The Ultimate Guide For Picking The Perfect Chandelier Lights

It is a well-established fact that chandeliers are the center of attraction in any living room. They are intricate jewels that guests have on. The ...
The Ultimate Guide For Picking The Perfect Chandelier Lights

It is a well-established fact that chandeliers are the center of attraction in any living room. They are intricate jewels that guests have on. The chandelier lights can be interpreted more like a crown of a room that accentuates & highlights the furnishings, architecture, decor, and overall aesthetics. While furnishing your home, you must add elements that complement your interior aesthetics and provide your space a class. But when it comes to light fixtures, no other ornament or artwork will create a style statement like chandeliers.

A chandelier is looked at as a mood setter of the room, it’s all that glitters, and the ‘conversation-starter’ of every gathering. If you are seeking a perfect chandelier then you might have come across the endless variety of designs & styles of chandeliers. While exploring you’ll find yourself stuck to figuring out the best one. Sometimes its modern design chandelier lights go well with the furniture and sometimes crystal glass chandelier lights add the perfect amount of class to your space.

Chandeliers provide a style statement to your space and furnish an element of class and elegance in design. They are embraced by the spectators and provide a wholesome ambient lighting experience. Today, modern chandeliers come in a variety of materials and present a wide-ranging choice of metals, textures, and finishes. You can pick a classic crystal glass waterfall chandelier look that has multiple tiers, or you can embellish your space with a sturdy metallic globe style with added rustic antlers that furnishes an eclectic look of a farmhouse chandelier.

How to pick the perfect chandelier for your space?

Ceiling lighting fixtures are looked up as a piece of a bold statement in a room that is bound to draw attention and add flair to the overall decor. This is the sole reason why chandeliers are more artistic and decorative than your basic pendant lamp or standard hanging lamp. Moreover, chandelier lights can take on various shapes that can be scaled to fit rooms of different sizes. The ceiling projects a blank canvas when compared to the furnishings and other grounded pieces that take up the floor as well as the walls of a particular room. Therefore, embellishing your ceiling with chandelier lights or jhumer lights is an artful way that can utilize the whole landscape.

Picking the perfect chandelier does not have to be so intimidating despite endless design choices ranging from elegant to rustic ones. Here is a detailed guide to the chandeliers that can navigate you through various designs, shapes, styles, and types. Go through each category very carefully to make an informed decision and bring home the perfect chandelier lights.

Chandelier Styles

  • The Contemporary Chandelier

Contemporary chandeliers are leading the trend when it comes to ceiling light fixtures. They exude a more practical and understated look along with a homely grace. If timeless colors, a cool element, and simplistic designs are your thing the contemporary chandelier is your perfect match. It will elegantly adorn a contemporary or a modern setup.

  • Farmhouse Chandelier

Farmhouse-style chandeliers are all about accentuating wood finishes, antique & aged features, and several other natural elements that furnish a unique rustic look. Moreover, the farmhouse style flaunts the animal horns or antlers for a raw look. This style may even incorporate dated, eclectic pieces, like wagon wheels, or barrel bands.

  • Formal Chandelier Styles

Formal style chandeliers are known to exude an elegant and classic vibe. These are grand crystal glass chandelier lights that are usually found in a dining hall, ballroom, or theater. Embracing captivating designs, formal chandelier lights are multi-layered and adorned with glass or crystal embellishments that are bound to steal the show and draw everyone’s attention.

  • Industrial Chandelier

Industrial chandeliers employ metallic finish and gloss incorporated with reclaimed materials to complement the functional vibe of urban interior design. The light fixtures in the industrial setup will be unexpected & obvious. For instance, repurposed & bulky stage lights or tiny exposed bulbs, or sometimes can be entirely hidden in an otherwise hanging art piece.

  • The Modern Finesse

Modern chandeliers are leading the style currently and are in huge demand. The modern or contemporary aesthetics of a house can be beautifully accentuated with modern chandelier lights. This category of chandelier flaunts clean lines & basic finishes that elegantly blend in with the contrasting modern & mid-century palette designs. These are available in a wide variety of shapes like squares, circles, straight bars, or tubes, however, the chief emphasis is the defined lines.

