The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Lamp for Your Home

Embellishing your home space is both exciting and challenging. There is a whole range of decisions that await your nod. You have to go through each...
Perfect Lamp for Your Home

Embellishing your home space is both exciting and challenging. There is a whole range of decisions that await your nod. You have to go through each area of this process very carefully as once the decor process is finished, it stays the same for a very long time. There are top priority areas like design style, cost, and color of several products & pieces like rugs, furniture, and accents to lighting.

Lighting is an emerging area of potential creativity. We have seen this domain evolving significantly in the past two decades. Previously, we looked at lighting as a need, whereas, now it is a crucial, integrated part of the home decor process.

 Useful tips to pick the perfect lamp for your home

Choosing a perfect lamp can make a big difference as it will contribute remarkably to the aesthetics of your space. While designing a house, one’s major concern is to choose the kind of lighting that will go perfectly with the furnishings and that complements your personality. There are endless options in this area including a floor lamp, standing lamp, bedside table lamp, rustic wooden lamps, designer standing lamp, and so on.

You can figure out the lamp you need based on your home interior, wall color scheme, furnishings, artwork, etc. there will be many factors that will determine or influence which floor lamp would look perfect in your space.

Consider the form & function of your lamp

A smart way in which you can narrow down the choice is by determining the form & function of your lamp. Ask yourself, what kind of lighting do you need? Do you need a floor lamp, a table lamp, or a wall lamp? Do you need a lamp that can be used only inside or do you need a weather-resistant outdoor lamp? Do you need a lamp to complement your interior? Are you considering a designer standing lamp based on the room it will be planted in? There will be numerous such questions that need to be answered before you embark on your lamp hunt. Once you are through with these answers, finding the perfect floor lamp wouldn’t be that much of a big deal.

Five basic lighting types

  • Natural lighting

This kind of lighting needs to occur naturally in a given space. Natural lighting is restricted to daylight hours due to obvious reasons. It is said that this type of lighting has a positive emotional & mental effect and tends to improve one’s attitude & reduce stress.

  • Ambient lighting

Also known as general lighting, this lighting intends to provide consistent illumination for the entire room. Ambient lighting mainly includes ceiling fixtures or sconces. However, ambient lighting is also extended to wall lamps or portable floor or table lamps.

  • Task lighting

This type of lighting is intended for a task or a particular activity. For example, you place a table lamp for reading in a living room or do some paperwork at home. Additional lighting is required in some specific tasks which are achieved by task lighting.

  • Accent lighting

This lighting type is employed to create an atmosphere or draw one’s attention to a specific object or aesthetic of your home or landscape. This type of lighting is useful for highlighting an antique sculpture or a unique piece of art. Some accent lighting focuses on anything you want to visually cherish or celebrate. They can be used both inside and outside.

Other accent lights are used to set a mood or tone of a particular place with cool or warm colors depending on the ambiance you want to promote.

  • Decorative lighting

This lighting is used purely for aesthetic purposes. You can think of it as an ornament for architecture. It beautifies the place, catches the eye of the spectators, and reflects your style.

Types of Lamps

After deciding on the placements of your lamps, you can move on to the type of lamps you need in your home. Essentially, there are prime categories of lamps that you need to consider: table lamps, floor lamps, and wall lamps.

  • Table Lamps

Table lamps consist of the major faction of lamps used in homes. A table lamp can improve the performance of an activity according to its placement or simply enhance the ambiance of a given space. For finding the best table lamp for your place you must understand the various kinds of table lamps. Several modern table lamps may even come with integrated USB charging for tiny electronic devices.

