Unique ideas for designing a stunning home bar

  1.1 Pick the right spot 1.2 Curate a cohesive ambience 1.3 Use unexpected accents 1.4 Get the right playlist 1.5 Lure with lighting 1.6 Stock yo...
Unique ideas for designing a stunning home bar


1.1 Pick the right spot

1.2 Curate a cohesive ambience

1.3 Use unexpected accents

1.4 Get the right playlist

1.5 Lure with lighting

1.6 Stock your bar

1.7 Choose the right accessories

3. Important barware and other supplies for your home bar
4. FAQs


With the proliferation of online home décor recipes, Pinterest boards, and Insta-worthy images of cocktails and homemade drinks done right, it is increasingly becoming popular to put some effort into the mixology of home. Home bars are becoming quite popular and it is an element that will complement your home décor.

Given the variety in designs, patterns, bar accessories, supplies, and equipment, it does seem alluring to plan a home bar and follow the trend. When you start with your research about the types of bars and home bar accessories, you’ll come across an extensive assortment of bar accessories set, glassware, and other bar equipment. Provided with such a variety, it might be challenging to choose the perfect product. Apart from bar supplies, there are several other elements that need your consideration like the home bar designs must complement the home aesthetics, lighting, seating, and other customizations to highlight the accents of your home bar.

Clearly, designing a home bar is no easy task. It might be troubling and confusing for some people but there are plenty of designs and ideas that you can choose from.

Some great ideas for designing the perfect home bar

Establishing an entertaining home bar with a modern bar cabinet and modern bar accessories is not that hard if you have the right knowledge. There are plenty of home bar designs and layouts that can be considered for setting up an appealing home bar. There are several factors that must be considered before proceeding to buy bar supplies. The analysis for your own space where you’ll set up the bar is very crucial.

Here are some ideas for home bar designs that must be considered for curating the perfect home bar:

1. Pick the right spot

The spot you pick to set your home bar can set the tone of the place. Determine the kind of impact you want to make with your design. If you consider convenience then the living room bar cabinet seems perfect or a place where you can chill while sipping a cocktail looks like a logical place for flaunting your home bar. Or you can pick a spot closer to the kitchen so that you can easily grab some ice for your drink.

Spot can also be chosen considering the impression you want to give. Do you want to have a big glamorous home bar designs that make an exquisite centerpiece of the living room? Or would you rather prefer a more subtle, blended, and tucked away quietly in some corner of your study or dining area?

2. Curate a cohesive ambience

Authenticity is what impresses the guests more than anything. Great designs will not always lead you to a great bar, sometimes it's about comfort and how warmly the guests feel wrapped up in the bar area. Let your designs stand out with your own words and storytelling. Bring the whole ambiance to life by projecting wonderful hospitality and providing your guests with a relaxing environment.

A big part of curating the right bar experience is striking the appropriate balance between music and lighting. Creating a cohesive environment for your bar is one of the best home bar ideas and must be given serious consideration.  

3. Use unexpected accents

The accents of your bar are as important as the accents of your home interiors. These are the elements that will beautify the bar area. A dark, sophisticated color palette, brass or lacquered metal accents, a bold, unexpected wallpaper, and an intriguing countertop all will start to interplay once placed rightly.

Startling your guests with unique artwork or great lighting can work in your favor. Unexpected accents tend to add more beauty to the bar accessories of your space.

4. Get the right playlist

The very first thought when guests enter your place is ‘what mood is the space trying to create?’ It's the same for your bar too. They absorb the environment, your home bar designs, modern bar cabinet, bar accessories, etc at their first glance. The tone of your bar can easily be identified with the right balance between lighting and music. The ideal hospitable environment is when the music is omnipresent and not overpowering. It must be loud enough to draw your attention and set a soothing mood but not so loud that it disrupts your conversation. This may sound perfect, however, you may have to put some effort and cost to execute it perfectly. You can achieve this by adding some good quality speakers to your room.

