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Interior design plays a critical role in our life, and it not only introduces one to elegance but also elevates our lifestyle. A good interior desi...
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Interior design plays a critical role in our life, and it not only introduces one to elegance but also elevates our lifestyle. A good interior designer improves a space by putting his best foot forward and ensuring that he understands his clients' needs. They provide that the interior spaces they are designing are safe, beautiful and functional. They also choose the materials, textures, flooring and lighting for every interior space. The most challenging part of interiors is to design the aesthetic properly without ignoring even the most minor details, as they make a huge difference in home décor.

Fusion Apartments Interior Design Solutions

Following are Some of the Interior Design Solutions we have to offer

Angie Homes Fusion Apartment Solutions

Fusion, in literal words, means 'mixing' or 'merging' a style, and it combines the ideas of different styles, ultimately forming a holistic and harmonious space. We focus on giving our clients stylish living with budgeted packages for high and mid to high-end appointments. Angie fusions apartment solutions consist of the following-
This bedroom, designed by Angie, includes a bedside table, bed, chair and sofas. There are different accessories such as a table lamp, wallpaper and lights. Our chair is made of durable solid material and is designed with sufficient padding on the seat and the back. The bedside table is used for supporting items such as table lamps, cellphones, books etc.
  • Metal Sculpture and Chandeliers

We have a myriad of Metal Sculptures, and metal sculpting is the process of creating several metal objects by pouring metal liquid to form molds. This piece is made with extreme care, forged into shapes, and the parts are welded together. The Trophy metallic golden abstract sculpture is one such scintillating piece which adds value to the living room.

If you want an intricate design, you should go for our over-the-top Niyor Crystal, a luxury acrylic sculpture that is our statement piece. If you are not a fan of subtle and delicate designs, you can also choose the Yoko Yellow Small Boy sculpture, which blends in completely with any kind of home décor, and yellow is a colour which will grab the attention of the visitors. We also have crafted Chandeliers to glow up your dining room with light while you immerse yourself in delicacies and sip your favourite beverage! They give your dining room a complete look and a personal touch-up. We have metal as well as glass chandeliers available for you! You can pick any one of these choices. We have a console made up of metal or glass, and you can choose any of your preferences. A dining room is not complete without artwork and the dining room wall art plays a critical role. The entire room lacks personality without a piece of artwork! If you dream of creating a garden oasis in your dining room to keep it fresh, you should avail of our vase, which entails detailing! An array of vases can be placed at the center of your dining table. 

  • Dining Table

Dining Table is not complete without a dinner set and cutlery. If you want to indulge in a culinary experience, you should get your hands on our latest collection of dinnerware and cutlery.

Dining Table

We have many dining table options, such as metal, wood, fabric and marble. A grey Marble Dining Table is a very neutral and tonal space, and you should opt for the chairs, which blend grey and white to create the look of a sophisticated dining room! Here, you can get your hands on metal, fabric and foam chairs.
Some dining tables we have to offer are as follows-

  • Volney Metal Dining Table

Affordable luxury is at your disposal now as we have introduced the Volney metal dining table with a distinct mid-century vibe. We have incorporated comfortable seat pads and premium exterior-grade foam. Our collection assures genuine local manufacturers, and we believe in sublime craftsmanship and product longevity. Our volney table exhibits a visually light structure which is durable and sturdy. It is a trusty piece of accent furniture that is also stored in even the smallest rooms. The tabletop material is marble, and the material used for the table base is metal.
  • Metal Dining Table

Our Metal Dining Table is a large rectangular table made with a subtle blend of golden and grey. It is the dining table which has a holistic design. This modern stain-resistant tabletop expands over your dining room and fits perfectly. Our metal dining tabletops are an elegant material for a dining table, and they require no maintenance. These tabletops will go very well with your contemporary space. There are several options to choose from, such as Leo Metal Dining table, Colton Metal Dining Table, Knox metal dining table, Vernee metal dining table, Helvis metal dining table, Jasper metal dining table and Vidal metal dining table.
  • Wooden Dining Table

