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A Service Apartment is a living space in a commercial building which always comes fully furnished. We provide fully furnished service apartments wh...
Interior Design Plan

A Service Apartment is a living space in a commercial building which always comes fully furnished. We provide fully furnished service apartments which people may use for short-term or long-term stays. We also offer luxury items such as wardrobe Lighting, Coffee Table, Carpets and other things.

Our Service Apartments are 3-4-2 BHK Apartments equipped with fully furnished bedrooms. We all love art, an activity done by people with a communicative or aesthetic purpose. Angie’s homes also provide artwork for walls which expresses an idea or an emotion. There are many exemplary artworks you can choose from, and our Artwork, at its most profound level, takes you from a place of contemplation to see things from a holistic viewpoint.

Service Apartment Layout

Ever Heard About Wardrobe Lighting?

Wardrobe lighting or closet lighting is crucial to a good closet design. However, in our quest to create a beautiful home for us, it is often overlooked. Angie’s homes design manufactures custom wardrobes and storage systems for your convenience. We have many lighting options, and we understand the difference good lighting can make.

Why is Lighting Important?

A well-lit wardrobe is effortless to navigate and organize. It feels more accessible, and a good lighting system is instrumental in streamlining the use of your closet. It makes it easier for you to locate the things you need. Good lighting also helps you craft better outfits, as clothing appears more explicit and vibrant.

Interior Design Solutions for Bedroom

We all know that the bedroom is our safe space, and it is essential to design and Decorate your Bedroom in the right way, as rejuvenation, comfort and relaxation are involved with the bedroom. You should know a few things, such as the right colour, furniture, type of décor items and furnishings, before you design your bedroom.

Bedroom Interior Design Solutions

The right furniture can help you decorate your bedroom and manage your space. Many people go for custom designs that keep your bedroom size and style in mind. Illustrating your bedroom adds beauty to your room and reflects the apartment into a new residence after setting up all the interior and furniture décor items. A good Bedrooms Interior Solutions makes the ambience more focused, inspiring and energetic.
Some tips for decorating your bedroom are as follows-

  • Go Subtle with the Colours

Your bedroom should be a comfortable and soothing space where you achieve delicate colour schemes and neutral colours such as white or cream. This doesn’t mean that you can’t go for bold colours. Your bedroom should have a touch of your personality, and you should feel free to experiment.

  • Make Sure that Your Bedroom Space is not Cluttered

If you want your bedroom space to give you a restful and relaxing vibe, it is essential to focus on ease of movement. You should be able to walk around a little more freely. Avoid extraneous bedroom furniture so that you do not trip over the Coffee Table or the bookcases.

Service Apartment Furniture

  • Layer your Lighting

Instead of relying on the overhead light or the table lamp, you should focus on layering the lighting in your bedroom. We have many overhead lights, bedside lamps, table lamps etc. You can pick any one of your choices!

  • Remember the Ceiling

The ceiling of your bedroom is the largest surface of your bedroom, and it is an untapped resource. You can also consider painting, wallpapering & Leather Accessories your ceiling and giving it a delicate colour.

Following are some items you can deck up your bedroom with-

  • Photo Frames

Picture frames or photo frames not only define your home's personality but also depict the aesthetic sense of people who reside there. Picture frames are a key element of interior decoration, and they play a vital role in adding a creative element to your bedroom space by exhibiting a story through pictures. Some of our statement pieces of a Photo Frame are as follows-

  • Bell Photo Frame
  • Break Photo Frame
  • Line Photo Frame
  • Malachite Photo Frame
  • Rock Crystal Photo Frame
  • Clip Photo Frame
  • Scatt Photo Frame


It is a good idea to reiterate some design concepts for your home, and if you aspire to make a statement in your bedroom space, you should consider incorporating the space with carpets or rugs which blend in perfectly with the décor. The seating area in an open-space plan is elevated by layering a Luxury Carpet on the top of the floor. Some exquisite carpets we have are as follows-

  • Nashrudin Carpet
  • Shorma Multicolour Luxury Kashmiri Carpet
  • Kasba Multicolour Luxury Kashmiri Carpet
  • Anwar multicolour luxury Kashmiri Carpet
  • Saira Multicolour luxury Kashmiri Carpet

Table Lamps

A table lamp's primary purpose is to enhance a room's illumination. Perfect lighting adds another dimension to a space and brings an interior design project to life. Accurate lighting also creates depth and draws attention to the most impressive areas.
Following are the types of Table Lamps you can lay your hands on at Angie’s-

  • Fiess Table Lamps
  • Cala Table Lamps
  • Slamp Table Lamps
  • Virgo Table Lamps
  • Illumine Table Lamps
  • Melchior Table Lamps
  • Decker Table Lamps

B2B Interior

Dining Room Interior Design

Dining rooms are the most multi-functional space of your home, and as a centerpiece, it is vital to get the perfect dining table. It depends on whether you want a dining table set or to mix and match the chairs. Either way, it is your responsibility to ensure you get the ergonomics right! If you have oval or rectangular tables, you should select linear light fixtures! You should increase the appeal of your Dining Room Interior by adding artistic design elements or sheer curtains which blend in with your décor perfectly!

