Dining Furniture Set: Enhance Your Dining Experience with Style and Comfort

Introduction At Angie Homes, dining area is the most important part of the home not only because you experience the taste and pleasure of food that...


At Angie Homes, dining area is the most important part of the home not only because you experience the taste and pleasure of food that also referred to as the actual heart of your home where significant interaction between family members takes place and loving experiences may be created. It's a place where the family congratulates each other after a long day of work, where friends get together for the reason of laughter, and where holidays stick in people's minds for the rest of their lifetime as something special and iconic. Developing the correct concept for the house and helping you to choose an environment that will cater to your functional requirements and at the same, will resonate with your style and character are promises that we give.

We offer exquisite dining furniture sets that coalesce taste and expediency with aesthetic pleasure and comfort. From timeless traditional look that appeals most to the sleek sophistication of modern design to versatile transitional style that will perfectly meet any of your choices, our extensive collection of ranges will leave nobody unmoved. Instead we ensure that each of our pieces is carefully crafted to the finest detail, using only the best quality materials that ensure durability and lifelong usage.

But, allure is not the only thing that we searching for: we also look for comfort, realizing that the dining experience is broader than it seems. Our chairs are created with comfort in mind, catering to your back’s needs, so you can bask in the glory of your surroundings, even after the last dish has been eaten. Whether it is an elegant meal for two or a celebration with many guests, our dining furniture that are created to bring to the table each and every “once-in-a-lifetime” moment.

As sour as it is, we also understand that it is true, every house is different.  Therefore, we provide customization choices to suit the very demands and space requirements of your needs. Each one of our team members cares about your shopping time and they're here to provide with the required help as you choose the right items and arrange the delivery to your destination.

Other than placing furniture Angie homes will give you what is beyond just that, they will offer the promise of curating you a lifetime of moments and memories. Profit from our expertise in the arrangement of your dining area by creating a cozy spot where time at the table is a delight to be pigmented and praised.

What is Dining Furniture Set?

In the eyes of Angie Homes, the dining area is loved by all types of people and therefore defines the family nucleus and social gatherings. It is because of this that our dinnings are well created and they are made not only to the standards but also to exceed your expectations of form and function.

The range of our collection spreading from the timeless to the modern covers all conceivable styles, so you will certainly find the perfect match that perfectly goes with your home ambience. Whether you plan to eat heartily in a small place or you dream of a large formal dining room, we have the perfect set of dishes your dreams will become true.

Manufactured with the high-grade materials like solid wood and metal as well as the premium upholstery fabrics, we promise that our dining furniture sets will live through time. We believe in class and style while at the same time ensuring that your home and investment continue to look brand new for the times to come.

Beyond the core line of dining tables and chairs, we offer accessories in our seating combinations that act as practical storage.  These include benches, buffets, or cabinets. These features not only give practicality to your dining area, but also positively represent style and create a uniform and attractive appearance.

From a casual dinner to a dining party with sophisticated coherence, our dining furniture sets, will make your dining feel just right for guests you long for that memorable dining experience. With the help of different set configurations, our sets can be transformed from an intimate gathering to a large celebration.  At the same time, you’ll be able to ensure that every meal is completed in comfort and style.

If you deal with Angie Homes, the most important thing is to know that your dining area should be unique to your lifestyle and express your own personal tastes. With this purpose in mind, it is not surprising that we are completely committed to providing our customers with the highest quality dining furniture sets that are distinguished by the flawless craftsmanship, stylish outlook, and pragmatic workmanship. Let Angie Homes transform your dining area to a cozy and memorable destination where you can hang out with family and friends while making some great desserts recipes.

Types of Dining Furniture Set

    • Traditional Sets:

      Classical dining furniture sets will create enduring feeling of elegance and richness by means of which they constitute the perfect choice for people who are able to evaluate everything for good, both now and in future. These groups of materials usually have all kinds of carvings to ornament the surface, and with deep rich wooden color, they bring nature into the house. No matter if it is a formal dinner party for two or a family dinner to pass the time, traditional dining set is created to linger the groups together while discovering spaces of time.

        • Modern Sets:

           While this will most probably come as a surprise to many, the advent of dining furniture sets with contemporary minimalist design over the past couple of years has been able to blend the contemporary aesthetic through sleek lines and cutting edge materials while still functioning effectively. The styles enable them to be perfect for the houses of today which strive to achieve the clean simple appeal and the connotation of their modernity and class. The modern dining sets, that depart from the complicated designs and adopt clean shapes and unpretentiousness, are flexible enough to complement a wide range of interior styles like, urban lofts or suburbia. It doesn’t matter if you are having cozy dinners with your family today or any special event.  A simple upgrade of your dining space with a modern dining set will boost the modern flair of your dining area.

