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Baby Showers are unique, and it is a party thrown to celebrate the birth of a new baby. The major purpose of a baby shower is to show an emotional ...
Baby Nursery Interiors

Baby Showers are unique, and it is a party thrown to celebrate the birth of a new baby. The major purpose of a baby shower is to show an emotional support for the new mom. It is one of the most traditional ways loved ones come together for expressing their joy, and it is a time for friends and family to shower the expectant parents with gifts and oodles of love!

Furniture and home décor play a massive role in the Baby Shower, and most baby showers stick with a theme. The Kids Furniture is essential, and once you have assigned a room to your kid, he will do all kinds of major activities in that room, and most of his activities will be aided by furniture. Kids love pretty things, so you should choose attractive furniture designs for their space.

Kids Furniture

Doing all the furniture planning for a baby shower and a Kids Registry will elevate the mood of the mother-to-be! There are many significant reasons to choose great furniture designs for your kid's room. Kids Room Interiors play a huge role in housing their independence, imagination and creativity. It shapes their personality and way of life. You should strive to create a comfortable space which feels serene and safe for your child. The colour scheme for a kid's room plays a critical role in furniture planning. You can choose neutral and earth tones or bold and vibrant shades. To give a dual touch, you can add accents of pale pink or green, creating a calming combination and adding depth to the décor.

You can plan a baby shower and a baby registry with the following items at Angie home kid's furniture-

  • Niru Blue Bed Set

You should create a natural and toxin-free environment for your kids, and the bedding fabrics of this Baby Bed Set are made with natural fabrics. When your kids sleep in a synthetic bedding set, their body heat releases harmful chemicals, which eventually get absorbed into their skin. We have made sure that we create the perfect bed products for kids to make them feel comfortable while they enjoy a good night's sleep. Active environmental printing and high colour fastness make sure that they sleep well. A Kids Bed Set is a massive part of a Kid's Registry and is the most critical aspect of a bedroom. Our Niru blue bed set provides warmth, insulation and comfort. The linen quality is exclusive, and you should ensure that washed often.

  • Kids Mirror

It is recommended to hang a mirror in a child's play space as it not only develops the visual senses of your child, but it also supports healthy development and learning. Our Kids' Mirror is easy to clean, and it is shatterproof. Mirrors can be great teachers of cause and effect for babies, and they also teach babies to observe and track their movements. This will help them become mindful of their reflections, and they will develop sight senses through visual interactions.

  • Kids Room Wallpaper

Kids Wallpapers play a massive role in kids' interiors and have come a long way in recent years. In today's time, Kids Room Wallpapers can be found in various styles and playful patterns. Wallpapers can stifle kids' imagination, and they have a visual appeal. They come in various textures, patterns and colours and our wallpapers also help insulate a room and reduce noise levels to a great extent. The animal world map features some illustrated animals from all over the world in a cute and educational way. It allows you to teach your kid more about many different things in the world, such as the oceans, continents and animals in their natural habitat. 

Our Kids Room Wallpaper can be adjusted to fit any wall size perfectly, and it is created with love and care. It is entirely PVC-free, and it is printed using non-toxic water-based links.

  • Jaiya Baby Crib

You can assure your baby's safety through Baby Cribs as it offers a safe and secure location for your baby. It is one of the most essential items of kid's registry that is on our listing. According to the latest research, a crib is one of the safest surfaces for infants to sleep. Starting in a crib is crucial as it makes your child an independent sleeper, and no matter how much you try to protect your child, once he learns to crawl and climb, you will also have to keep an eye out on him constantly. However, this doesn't happen when babies sleep in cribs as they need someone's assistance to get out of the crib. Our cribs have been proven safe for kids as they do not have drop-down sides. Plus, the height and width of the crib are also appropriate. 

  • Kid's Chair

A Kids Chair is a beautifully propositioned chair that fits, and blends in perfectly to any kind of stylish décor. We have an exclusive range of kid's bow chair which is beautifully made and sustainably made, and skilled artisans handcraft it. This chair is coated in a tough natural water-based finish, and you can spruce up your kid's room by laying your hands on this sweet piece. We have designed this bow chair exclusively for toddlers who want a comfortable and playful seat at the table.

  • Kid's Bedding & Blanket

You leave no stone unturned in ensuring your kid sleeps with a Baby Blanket. have something that they are more attached to than their toys. A blanket is something that any kid is attached to, and it gives them the utmost comfort. A Kids Bedding can be used as a transitional object for a kid, which a baby associates with the most. Our blanket is made from wool or fleece. Wool blankets are fire-resistant; they wick away moisture and improve the quality of your sleep.
Wool is scientifically a brilliant fibre for sleepwear as it regulates the temperature of your body, thus allowing a longer and a sound sleep for your kids. We have a myriad of blankets, such as the Aabha Baby Brown Blanket, the Asahi Baby Blue Blanket, Adhi Baby White Blanket etc.
A Kid's Blanket is also one of the most essential items on a Kid's Registry listing.

  • Kid's Study Desks

A well-furnished room is of utmost importance and a study desk is one of the important ensembles in your kid's room. A Kids Study Desk & Table provides a great degree of assurance and comfort to your kids as the use of cushions and suitable alignment make it the best furniture. A study desk also provides an extended storage space for your kid. Following are the features of our study desks-

  • Attractive designs.
  • A personalized corner for your kid to study.
  • Availability of different types of sizes.
  • Assurance of good quality.

Our study tables are very lightweight in nature and it becomes very easy for you to shift the study desk from one place to another as it is light-weighted. There is a plethora of options you can immerse yourself into such as Neemo Sea Green Desk, Aleph Dark Grey Study desk, Alison Pink Study Desk and Apache White study desk. Angie Homes Kids Registry Gift Voucher for Kids Study Table and Chair in Indian Weddings Registry Program. Buy a Kids Gift Voucher for Study Desk & Chair. Book your Kids Registry with Angie Homes & choose from 350 products. Let Angie homes design your kids nursery. 

Kids Interior
  • Kids Lights ( Table lamps)

If you want to enhance the illumination of any room, a table lamp is very important. We have many types of table lamps for kids which can enliven a space or dim the lighting for providing an ambience to the room. A bright light could energize the concentration level of your kids, and a warm one can create a cozy ambiance. Our incredible assortment of table lamp include the Fuv Table Lamp, Vimeo Table Lamp and the Visio Table Lamp.

Following are some of the most important features of our Kid's Lights & Table Lamps-

  • They are very convenient to turn on.
  • They only illuminate a certain area.
  • It is a perfect decorative element.

A Table Lamp could be the perfect gift to give on a kid's baby shower.

Kid's Silver Ware and Server Ware

We have a range of silver plates, rose gold, copper and gold finish Kid's Silver Ware. Silver has ample minerals which help in fighting many types of seasonal ailments kids have to deal with. Eating/drinking in a silverware not only improves the health of your kids, but at the same time it also helps in increasing the brain power of your kids in his/her growing years. Feeding your kids in silverware is the best way to keep them disease-free and healthy. Our range of silverware include Anka Silverware plated glass, Arata Silver Finish Cutlery etc.

  • Kid's Furniture

Just as the sofas in your living area foster a comfortable environment for your family time, the sofas in your kid's room are also important. Kids Furniture are the focal point of your kid's room and our sofas have undergone a fantastic makeover. Some of the sofas we have are the Adrian 2 Seater kids sofa, Asher 2 Seater kids sofa, Caleb 2 Seater kids sofa and Carter 2 Seater kids sofa. 

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