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Angie Homes Grab Deals has one mission: to expose user discounts and offers. When we hosted Grab Bargains, we wanted to make it easier for users to...
Angie Homes for Luxury Goods

Angie Homes Grab Deals has one mission: to expose user discounts and offers. When we hosted Grab Bargains, we wanted to make it easier for users to browse bargains. Angie homes is a top site for luxury online buying because it's aesthetically beautiful. The simple style, exquisite colour scheme, and easy-to-read fonts provide the feeling of luxury.
We sell several products. Choose based on your needs. Angie Homes' Grab Deal has two price ranges. First is under 25,000, second between 25,000 and 75,000 
Angie's List offers products of a high standard at affordable prices. Purchasing them is a wise investment.

Under 25k Products List

    A kids' mirror has a flat, reflective surface that projects images of whatever is in its immediate vicinity. Most mirrors designed for children consist of a sheet of glass with a reflective metallic coating on the reverse side.

    These Contemporary Tea Sets are crafted of porcelain and bone china of the highest possible tableware that appears perfect for your social functions. The tea and supper set is exquisitely created and is ideal for use in the home, in restaurants, as wedding presents, at parties, and as corporate gifts.

    Dining has never been chicer. The fine BENNETT Gold Finish Silverware you use will affect your food and cooking. Even a great chef can't compensate for substandard equipment, but a mediocre cook can with the correct tools. Our cutlery sets make cooking and dining enjoyment. Comfortable, high-quality silverware is essential for serving and dining. BENNETT GOLD FINISH silverware is expertly crafted to look elegant. Stainless steel silverware is gorgeous no matter the occasion.

    Our Quality Cutlery will elevate your tablescape. This stainless steel cutlery set is elegant and has mirrored surfaces. Cutlery and Premium Dinnerware is essential for fine meals. Buy a cutlery set for regular meals and exceptional evenings to impress your guests.

    The Neptune Pouf is plush furniture with a desirable reputation. The one-of-a-kind piece can transform any space into a soothing haven thanks to its understated colour palette, pattern based on a vintage design, and exact round shape. Complete the makeover of your home with cohesion-enhancing additions from our Neptune collection. The Ottomans Pouf is crafted from the highest quality materials and comes in an attractive shade. You can get up to 20% off when you buy a Classic Neptune Pouf Seat online. Explore the many options available, including the Neptune Stool, the Pouf Stool, the Storage Neptune Pouf, and more.

    A calming and skin-soothing Kama Ayurveda Body Massage Oil that also conditions and awakens the body. Beautifully balanced essential oils of Ylang Ylang, Lemon, and Basil in a base of Jojoba, Sesame, and Sunflower oils. Ylang-ylang has been a relaxing muscle relaxant and a powerful antibacterial for centuries. Blended with essential oils like Lemon, known to uplift the spirit, and Basil, known to calm the nerves and alleviate exhaustion, you get a potent concoction that does both.

    Carrying Mickey's Rolling Kids Luggage will earn you a smile for every mile you travel! This solid hard shell suitcase features an energetic pattern of Mickey expressions, and the interior has sufficient space for packing many trip necessities.

    Tea Set

    Whiskey Glass sets of premium quality from Reloza are the perfect addition to your barware collection, allowing you to throw the best parties. These sparkling wine or Champagne Glasses are exquisitely constructed and would be an excellent choice for serving either sparkling wine or champagne. The superior-grade craftsmanship results in remarkable brilliance and durability, and the crystal glass used is free of lead despite its robustness and lightweight construction. The Online Wine Glasses, which combine aesthetics and practicality in their design, are ideal for elegant dinners and casual get-togethers—the perfect present for winter holidays, birthdays, marriages, and even giveaways at corporate Gifts. You have made From Lead-Free Premium Crystal Glass Italian style, lead-free quality of a great restaurant, wholly luxurious and luminous to your bar top and a dining table made from lead-free premium crystal glass. Crystal Glass is clear, and the ultra-thin rim with cold cutting enhances the flavour of any red or white wine while also contributing to the overall perception of the wine's quality. Crystal Glass is thin but sturdy. These red and white wine glasses are sturdy enough to withstand daily dishwashing yet not overly thick. Simple to Clean and Safe to Put in the Dishwasher, it Makes the Ideal Present for Any Wine Lover in Your Life. Click the "Add to Cart" button to begin your journey toward an unforgettable experience of enjoying excellent, opulent wine glasses while sipping delicious wine.

