From Engagement to Mehndi: How Angie Homes Can Make Your Wedding Dreams Come True

In a world of fast paced scenarios online markets rule the world and everything you need is accessible in just a click away. There were days when p...
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In a world of fast paced scenarios online markets rule the world and everything you need is accessible in just a click away. There were days when people used to walk miles, spending whole day going to markets shopping and getting exhausted. With the trend of online shopping this has ease a lot in terms of convenience and time saving with plethora of options to get sitting at home.

You can find many online one stop shop dealing in accessories, clothing, home décor etc. Angie Homes is one of the best one stop shop in India that allows its customers to shop globally tableware, bedding, accessories, online gift cards for wedding, gift cards for other occasions such as mehndi function, college, corporate parties etc. Gift registry is one of the wisest and much adored by people a way to gift your friends the gift they want. Angie Homes has lots to cater and it has pan globe esteemed happy customers too.  When in doubt to shop for special and auspicious occasions either for gifting purpose or adorning homes or setting up restaurant or designing work ring in to Angie Homes.

We provide top-notch quality products and best solutions for weddings, engagements, mehndi functions and more. We hire best of the staff and craftsmen to ensure smooth and feasible business affair so that we can provide best solution by recognizing customer’s demand and fulfilling it sumptuously. If we talk about packaging and sending them out for delivery we pack each and every item with the best sturdy packaging so that you receive it in the best condition.

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Get in touch with Angie Homes for Wedding Functions

Weddings are one of the most cherished and awaited affair of a person’s life that comes with lots of new challenges, adjustments, responsibilities that start with the arrangements. Wedding arrangements such as home designing and interior work if you are shifting into a brand- new home needs to have a good interior designer to give you the artistic feel nice ambient home. At Angie Homes you can contact to get help and get done your house interiors in the best surreal way. Accessories to buy for home whether best door handles, fireplaces, mirrors for bathroom, paintings for bedroom, carpets for living room, ceramic tiles for kitchen, etc all are available online. Also, for bedroom, living room, dining room, guest room you need things to place so that it can be apt to live with proper arrangements.

Bedding for bedroom such as bedsheets for king size bed or single bed, curtains for room, poufs and coffee table for bedroom, study room etc. Lights to be mounted for a great effect and cozy ambience that you can have by purchasing chandelier light for dining room, hanging lights, wall sconces for lobby. A complete home décor ranging from a light to furniture, crockery, tiling you can get for wedding.


Apart from home décor and designing, wedding functions includes gift exchange. Also wedding arrangements like floral decoration of the home, bride and bridegroom bedroom you need. We also provide full décor in eye catching way with our surreal beautiful florals in best vases to be placed on the tables, corners of the room or hall etc.

 You give and receive gifts as a tradition prevailing since older times. For gift purchases and other smart ways to replace monotonous gifting ways we are always there to help you with the best outcome. Gifts often cause stress because you can't give less or go off-limits, whether it's for the bride or the groom, the bridal guests, or relatives traveling from home for the event. Additionally, choosing a wedding present for the bride or a wedding gift for the couple can be difficult for guests attending the wedding event. You can offer wedding gift suggestions for people to purchase as wedding gifts by purchasing wedding gift cards online at Angie Homes worth INR 1000 to 10,000 and more. Giving the couple, visitors, and family members these priceless gift vouchers makes them and you happy. With these wedding gift cards one can purchase anything from Angie Homes' selection of complete house décor as wedding gift.

Also wedding gift registry we offer in order to have an easy ongoing gift. When you run short of money or in confusion the best option to choose is opting for gift registry or buying gift cards.

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Make memorable your engagement function with Angie Homes

Wedding start off with engagement where couple exchange ring and feast is arranged with gifts exchanging and making arrangements. As per the budget and personal choice engagement hall or place is decided. When you opt to have the function at home in the backyard or terrace keeping it private you need catering, decoration, gift items and furniture. Decoration is the foremost thing whether you want to keep it minimal with curtains and vases or a dazzled up with fairy lights, chandlier lights and flowers everywhere. Angie Homes is one of the leading destination when it comes to home décor and other related items and requirements. Silverware items that makes classy gifts you can get here.

You can get in touch with us for a complete table décor or having interior work ideas for the engagement party. Realistic flowers in best quality and easy to manage you can opt for the realistic look without spending huge bucks. Gifts for the guests and other would-be related family we offer in a huge collection.

We not only deal in home décor where you can buy furniture, tableware, accessories but offers best solutions for gifting keeping everyone connected. Buying a gift at a hefty amount would burn a hole in your pocket. Its time to switch for the smarter way by going for online engagement gift cards. These gift cards can be given to the couple so that they can buy best gift for them. The best thing is that these gift cards comes with a different price range so that everyone can buy without feeling burdened. Redeemable at Angie Homes it has 1 year time period. Engagement gift registry is also one of the another great way to gift and save extra money. When it comes to gifting Angie Homes is a sea with lots of treasure to steal at best prices and best quality.

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Get Best Mehndi Function Gifts and Arrangements

Sangeet, mehndi, haldi, bridal shower, groom’s party are some of the pre-wedding functions we have in the culture. With the passing time nowadays people love to celebrate every function with valor, utmost bliss and great feast. They arrange lavish party with all sorts of enjoyment such as drinks and food, décor and music and last but not the least gifts. Gifts are something that has become an integral part that even a small function you organize will get gifts in the form of cash, goods, gift cards, mehndi gift registry.

Don't let your friends leave mehndi celebration empty handed. Thank your female friends and family members for coming to your wedding by giving them thoughtful presents in return. You can do this by giving them a mehndi gift card, which are available at Angie Homes. By providing them with thank-you presents for attending, you can increase your family and friends' enjoyment of the event and help them remember it. Our gift cards vary in value from 1000 INR to 10,000 INR and above, so you can buy mehndi gift cards online according to your budget.

For mehndi function get in touch with us if you are going to organize lavish function at a bigger scale and you need to have interiors done with a twist in the style or want some changes by altering the overall look of the space whether a hall, lounge, open space. If you want to turn a plain boring space into something vibrant and jazzy apt for the party mode you need to change the look and interiors. Sheer curtains, velvet contrasting colors with wallpapers on the wall giving mehndi vibes is a good idea. Candles and sculpture either on the tables or on the entrance will create a great look for best photos. Florals arrange in series round the whole space and vases in glass, metal with flowers on the tables with best table cloths will add starts to the whole area. Table cloths, vases, curtains are something you can buy in varieties and best quality at Angie Homes. Our products are best than the other self-acclaimed brands that last longer even after several uses and washes with no discoloration or fading. To buy accessories such as mirrors, candles, leather accessories or to get done interiors for your function contact us unhesitatingly.

Gifts if you need to buy to for the guests you can give the silverware items, coffee mugs, paintings, bedsheets, leather accessories and many more. Also, you can go for gifting gift cards to them. For any further queries or doubts you can get in touch with us we will be happy to assist you with the right solution answering your queries to our best.

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