Dining Table

At Angie’s, you will never be short of options for a Dining Table. Following are some of the best Dining Tables from our collection-

  • Vincente Metal Dining Table
  • Cluadia Wooden Dining Table
  • Hury Grey Wooden Dining Table
  • Helvis Gold Finish Metal Dining Table

Lobby Design

Cutlery Set

Cutlery is a relatively small item which adds a final touch to your table setting. For sophisticated to rustic to wooden, we have a plethora of tableware to choose from! Following are some of our best Cutlery Sets which add a touch of sophistication and luxury to your overall dining experience-

  • Jivex red and golden Cutlery Set
  • Atoosa Colourful Cutlery Set
  • Zara Golden Cutlery Set
  • Oxakia Golden Cutlery Set
  • Tokyo Silver Cutlery Set
  • Grape gold finishes cutlery Set
  • Citrus Gold Finish Cutlery Set
  • Alice Gold Finish Cutlery Set

Living Room Interior Design

While decorating the living room, you should find a focal point where you will start creating your design. It doesn’t matter if it’s the coffee table or groups of chairs. Your Living Room Interior Solutions should have a center point. By considering the layout of your living room, you can decide the style, size and amount of furnishings you will need. To maintain a well-balanced atmosphere, you should pick pieces which balance each other out!
Dimensions and textures will add a visual appeal to your living room!


The living area fosters a very comfortable space for family time, and many families use sofas to make their living spaces comfortable for family gatherings. Sofas, however, continue to undergo reformations due to shifting preferences. Some of the most Beautiful Sofas sets from our collection are-

  • Ellis Teal Sofa
  • Nash White Sofa
  • Tucker Mustard Sofa
  • Nyra Columbia Soft Sofa
  • Pewrex Columbia Soft Sofa
  • Preston White L-shape Sofa

Coffee Table

Coffee tables in a living room are more important than we can imagine as they are not only functional but also find maximum comfort at any time of the day. They are usually placed in the front of the sofa or the armchairs.
At Angie’s you can find the best models which suit your decoration in functionality and design-

  • Von Coffee Table
  • Ames Coffee Table
  • Mac Coffee Table
  • Link Coffee Table
  • Gage Coffee Table


Wall art or artwork is a significant finishing element that can augment your living room's look! Artwork adds warmth and texture to your living room space and a new perspective in our life. Following are some very exquisite and sacred Artwork pieces which are available on our website-

  • Kodanda Rama Gold Leaf Tanjore Painting
  • Goddess Raja Gold Leaf Tanjore Painting
  • Lalitha Devi Gold Leaf Tanjore Painting

Modern Fusion and Classic Theme

The Modern Interior Design theme emphasizes clean lines as well as geometric shapes. There are no such features as ornate columns, arches or outlandish ornamentation. The modern style décor is the one which has natural colours and the elimination of unnecessary detailing. The modern theme styles should ideally have monochromatic colours. If you want to decorate your space in a modern style, you should consider the following few things-
Natural materials such as metals, leather and natural fibers.
Emphasis on the horizontal and vertical lines.
A neutral colour scheme.


An aesthetic sculpture is known to add a live drama to any interior decoration, and if you have an isolated corner in your home, a modern sculpture can be a great addition there! Following are the types of Modern Sculpture pieces which can add a value to your home décor-

  • Plum head colourful sculpture
  • Kiwi head colourful Sculpture- Angie’s India
  • Grape Fruit head Colourful Sculpture
  • Raisin Abstract Sculpture
  • Moon Metallic Abstract Sculpture

If you want to decorate your modern apartment, you can take cues and make the best of the sculpture and artworks available at Angie’s!

Fusion Interior Design

The fusion style means merging or mixing of different and in this unique style, you can combine the ideas of different contradictory styles which form a holistic and harmonious space.

Colour Spectrum

The colour scheme of a fusion theme interior design should be harmonious and though out! All the shades of colours should be thoughtfully selected. The bright rich design and neutral hues are the essence of the fusion theme!
Fusion literally implies mixing any styles and hence the ceiling can have different type of designs and colours.

The fusion theme-based interior design is the one where the harmony of furniture, textures and other elements of the space is very important. In fusion interior designing, you can opt for an off-beat setup. It is the type of interior designing where you can actually opt for an outdoor dining table setup!
Following are some of our most extravagant outdoor furniture designs-
Lucia Luxury Garden Dining Table and Chains.
Martina 3 seater Rope Garden Sofa.
Meranda Blue Swingasan Garden Chair.

Headboard Wooden Bed

A headboard is a piece of a furniture gives support and also protects the wall against hard abrasion. It acts as a barrier between the wall and the edge of the bed. Some headboards from our collection are as follows-

  • Green Solid Wood Bed with Upholstered Headboard
  • Modern Upholstered King Bed with Wingback Headboard
  • Piper Green Kids Double Bed with Headboard

Classic Interior Design

The classic theme interior designing style is the one which boasts of pure luxury and richness! This unique theme has a timeless look with structured interiors. Classic theme is vintage and timeless. There is a plethora of dining tables as well as the chairs, and for classic dining table design, many people go for the dining table with metal chairs.

The furniture placement and the styling works around a key focal point in a classic apartment such as a fireplace or the coffee table. The Classic Apartments Interior Solutions is the one which features details such as inlay and carved or turned legs. The pieces with ornate designs and fabrics which have subtle patterns and texture are some of the most popular choices of our customers.

Living Room Interior Solutions




A Chandelier is an important ensemble of a layered lighting, and it is often installed in a place where it commands presence. In the classic style interior designs, the chandeliers have arrays of the hanging crystals prisms for illuminating your living room with light.
There is a plethora of Chandeliers for your living rooms and they make even the most petite spaces look good and extravagant.
The best part about classic Chandeliers is that they radiate light without a glare and they can be wall mounted or fixed on the ceiling.
Some of the classic Chandelier you can get hold of are as follows-

  • Denali Classic Crystal Chandelier
  • Elnur Chandelier Light
  • Ivar Chandelier Light
  • Lincoln Crystal Chandelier

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