            • Transitional Sets:

              Comfortly standing above their traditional predecessors, but not as modern as the new designs, transitional dining furniture sets are flexible enough to fit different interior styles. This line of home furniture collections cohesively blends classical design elements and modern upgrades, thus featuring smooth transitions between classics and contemporary facilities. Regardless of whether that turns out to be a timeless classic or something that changes with the passing trends, what is certain is that these values have stood the test of time and can evolve with changing times. Transitional dining sets are unique due to the fact that they can highly satisfy a wide variety of people who admire design and architecture between tradition and modernity. May it be the modern or the traditional design, we have the transitional dining set for you, with the best of both worlds that you could include in your masterpiece.

              Benefits of Dining Furniture Set

                • Enhanced Dining Experience: Besides, an indoor dining set strategically arranged is a perfect way of keeping your family together making it possible for them share ideas, discuss the day events and unwind together.
                    • Space Optimization: When selecting a dining sets, you can get a whole set which has both the functionality and the visual appeal of your dining area even for an even the small space.
                        • Style Cohesion: The entire theme of multi-piece furniture can be easily coordinated together and can be complimentary to the overall look of the décor at home.
                            • Convenience: Instead of a dining table, chairs, and other items separate, you buy all of them in one set, then completely forget the problem of mixing and matching the pieces, which saves your time as well as efforts.
                                • Versatility: Consisting of different seating units like chairs, benches and seat, the dining furniture sets can adjust to multiple preferences and events. When you want to have formal dinner with friends or if you are hosting a dinner party, you can easily make an alteration right according to your tastes.
                                    • Functionality: The dining sets can be a solution for dining necessities storage thanks to additional storage options such as buffets, cabinets, or shelves it gives extra storage space for tableware, linens, and so on. Therefore, it not only adds the aristocracy but also simplifies the cluttered and messy area, which gives the room a beautiful look and keeps the place neat.
                                        • Value for Money: The dine-furniture sets as an investment comparatively provide better value for money than buying the pieces one by one. In many stores, customers are provided with the option of buying package deals which consist of several items often at reduced prices, thus you get to save money buying quality and well-coordinated dining room furniture pieces.
                                            • Ease of Maintenance: Established dining sets sets are designed to match in terms of consistent materials, surfaces and the processes that will maintain them. This helps you to clean the furniture for dining as you will not be worried to use the compatible cleaning product that may not match up with other cleaning products.
                                                • Customization Options: Customized furniture set retailers come up with dining-room furniture set designs that you can personalize and tailor to your taste. The choice may vary from tables with a certain wood finish or upholstery fabric that appeals to you, or it may even come down to the shape of your table, customization lets you craft a dining room set that truly suits all that you are.
                                                    • Resale Value: Besides the fact that keeping your dining room furniture in good working order will help you store such items when you and/or want to get rid of them, it may also add up to the market value of your home. A matching table and chair set will add a refined look to the dining area, in the mind of the buyers its important and this will create a good impression on the buyers which will be favored by them.

                                                      Advantage Of Dining Furniture Set

                                                      At Angie Homes, we are very conscious of the fact that the choice of the dining furniture should be made carefully and should be suitable to your expectations and requirements.

                                                        • Quality Craftsmanship: The dining room furniture sets have all the parts beautifully hand made by the artisans' loving hands who never compromise the quality and the longevity of their products.
                                                          • Customization Options: Being aware that each house is unique, we provide an opportunity to tailor your dining set the way you see fit.
                                                            • Exceptional Service: Our dedicated team provides individual attention to all our clients at every purchase step, making our customers' shopping journey worthwhile.
                                                              • Affordable Luxury: The premium dining furniture with reasonable prices, but high quality and style, won't be a dream anymore.

                                                                Ultimate Guide for Choosing Perfect Dining Furniture Set for Your Home

                                                                When selecting a dining furniture set, consider the following factors:

                                                                  • Size and Space: The size of your dining room is the only matter to take care about. The space there should be enough to place the table and chairs with some space left for walking easily.
                                                                    • Style and Aesthetics: Select the dishes that match your current interior, rather than that item you saw in someone's house two months ago.
                                                                      • Material and Construction: Choose long-term and well-designed materials such as solid wood or metal for the endurance and a sense of eternity in style.
                                                                        • Comfort and Functionality: Consider comfort with ergonomic design of chairs. As additional table extension may also be an essential thing for you.
                                                                          • Budget: Set a real budget with possibility of improvement and explore buying alternatives for the cost-effective program.

                                                                            Our knowledgeable team here at Angie Homes will accompany you during your decision process, and with their expertise analyze your wants and tastes, assisting you in finding the perfect solution for you among our range of products.

