delicacies yet to come. The right kind of tableware helps set a mood by complementing the visual aspects of the food. A Modern Tableware should have at least three types of pieces: a dinner plate, a soup plate and a dessert plate. Following are the types of tableware items which are prevalent at Angie’s-

Tableware Wedding Gifting

⦁ Ameu Green Plates Set

If you are fond of earthy tones and intricate designs, you can go for this Ameu Green Plates Set. This green plates set is unique and adds glamour to the overall dining experience. It is a modern plate set made of fine-quality Bone China and Porcelain. It is beautifully crafted for homes and restaurants. You can avail of a set depending on the requirements.

⦁ Halden Colourful Modern Plates Set

If you want to gift the couple a spunky and a rich set of Colourful Modern Plates, you should go for this one. The material used for this set is Bone China, available in multiple colours.

⦁ Juuli White Modern Plates set

White never goes out of style, and if you have run out of ideas about the type of plates set to gift the newlyweds, you should go for a Juuli White Modern plates set. This complements the best with silver spoons.

⦁ Zebra Black and White Plate Set

A combination of black and white date way back, and it is still in trend. The material used for this is Ceramic and Stone.

Dinner Set and Tea Set

⦁ Bernie Green and Modern Dinner Set

This Bernie Green and Modern Dinner Set is the perfect luxury tableware for your gatherings. The material is Bone China, and it comes in a printed pattern.

⦁ Darrian White Dinner and Quarter Plates set

Quarter plates are an essential part of the breakfast table, and they are also referred to as the side plates as they are always placed next to the cutlery.

⦁ Pastoral green dinner and Tea Set

The Pastoral green dinner and tea set is beautifully crafted, and it is best to gift at a wedding. It is made of fine-quality bone in China.

Art Work

Art is an artistic creation of aesthetic value, and an artwork of any type encompasses a diverse range of creation and expression. Any form of art is that finishing touch which can help pull a space together. It is imperative to choose the correct artwork that fits the decorating style you have selected for your living room. Art can also be a tool of self-expression.

Following are the types of Art Work that are available at Angie’s-

  • Panther Art Work
  • Fui Art Work
  • Branda Art Work
  • Bron Art Work
  • Wang Art Work
  • Cluart Work
  • Morticia Art Work

Photo Frame

A photo frame can prove to be the best wedding gift, as giving them a photo frame to commemorate an important event will allow them to look at it with pride. Pictures not only allow us to capture specific moments in time but also give us the liberty to relive beautiful memories again and again.

Given below are some of the best collections of photo frames at Angie’s-

  • Bell Photo Frame
  • Themy Photo Frame
  • Line Photo Frame
  • Break Photo Frame
  • Rock Crystal Photo Frame
  • Malachite Photo Frame
  • Clip Photo Frame

Home Decor Accessories Wedding Gifts


A pouf is a large cushion which is typically located on the ground, and other pieces of Living Room Furniture surround it. This accent piece is perfect for any room in one’s abode. Gifting newlyweds a pouf can be a great idea as they might plan to move into a new place altogether and consider decorating their house. A Ottoman Poufs is a stylish choice for a bedroom décor as it tends to be soft and fluffy.
Following are the types of poufs available at Angie’s-

  • Pluto Pouf
  • Neptune Pouf
  • Pink Pouf
  • Uranus Pouf
  • Mars Pouf
  • Furry Pouf
  • Jute Pouf
  • Band Pouf
  • Storage Pouf
  • Scoop Pouf
  • Togo Pouf
  • Earth Classic Pouf


Mirrors are a significant part of decorating the home, and a mirror also distributes space and light in a way which contributes to the room's depth and energy. Wall Mirrors also make the room large and more spacious than it already is. They make a room feel more oversized and balanced, and it looks more pleasing to the eye.
Following are some Decorative Mirrors which are available at Angie’s-

  • Mock Venetian Mirror
  • Craft Online Mirror
  • Commu Venetian Mirror
  • Hone-Venetian Mirror
  • Limbo Leaf Designer Mirror
  • Synthia Square Mirror
  • Horizontal Bathroom Mirror


Classic Console is a type of side table placed against a wall, requiring legs or another type of support only at the front. They are slender and long tables that many tend to place in their entryway or hallway. These consoles can also act as bars, desks or vanities.