Some of the table lamps include

  • Accent lamps: If you are searching for a unique table lamp then an accent lamp would be a perfect option. Accent lamps provide ambient lighting along with a personal style statement. They are functional and reinforce a personal interior design that complements the color theme and aesthetics of your room. They are easily infused with vibrant colors and curves & texture to your interiors.
  • Reading lamps: The name justifies the purpose. Reading lamps are primarily used for brightly focused light to scan a text or go through some paperwork. They can also be used as a study table lamp and they can adapt to changing conditions. Dimmers are valuable for living rooms if you have a reading habit. A bedside table lamp can be installed for the same purpose.
  • Desk lamps: Desk lamps are the main embellishment of your study desk. These can be used for a variety of tasks like making to-do lists, writing, reading, paying bills, typing on a computer, etc. A desk lamp must be able to provide adequate light for reading and writing. Most of these have tilting shades or ones that can be tilted in any direction so that the light can be redirected to the paperwork. A desk or study table lamp has adjustable necks and arms and can be rotated or extended to cover the surface area of your desktop.
  • Floor Lamps: A floor lamp or a standing lamp is an extremely versatile lighting type. It can be used for lighting the whole room, overhead lighting, or providing lighting for your reading. Due to their shape and size, they are preferably placed around the corners or behind the couch or lounge chairs. A standing lamp makes a bold style statement and can be easily incorporated into your interior design. Some modern floor lamps have the features like touch controls, storage compartments, and USB ports.

Types of floor lamps

  • Console floor lamp: This category includes tall standing lamps, a typical picture of a floor lamp in your mind. They have very simple straight pole-like bodies, however, they can be used as an embellishment at the same time. Usually, their bases are wide or heavy to supplement stability. Most of these lampshades have a drum-like shape and they are usually used for ambient light.
  • Torchiere floor lamp: Torchiere floor lamps reflect style and class and are quite similar to console lamps. The chief difference between these is that these lamps have inverted shades due to which the light is directed toward the ceiling. Then, the reflected light provides ambient lighting. This standing lamp resembles a torch although the shade may take varying shapes. Due to indirect lighting, these are not preferred for reading.
  • Arc floor lamp: This category includes modern floor lamps featuring a long curvy arm gracefully arching up and out from a relatively heavier base. This can be the best standing lamp for a modern interior setup.
  • Wall lamps

Technically speaking, wall light, vanities, and sconces are all the same thing. However, vanities and sconces tend to illuminate a limited space. Wall lamps are used for lighting up a leather space and are used as both task and ambient light. They are very efficient in their design & function. Some have shades and some do not but all are installed around the seating areas or tables where you require bright, direct light. They work fluently with horizontal spaces where you can not place a desk lamp or study table lamp.

Types of wall lamps

  • Uplight & downlight sconces: Sconces of all types are typical of up light or downlight. Although there might be several variations in the design, the concept remains consistent throughout the series.
  • Candle sconces: They are exquisitely designed to add a historical or classical charm to the overall aesthetic of a room. They reflect the reminiscence of the very first type of wall sconce. They are comparatively safer as they do not use a real flame.

Swing arm wall lamps: This category of wall lamp has adjustable arms which can be rotated or swung in different directions. This provides an element of ease and convenience to the piece to move the lighting source. Some of these lamps have multiple joints along with adjustable shades that enable you to control the light angle even further. This adaptability & flexibility makes swing arm lamps perfect for reading or various other tasks that need close-up direct light. 


  1. How do I pick the perfect lamp shade color or pattern?

    The color or pattern of a lampshade must align with the interior aesthetic of your place. They must complement the wall color scheme or the furnishing. Moreover, their purpose must be fulfilling. For instance, you cannot use a darker color for a reading lamp. The darker the color the less light will filter through. So, decide the color of your lamp based on these factors.
  2. Can lampshades be used for ceiling lights?

    Given the variety in lamp shades, one can be easily confused about their use or size. When it comes to ceiling lights, lamp shades are making their way in. There are plenty of options available in the market both online and offline for ceiling lamps.
  3. Which lamp is dimmable?

    Halogen lights come under dimmable lights. They can be easily used with any lamp of your choice. They are the perfect choice for dimmable bulbs and have a life of 1000-2000 hours.
  4. Which lamp is best for studying?

    For the needs of reading, writing, studying, etc, desk lamps, reading lamps, swing arm wall lamps, and even console floor lamps lead the list. They provide adequate lighting and can be adjusted in whichever direction.

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