                                                                            Top 5 Dining Furniture Set for Sale in India

                                                                            1. Classic Elegance: Our special dining set, characterized by detailed ornaments and finishing in opulent fashion, refevs classicism and refinement.
                                                                            2. Contemporary Chic: Sharp lines and fundamental designs are what characterize our modern dining set which naturally justifies homes that are seeking what is sleek and yet stylish.
                                                                            3. Transitional Versatility: Enjoy the best of two worlds by getting our transitional dining set that blends classic elegance to modern greatness, a look that will be versatile, flexible and timeless.
                                                                            4. Compact Comfort: Functional and suitable for your living area, our miniature dining set will accommodate your needs regardless of the style or comfort you choose.
                                                                            5. Luxury Indulgence: Experience supreme dining with the best luxury set, comprising quality workmanship and precious materials that would set your dining atmosphere to the most luxurious ambience.

                                                                            The Best Way to Take Care of your Dining Furniture Set

                                                                            Correct maintenance and additionally caring for the beauty and durability of your dining pieces are not only desirable but also necessary. Here are some tips:

                                                                            • Regular Cleaning: Use a soft cloth to dust weekly; this will prevent the buildup and upholds the sheen.
                                                                            • Avoid Direct Sunlight: Place the wood dining set in a location other than where direct sunlight is seen and this should avoid discoloration or fading.
                                                                            • Use Coasters and Placemats: Keep any visible surfaces in your table safe by using coasters and placemats during your meals for avoiding scratches, spills, and heat burns.
                                                                            • Polish and Treat: On occasion, polish the wooden furniture and spot clean any residue or fluid immediately to avoid long-term effects.

                                                                            Professional Maintenance: Instead of furniture cleaning by a professional, to achieve a better result, take into account comprehensive services maintenance of furniture and restorations.

                                                                            Luxury Dining Furniture Set Price in India

                                                                            At Angie Homes, luxury dining furniture sets are available at reasonable prices.  We provide you with an opportunity to own sophisticated and superior furnishings without spending inordinately. Pricing will be in the context of materials, sizes, and options. Call us or mail us for individual assistance and price estimates based your specific orders.

                                                                            Buy Dining Furniture Set Online from Angie Homes

                                                                            Immersing in a world of dining room sets by shopping online with Angie Homes gives you an unsurpassed ease of selection and flexibility where you can sit back in your house and browse through our selected assortment. A touch of a screen will provide you with multiple choices of different materials, textures, and designs to pick a piece of furniture that is cogent with your preferences and lifestyle.

                                                                            Our website is built to ensure a smooth shopping process, we have put in place a straightforward navigation system and precise product info to help you buy efficiently. Whether you're into classic culches with intricate carvings or prefer a new sleek, modern package with sharp, smooth lines, the diversity of our collection caters to various tastes.

                                                                            Amongst many advantages of shopping with Angie Homes, we can underscore our obligatory customization. It's our mission at Angie Homes to provide you with quality products that fit your home.  You should know that since each and every home is unique, which is why our customization options are implanted to make sure that your dining set is crafted to the most precise specifications possible. If you are searching for a different finish, upholstery fabric, or size of the table, you should contact us because our team is ready to address your request and the fulfillment of your dream.

                                                                            Customer satisfaction is our primary concern.  We'll let you shop with peace of mind knowing that your personal information and the money you spend are safe and secure. We provide for secure payment gateways to ensure safeguarding your financial details while our easy checkout makes it smooth and hassle-free.

                                                                            As soon your order is in our hands, the customer service team designated is to support you through the entire process. E. g - We are responsive to customer queries, providing quick and personalized responses whether it is issues of product availability, customization or shipping.

                                                                            Angie Homes will spare any effort for the satisfaction of your needs.  You will be the most important person. As soon as we start showcasing our dining set collection until your brand-new set of dining furniture inside our shop, we do our very best to make sure that your expectations are above the norm and that your shopping experience is very much satisfying to you. Add us to the list of attractions that give colors to your kitchen, improve the look of your home and remain even after the visitors are gone.


                                                                            Enrich your dining experience by lighting up your dining area with unique and innovative dining furniture from Angie Homes. Whether you the aesthetic gem, fashionable moment or traditional mixture we have got you covered whatever your style and taste preferences. Browse through our selection online and let us assist you in making great memories around the dinner table to last for years.

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                                                                            Q. What is the price of 10 seater dining table set in India?

                                                                            Ans: In connection with what features are chosen the ones that can affect price such as: materials, models and brands. Contact Angie Homes for the price as well as for tailoring options especially made for you.

                                                                            Q. Which is the best dining table brand?

                                                                            Ans: Angie Homes has gained the reputation for premium quality and craftsmanship, offering a diverse range of dining furniture sets that matches each and every desire and style.

                                                                            Q. What furniture is usually in a dining room?

                                                                            Ans: A dining room would have dining table with chairs, a buffet or a sideboard and other related furniture that fit in line with the room design such as cabinets or shelving.

                                                                            Q. What size table is best for 10 people?

                                                                            Ans: A 13-foot long table will be enough for the seating of ten people and, therefore, it provide an available room for people to eat comfortably.

                                                                            Q. How big is a 12 seater dining table?

                                                                            Ans: A 120 inches sized dining table can seat around 12 people and fits a larger group of guests for special events of occasion.

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