Furniture wedding Gift

Following are the types of Modern Console Tables we have at Angie’s-

  • Stella Gold Leaf Console Table
  • Majestic Console
  • Myllo Console
  • Boulevard Console
  • Lime Console
  • Orange Contemporary Console
  • Vertigo Console
  • Apotheosis Console
  • Chilli Console

            These are the types of Wooden Consoles available at Angie’s and you can choose any one of these to be given as a Wedding Gift Online for your loved ones. It would be a great addition to their home!

Side Boards

A sideboard is a flat-topped piece of furniture with cupboards and drawers and these sideboard beds can also be used in the dining room to serve food. In many houses, they can also be used for storage purposes. Following are some of Cabinets Sideboards which are available at Angie’s-

  • Venya Silver Coated Bed side table
  • Arya Silver Modern Side Board
  • Cace White Bed Side Table
  • Fitz Brown Bed side Table
  • Ace Peach Bed Side Table
  • Kad Grey Bed Side Table
  • Tag Brown Bed Side Table
  • Crew Grey Bed Side Table
  • Dan Brown Bed Side Table
  • Colo Grey Bed Side Table
  • Lucas Black Bed Side Table
  • Sam Grey Bed Side Table

Pillows and Cushions

Pillows and Cushions add a visual interest with fun textures, and they also assist people to sit more upright. However, apart from serving the functional purpose, cushions and pillows are enhance your interior by reviving the main appearance of your bedroom. It is important that they blend in effortlessly with your décor. 

Pillow & Cushion Wedding Gift

Following are some of Pillows and Cushions available at Angie’s-

  • Gucci Best Golden Pillows and Cushion
  • Cuddle beautiful red pillows and Cushion
  • Square Luxury Brown Cushions
  • Siesta Best Lemon Grey Cushions
  • Ming Velvet Beautiful Green Cushions
  • Meiryo Best Grey Knit Weave Cushions
  • Aramani Luxury Rich Yellow Gold Stain cushions and Pillows
  • Eve Elegant White Chick Pillows and Cushions

You can give a set of pillows and cushions to the newlyweds for decorating their home.


Throws and Blankets

A blanket is designed for the bed warmth, and it is also laid on the top of the bedding layers. Throws on the other hand are more decorative, and they can also protect the cushions. You can drape a throw across the end of the bed to make it look more sophisticated.

Following are the types of Throws and Blankets available at Angie’s-

  • Florian Best Black and Grey Throws and Blankets
  • Sum Beautiful Grey Throws and Blankets
  • Velve Best Throws and Blanket
  • Saffron Throws and Blankets
  • Milky Luxury Throws and Blankets
  • Banyan Cream Casual Throws Blanket
  • Spainy Best Throws and Blankets
  • Starling Exclusive Throws and Blankets


If you are looking for one good gift idea for someone special in your life, you may like to possibly contemplate getting a couple of Modern Chandelier earrings. This specific type of jewelry has become popular in recent years with stars and models donning the modern styles on the runway as well as at big events.
Chandelier wedding gift


⦁ What are the type of Wedding Gifts you can gift to the newlyweds?

There is a plethora of Wedding Gift Card Voucher for wedding gifts to choose from. However, your gift should also have a personal touch and no matter what you gift to the newlyweds, your gift should exude warmth, affection and represent genuine love for them.

⦁ Is it appropriate to write a note on the gift?

A personalized message and a few kind words will only show your gratitude towards the newlyweds. It is a nice idea to write a personalized note and tuck it inside the Jewelry Boxes.

⦁ Should you be picky while choosing a gift?

It is obvious to be in a dilemma while choosing a gift for someone. However, it is okay to be picky as whatever you gift newlyweds should be according to their preference and interests.

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