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Storage design can be divided in various categories. Wardrobe. TV unit storage.  Side Board / Credenza. Kitchen storage Loft storage. Shelves - S...
Interior Design Plan

Storage design can be divided in various categories.

  1. Wardrobe.
  2. TV unit storage. 
  3. Side Board / Credenza.
  4. Kitchen storage
  5. Loft storage.
  6. Shelves - Semi open + Closed.

Storage can be used effectively as a decorative and functional storage unit and make an attractive wall elevation.

A TV unit storage is usually a Chic - Stylish loose of fix piece of Furniture.


Usually we can put draws -  3 to 6 depending on the design.

In an open Shelf, Various different types of Shelf design by us.

TV Units: will have a 2-3 shutters or draws for storage plus an open area for remote control etc.

We will share more details of storage design in a next blog.

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