If you seek affordable luxury, you should go for a Wooden Dining Table. Moreover, a wooden dining table also improves the aesthetics of the room, and it is also suitable for all home interior designs. It is safer as compared to glass, iron and other materials. The material we use for a wooden dining table is very luxurious and authentic. Wood furniture is resilient, and it requires little or no maintenance. We have a range of Wooden Furniture Tables such as the Colt Wooden Dining table, Caira Round Wooden Dining Table, Vinson Brown wooden dining table, Hurry Grey Wooden Dining table and the Vail Round Wooden Dining table.
  • Table Lamps

Decorating your home without the appropriate amount of lighting leaves the space void. Lighting is one of the most important aspects of interior design. Transcendent lighting is the lighting which creates height and depth, and it also draws one's attention to even the most remote corners of your room. Table Lamps are one of the essential parts of lighting, and they can create an ambience much more than an item of furniture or an accessory can.

Quality table lamps add beautiful details to your room and accentuate some spaces' emotional impact. With the right amount of depth and light, your room is a dream to walk in! 

There are many ways to place a table lamp and these lamps point at specific elements such as a wall painting, a vase or your bedside table! It all depends on your preference! Our table lamps have mobility and variety, and you can choose a pair of lamps or a single lamp as they not only provide additional light but add a visual interest.

You can choose from the below variety of table lamps-

  • Jason Table Lamp
  • Julian Table Lamp
  • Justin Table Lamp
  • Amaia Table Lamp
  • Jayden Table Lamp
  • Jasper Table Lamp
  • Jackson Table Lamp
  • Coffee Table

If you have an additional space for showcasing your decorations, you can opt for a Coffee Tables as it is used for a variety of reasons from storage to displaying showpieces. If you want your home to exude a minimalistic vibe, opting for a coffee table which features classy design is a great option!

Coffee table also allow you to express yourself and your style. We have a range of coffee table which are angular, round, rectangular or even asymmetrical. They come in a variety of sizes to suit the diverse living room spaces. You can choose a coffee table of your desired specification. Our coffee tables have been designed in such a way that they have a comfortable legroom and a sufficient height which prevents you from bending too low to reach for anything! Coffee tables can be a canvas for beautiful accessorizing and you can feature prized trinkets which complement the ambience of your living room.

Some of our notable coffee tables are-

  • AMES Coffee Table
  • Lane Coffee Table
  • Link Coffee Table
  • Mac Coffee Table
  • Gage Coffee Table
  • Console

A Wooden Console is the type of side table placed against the wall. It is normally fixed to the wall and it requires legs and other decorative support only at the front. It is a piece of furniture where people can put pictures, a vase of flowers and add a little touches which will make a home feel welcoming. In a narrow hallway, many people prefer pairing a console with a mirror which can make their space feel larger. These console tables come in a variety of sizes, heights, styles and materials.

Wooden Console

Some simple steps will help you understand which type of console table will add a finishing touch to your décor. The different types of decorating styles include modern, eclectic, contemporary, transitional and country.

Consoles are extremely functional and they can serve multiple purposes. Your entryway is the first thing that is going to catch the eye of the visitor and you should ensure that you make the optimum use of your entryway by placing your console table over there. If the walls of your Living Room Interior Solutions are covered in subtle pastel shades, you can go for a gold console table. It is a very good idea to place a gold mirror on the top of the console table. It depends on you what you want to decorate your console with. It is a great substitute for huge dressers which occupy large spaces.

Following are the Type of Consoles we have-

  • Chilli Console
  • Nesting Console
  • Row Console
  • Boulevard Console
  • Lime Console
  • Zara Silver Leaf Console
If you want to decorate your abode with Angie's Fusion Interior Solutions, we are a click away!


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