  • Traditional Chandelier

Bring home the classic silhouette with traditional chandeliers and adorn your living room with elegantly curved arches and cup-shaped light fixtures. These are tall and narrow with decorative down rod central posts. You’ll often find light shades that are frosted & curved glass, and bulbs are shaped by a candle to match.

These are available in every color and finish, though the traditional chandelier you’ll come across the most is darker brass, shining gold, or black finish. The newer incarnations of this finesse may target brighter colors and the chandelier might be covered in any matte color ranging from white to blue or purple.

Chandelier Shapes

Chandeliers have consistently evolved and have come a long way since they were used to hang candles during the 15th century. You can still come across modern interpretations of that traditional-classic design, however, why should one limit themselves when there is an extensive array to choose from?

  • Abstract Chandelier

Emphasizing the art form, abstract chandelier lights can take any form, from cubic lines to swirling cascades; these lights bear a striking resemblance to that of a molecule pattern or to a stacked box encircling candlestick bulbs.

  • Billiard Chandelier

Billiard chandeliers are the show stealer and go well with pool tables, a long table, or a bar. Another way you can easily recognize this eternal beauty is their tendency toward shades of stained glass or individual colored down to direct lighting immediately below the chandelier lights.

  • Candle Chandelier

The light bulbs of a candle chandelier get their resemblance from actual candles entwined in a classic hanging base. The candle chandelier is a generic, linear design that draws guests’ attention to the candle-shaped light fixtures and not so much to the hanging frame that supports them. These modern design chandelier lights can be paired with a modern and contemporary setup.

  • Drum Chandeliers

Drum chandeliers can be an elegant piece of ceiling furnishing in a modern or rustic interior. The base of these chandeliers is round and shorter in height than wider in diameter which exudes a drum-like look. The sides are mostly formed by the shade. Sometimes it is created by shaped material on a frame and sometimes by flat panels of other material. However, the drum or barrel shape remains the same for all such chandelier lights.

These can be decorated with mid-century modern designs, farmhouse styles, rustic designs, and so on depending on the chandelier shade’s material.

  • Empire Chandeliers

Ornate empire chandelier lights have a traditional and royal look, with their intricate chandelier crystal lights, pear-shaped silhouette, and detailed strings of draped glass. This category is exquisitely designed to reflect light around the chandelier. You can observe the fragile draped glass pieces will be centered from the lower end of the chandelier or from branches and arches arranged to highlight them.

  • Globe Chandelier

As the name suggests, the globe chandelier reflects a spherical shape either of the fixture or the shade that encloses it. The modern Sputnik design that has a central sphere shape and extruding branches or arms is very similar to the globe chandelier.

  • Lantern Chandelier

The box-shaped lantern chandeliers usually highlight their metal framework. The open lantern lines expose the light bulbs that resemble stylized lanterns from yesteryear. You can dig into the endless options in this genre of metallic finishes to add a contemporary, rustic element to your color’s existing color scheme. You can opt for a more neutral style with a wood frame.


  • How can I find a chandelier that is best for me?

Apart from personal style, there are three main factors that can help you pick the perfect chandelier: size/scale, light output’s direction (glare versus glitter), and control (brightening or dimming).

  • Which lighting trend would be suitable for a modern-contemporary look?

If you wish to have a more modern design & look, focus on the chrome finishes or satin nickel. Bronze finishes can be frequently employed in transitional fixtures, which combine unique design elements from both contemporary and traditional styles. You can also adorn it with some clean lines that come with a minimal amount of ornate decoration. Make sure you pick a chandelier that complements all other finishes in the room.

  • What size chandelier will be suitable for a dining area?

Chandeliers are measured by diameter and height. The number of bulbs a piece holds also impacts the size of the chandelier. The ideal recommendation of a chandelier’s diameter is ½ to ⅔ to the width of the dining table. The trending average dining room chandelier is a 4-5 light bulb, 26-30” diameter fixture.

  • How can I hang the chandelier over the dining table without the electrical box centered over the table?

There are two solutions to this problem. In cases where you have drywall ceilings, you can ask an electrician to move the junction box to the center of the ceiling over the table. This process is rather difficult and will require plastering over the previous hole in your ceiling.

In case you have a concrete ceiling, the chandelier lights can be swag over the center of the ceiling above the table. This implies planting a hook at the center over the table and suspending cords from the junction box to the hook. You can also employ a hide-a-cord to reflect a clean look.

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