Unraveling Angie Homes Marketplace With Great Deals & Premium Products

Table of Contents Introduction Why Buy Online? Angie’s Marketplace 3.1. Bathroom Fittings 3.2. Modular Kitchen 3.4. Wardrobe 3.5. Vanity 3.6. Mod...
Angie Homes Marketplace

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Why Buy Online?
  3. Angie’s Marketplace

3.1. Bathroom Fittings

3.2. Modular Kitchen

3.4. Wardrobe

3.5. Vanity

3.6. Modular Bars

3.7. Mosaic Flooring

3.8. Wooden Flooring

3.9. Tiles

3.10. Wall Finishes

3.11. Doors

3.12. Windows

3.13. Door Handles

3.14. Outdoor Swimming Pools

3.15. Fire Places

3.16. Fans



With the digital era taking over and the internet becoming essential, it is only natural to explore and shop online on various occasions. Believe it or not, the internet has expanded its horizons and incorporated several new products and services that once were impossible to think about. Analyzing the statistics, the online market has emerged as a more successful marketplace and is beating the local community market in every manner.

The home decor sector is one of the most recent introductions on the internet. With various brands being available online, it becomes easy to navigate between brands and compare their quality and prices. Some of the leading home decor companies like Angie Homes have opened their online portal for you to explore the assorted products and services they are providing. Not only that, Angie Homes has taken a huge leap forward and introduced a ‘Marketplace’ corner on their website. So, whether you are searching for a laminate wood flooring, a king size mattress, or a classic modular kitchen, then Angie Homes is your go-to place.


Why Buy Online?

One might wonder how can a ‘multi-vendor marketplace’ be better than a brick-and-mortar store. This article will be useful in this regard and will help you to pick the best home decor products available in an online marketplace.

Online stores are a popular choice for the kind of variety they offer. You can explore countless varieties of your favorite home decor products, which are barely available at a single store. Stores offer a limited variety of products which can be a constraint to their sales growth. Moreover, browsing online provides you the liberty to compare the prices of your shortlisted products and find out if a similar product is offered by any other brand at a lower price.

The ease of buying and the checkout process is so smooth online that after experiencing it once you will find it hard to return to offline shopping. Apart from containing a limited variety of products, you can further face huge traffic at the store and perhaps have to wait in a long queue. Exploring your options online from the comfort of your home can be easy and convenient. With online shopping at Angie Homes Marketplace, customers save both time and energy. They can order their favorite home decor products without stepping out of their homes.

Angie Homes' Marketplace

Angie Homes is a globally renowned company that offers the best interior designing services and premium quality home decor products. Epitomizing luxury and class, Angie Homes ensures quality and appropriate taste in each of its projects. Functioning under the worldwide celebrated interior designer, Anjaleka Kriplani, Angie Homes has become a one-stop shop for all interior solutions.

Furthermore, Angie Homes Marketplace is a place where you will find everything related to home decor. Whether it's about getting the perfect bathroom fitting or a stylish hand wash basin; premium wardrobes or the best wooden flooring, Angie Homes brings to you everything!

  1. Bathroom Fittings

Today’s bathrooms are no longer a place for hot showers and scrubs, they have rapidly grown into an isolated wellness zone for the body as well as the mind. When it comes to designing a perfect bathroom, one must take into account the best quality bathroom fittings and a stylish hand wash basin as they will go a long way. Furthermore, with the perfect bathroom fittings you can avoid any incidences of embarrassment before your guests.

Somany is one of the top brands listed on Angie’s Marketplace. Somany not only offers a wide range of bathroom accessories & bathroom fitting but also ensures quality and style.

The Somany Hemel Shower is a perfect fit for compact and modern bathroom interiors. A stylish ergonomic design, it exudes quality as well as class.

Embellish your bathroom with the quality craftsmanship of Somany and install this elegant Somany Hemel Pillar Tap that will instantly add to the overall style & grace of your bathroom fitting and provide an aesthetic vibe to your washbasin.

Equipped with quality-assured material, this highly advanced Somany Neo Black Shower sets a high standard for every bathroom design. A conventional design that complements your bathroom fitting, the Somany Neo Black Shower provides a unique design to your modern bathroom.

Keeping the utility aspect in mind, Somany Shaving Mirror is exquisitely designed for the end users. This wall-mounted shaving mirror has dual arms and is double-sided to provide a level of comfort and convenience to the users. This premium product can be a note-worthy contribution to your bathroom interiors.

The Somanny Cube Abs Glade Press Panel is a premium product of Somany that will add a glamorous look to your bathroom aesthetics. It comes with a dual flush feature. 

      Modular kitchens are known to add significant value to homes with their style and functionality. Apart from being economical, sleek, and flexible, a modular kitchen also provides class and finesse to your interior aesthetics. A modular kitchen involves organizing sub-assemblies and various parts such as cupboards, drawers, kitchen cabinets, etc that can eventually integrate and configure into a single whole, holistic system.