5. Lure with lighting

I think you’d all agree that lighting is the most common area of mistake. This is where everything falls apart. Lighting is a very crucial yet very challenging part of the guest experience. Adding the perfect amount of lighting might seem impossible as each designer would suggest something new in this regard. You can opt for warm, subtle lighting for your home bar designs.

Add some warm lights to highlight the bar cabinet holding various liquor. You can also add some lighting to enhance the grace of your bar accessories. Curate a well-designed bar by giving proper attention to details.

6. Stock your bar

If you are a regular host and like to entertain a lot then you must have a well-stocked bar that contains something for everyone. It must hold wine, whiskeys, and liquors of all kinds. Further, it must have common mixers and garnishes. You can include various brands in your bar stock based on your own choice or the preference of your guests. Including some rare and unexpected bottles and brands would be a nice idea to flaunt good taste and connoisseurship.

7. Choose the right accessories

A home bar must have all the basic bar accessories needed to make cocktails. A mini home bar is all about having all the relevant supplies and equipment in one place. Make sure you incorporate appropriate glassware in a modern bar cabinet and the required bar accessories set to avoid any inconvenience.

Important barware and other supplies for your home bar

You must know the functions of each bartending tool in order to have a functional bar. Here we can create a list to make this task easy for you.

1. Jiggers: Measuring the ingredients carefully is the first step toward making a good drink. So start your bar supplies with a jigger.
2. Shakers: This is everyone’s favorite bar tool. There are 3 kinds of shakers you can choose from. Beginners should prefer the Cobbler jigger. The second one is the Boston jigger which is mostly used in bars. The last one is the French jigger which has a built-in strainer.
3. Mixing glasses: there are various different volumes and each guest might have a different choice. You can make different drinks in these mixing glasses.
4. Bar spoon: the most common methods for making cocktails are mixing, shaking, and building. You’ll need a bar spoon to complement this process. There are various cocktail recipes that require a bar spoon. You can use a regular spoon, but a bar spoon can easily slide down between the ice and stir your drink smoothly.
5. Strainers: Strainers come for 3 different cocktails: the first one is the Hawthorne strainer which is the most used one. The second one is the Julep which resembles a large spoon and has tiny holes for allowing liquid to pass through. The last one is the Fine mesh strainer which is used to finish off a cocktail.  
6. Muddler: Muddlers are used most during the summers as they are primarily used for making a mojito.

Other home bar supplies include:

Peeler & knife
Ice tray
Cocktail picks
Bottle opener

7. Glassware


Here is a list of some basic glassware for your home bar:

The coupe glass: It is also known as the champagne coupe. It is ideal glassware for various homemade cocktails.
The double old-fashioned glass: It is classic glassware perfect for all kinds of drinks. An enticing piece of barware, this unique glass looks perfect when filled just a third along with a big ice cube and an alluring garnish.
The Collins glass: An ideal companion for the easiest drinks served with soda water or tonic. This barware is perfect for a sturdy pour of gin or vodka topped with tonic.
The curved rocks glass: The convex sides of this glassware encapsulate the aroma of the liquor for snifters. These glasses are the perfect companions for cognac and brandy.

Once your mini home bar is ready it will become an expression of your taste in design and drinks. The bar space will reflect your personality as well as your hosting skills. It will contain all the liqueurs, liquors, and other beverages that you and your guests love. It will be a relaxing and chilling place for all with soothing music. Above all this particular area will complement the aesthetics of your home decor.


1. Is it possible to build a bar in the garden?

Yes, it is possible to build a bar in the garden. Outdoor bars are rising rapidly and they provide a blend of comfort and nature along with your favorite cocktails and drinks.

2. How to store bar accessories?

It is advisable to polish the silver barware and other bar accessories with a microfiber cloth after the wash and before you store them. Dishwashers do not entirely clean the barware and tend to leave fingerprints that will not look good on your bar accessories.

So, polish the silver barware with a microfiber cloth before you arrange them back in the bar cabinet.





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