    With its sleek black finish and convenient arm and flange, the Somany Neo 4 in. 1 Fn OH Shower is an excellent choice.

    The Somany Neo Black 4-Inch 1-Female-NPT Overhead Shower Kit with Arm and Flange is a high-quality fixture. If you're looking for a high-quality selection of overhead showers, go no further than Moglix, a popular online retailer. Using only the finest materials and state-of-the-art methods, the Somany Neo Black 4-inch 1 Fn OH Shower with Arm & Flange is guaranteed to perform to your expectations in this demanding environment. Somany Neo Black 4-inch 1 Fn OH Shower with Arm & Flange is made with components acquired from authorized, high-quality suppliers identified through in-depth market research. In today's market, numerous products have earned a reputation for excellence. We are devoted to delivering our clients a high-quality collection of Somany Overhead Showers.

    Under 25k -75k Products List

    This Abdul Luxury Kashmiri Carpet is the perfect way to update any room's look. The style and colours of this carpet are on-trend. The enhanced softness and silk viscose fine pile of these carpets repel dirt and dust, allowing them to retain their beautiful appearance for a long time.
    Brown in colour, with a durable backing and nonslip material; to clean, wash in cold water with detergent or caked-on dirt.
    The Finest Quality Silk Super plush, nonslip carpeting made with high-density synthetic fibres. The High-Quality Silk Carpet looks and feels antique and features a classic design.

    Office Chairs are necessary for a home office. These are built for extended hours of labour. Online stores sell various desk chairs—Featherlite, Duratek, Bluebell, Durian, Nilkamal, etc. The ergonomic mana work chair is famous for its interiors. This furniture allows you to sit comfortably, recline, lean forward, and slouch. It would help if you had a comfy, robust chair for lengthy workdays. Office chairs here. This Online Furniture can be customized. Online Furniture pricing comparisons help you save. Browse a large online selection to find one that fits your needs. Buy comfy office chairs online now! Please put it in your cart, pay over a secure connection, and have it delivered.

    This Contemporary Sofa will breathe new life into your children's room. It is a two-seater sofa in soothing colours designed just for children's rooms, and it features vertically tufted back cushions. The David Two-Seater Kids Sofa features foam of the highest possible quality. Your children will most certainly enjoy it when they are enjoying it in their bedroom. This sofa will give your children's bedroom a sophisticated appearance.

     This exquisite piece is the result of skilled glass-working processes, and it is a Classic Gold Leaf Mirror that can be used to embellish any room. The magnificent shimmer that adorns it is contributed by its one-of-a-kind design. CANNE LEAF MIRROR is an attractive addition to your space. You can also buy this mirror to give as a present.

    Draupadi, it is believed that the Pichwai Painting style, which has been around for over 400 years, originated in the town of Nathdwara in Rajasthan, India, close to the city of Udaipur. The life of Lord Krishna is depicted in the intricate and Beautiful Pichwai paintings, which are painted on fabric.

    Pichwai paintings are forms of Art Work utilized in decorating the temples' walls, namely the wall that is located behind the idol. The Pichwai style originates from the Nathdwara School and can be recognized by its distinctive features, which include wide eyes, a broad nose, and a heavy body. These qualities are reminiscent of those found in the idol of Shrinathji. The ambience in your houses will be improved with this Gold Leaf Tanjore Painting.

    These are some products that made it onto the Short List. Please visit our Angie's Homes website for additional information about products priced between 25K and 75K and under 25K.

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