      Make Angie Homes your partner and explore the countless benefits of a modular kitchen:

      This modern modular kitchen reflecting elegance with contrasting bright hues is bound to impress the spectators. As a kitchen represents the epicenter of a well-constructed home, it surely deserved some level of organization. Define your style with Angie Homes and provide a timeless finish to your modular kitchen

      Bring home the amalgamation of modern and classic kitchen interiors with creative concepts. This L-shaped modular kitchen design comes with a blend of warm wooden accents and bright hues to provide a modern and contemporary look with a superior finish, excellent texture, and durability.

      An Island modular kitchen is a place to gather over a cup of coffee with family or friends. In most homes, the dining room is quite farther from the kitchen, while in the island modular kitchen you can sit comfortably in the kitchen area and get served hot and fresh food. It is also convenient when you have duties to perform in the kitchen.

      The L-shaped with Island modular kitchen is just another variation of the types of kitchen and incorporates features of both an L-shaped kitchen and an Island modular kitchen.

      The U-shaped with Island modular kitchen is just another variation of the types of kitchen and incorporates features of both a U-shaped kitchen and an Island modular kitchen.


          Add a pinch of old-school charm to your dinner parties or occasional get-togethers with a stylish and uniquely-designed modular bar. Many of you must have vowed to have a mini-bar at your own home when you observed a stunning mini-bar at someone else’s residence. It is high time you achieve that dream of yours! Install a modular bar at your home and host some great intimate dinner parties for your family and friends.

          By adding a straight modular bar to your sleek, modern interior, you’ll redefine your style and contribute to both aesthetics and functionality. Moreover, a straight bar can turn into a perfect place for socializing with your guests.

          Bar with an island is a typical bar design that includes a seating area for the people. You can enjoy a drink while exchanging pleasant conversation. 


              If you follow the current trend in the interiors you’ll find a great fuzz over the ‘green’ nature of the material the designers put in. Wooden flooring is a classic and elegant choice in this case. Complementing every interior design, laminate wood flooring is renewable, economical, and inexhaustible when compared to other materials like stone, metal, etc. So, laminate wood flooring is a healthy choice for your interior aesthetics. Moreover, it has other benefits like this flooring would not attract dust, pollen particles, allergens, etc because there are no grout lines, embossed surfaces, or fibers on a laminate wood flooring.

              Homeowners these days are changing the trend by increasingly opting for wooden flooring. Apart from holding a classic and elegant aspect, laminate wood flooring is comfortable, affordable, and durable. Consider this gorgeous Pergo Vineyard Oak laminate wood flooring for all kinds of home interiors. Setting the right aesthetic for your home, this wood flooring is waterproof, scratch-resistant, and dent-resistant.

              Furnishing a blend of red and golden coloring to your interiors, this Pergo Merbau laminate wood flooring will be the right choice for every home design and exude a radiance that is hard to beat with any other material like stone, tiles, and so forth. This attractive flooring option comes with qualities like waterproof, dent-resistant, scratch-resistant.

              Hardwood floors are the new smart! The flooring of your house is the most basic yet significant decision and must be taken after thorough research and analysis. This Pergo Walnut, 3-Strip laminate wood flooring will recreate a parquet image on the floor. This category of flooring is generally a natural variation with a lively appearance. This type of flooring will be a great choice for areas with higher traffic. Walnut, 3-strip laminate wood flooring has the qualities of being waterproof, scratch-resistant, and dent-resistant.

              Provide a unique finish to your floor surface with this eye-catching Pergo Barnhouse Oak laminate wood flooring. This stunning flooring comes with a warranty of 25 years. It is water-resistant and compatible with floor heating. It surely is fit for all domestic uses and contains the ecolabel. Adding the perfect amount of drama to all kinds of interiors, this laminate wood flooring is the perfect fit for people considering longevity and durability.

              Exuding a serene look with its classic oak design, the Pergo Modern Danish Oak laminate wood flooring lacks knots and cracks. Complementing all home interiors, this flooring is virtually identical to real wood and offers great water resistance. Moreover, this modern danish oak flooring provides a silk matt finish. It comes with a warranty of 25 years and is fit for all-around domestic use. Furthermore, it is compatible with floor heating and is ecolabel.

              Apart from this long list of products we offer several other products and services like tiles, wall finishes, doors, windows, door handles, outdoor swimming pools, fireplaces, fans, etc.

              What sets Angie Homes apart?

              Carving out magnificent and splendid spaces, Angie Homes has spent decades in the interior designing industry and bagged some of the top clients like Lalit Suri, Kokila Ambani, Vijay Mallya, the Bajajs, the Goenkas, the Jindals, and many others. Apart from this, Angie Homes has worked and collaborated with various industrial giants like Taj, JW Marriott, Lalit, DLF, Hiranandani, Kingfisher, Qutub, Trident Group, Dabur, GAAR, Indiabulls, Prestige Group, Apollo Tyres, etc.

              Providing top-notch interior designing solutions and premium home decor products, Angie Homes has earned global fame by delivering exemplary interior design solutions in various sectors. Operating a wide and well-connected network of manufacturers and importers, Angie Homes is the one-stop shop for all your interior design needs.

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