Creating a College Registry - Modern Ideas for Gifting

Add These College Registry Items Must-Haves to the Registry We all know that graduating from a university is an important milestone and marking one...

Add These College Registry Items Must-Haves to the Registry

We all know that graduating from a university is an important milestone and marking one’s achievement with a souvenir or a gift makes it even better. The gift also serves as a significant symbol for all the hard work one has undertaken. This token of appreciation also carries a sentiment of future connection between a college and the graduate.

Angie homes have a plethora of options for all college graduates. One will never run out of options for gifts for their loved ones at Angie homes! One can also avail of a Gift Voucher for College Registry at Angie homes to give to your loved one.

Some of the Best Graduation Gifts can be as follows

Modern Lights

Expertly placed lighting adds another dimension to any space and brings the interior designer's project to life. Great and perfectly placed lighting creates depth and draws attention to your most impressive areas. The balance of shade and light brings new energy to the room. Functional task lighting is essential as it adds moments of layers and depth to your space.

Hanging Lights

Hanging Lights are perfect for use under the porch as these lights provide a broad spread of light. Many outdoor hanging lights are prevalent in coordinating outdoor fixtures such as post lights or wall lights, and they also help you achieve a layered look outdoors.

When you select a Hanging Light, you should know the length of the rods or the chain supplied with the fixture. You should install it at a height which provides the most pleasing light for your home.
Following are some of the most exclusive variety of lights we have at Angie’s-

  • Parker Hanging Light.
  • Tirich Hanging Light.
  • Clio Hanging Light.
  • Derby Hanging Light.

Pendant Light

A pendant is a light fixture mounted to the ceiling and hangs from a rod or a chain. A pendant has only one bulb incorporated into the fixture. Pendant lights are used for area lighting, task lighting and general lighting. Using pendant lights, you can light up narrow hallways, photos, paintings and sculptures. 
Some of the famous pendant lights at Angie’s are as follows-

  • Forum Pendant Light
  • Format Pendant Light
  • Avendus Pendant Light
  • Acro Pendant Light

Table Lamp

Table lamps are essential as they have the power to add the right amount of charm to your room, and they can not only illuminate the room but also set the mood right. Following are the reasons a table or a chair lamp is essential in your room-

Change the scenario of the room

If you aspire to change the scene of your room by decorating or designing it, a table lamp comes up with various changes to suit your level of comfort.

Focus on specific objects

When you get engrossed in any work, a table lamp factors in, it does not only ensure to provide you with the standard lighting, but it will also point to the specific part of the object where you want to focus.


A bright and catchy Online Table Lamp enlightens the spirit of the individual, and all the colourful lights positively influence the surroundings.
Following are the different types of lamps available at Angie’s-

  • Julian Table Lamp
  • Aitana Table Lamp
  • Santiago Standing Lamp
  • Ainhoa Table Lamp
  • Justin Table Lamp

Home Decor Accessories

Home accessories are an essential part of a home and complement the interior of a home. Home Decor Accessories are the things which let you showcase your interests, personality and choices. The accessories make your space come alive and add colour, pattern and texture to your home. However, you should ensure that all the elements in your room are well-balanced if you want to accessorize it.
Following are the types of home accessories which are available at Angie’s-

        Another reason accessory is a good graduation gift is that one doesn’t have to worry about picking the correct size. However, the style and the type of the accessory depending on the person you buy the gift for. You ought to know about the likes and dislikes of the person you purchase the accessory for.


It is essential to invest in High Quality Tableware, and when it comes to gifting the kitchenware as a graduation present, you need to be a little thoughtful. A high-quality purchase will serve you for many years to come, and by purchasing high-quality items, one can end up with a fully stocked kitchen that is likely to last a lifetime. The slow cooker is one such kitchen equipment which is essential as a wide variety of foods can be cooked in it, and it also uses less electricity than an oven. These cookers are less energy intensive than all the conventional electric ovens, thus more economical. Increasingly, many people opt for a slow cooker as they preserve more nutrients than other methods such as frying, boiling and baking. A toaster is also kitchenware, and it is essential as a typical toaster uses the heat radiated from the hot electric elements for heating the piece of bread.
Following are the types of kitchenware prevalent at Angie’s homes-


Interior Design requires furniture and interior designers who want to create their style to use furniture in diverse ways. All the other items in the room use the furniture as a focal point around which they are placed to create a designer's signature look. 

  • Furniture creates a formalized structure.

Using the right kind of furniture gives your room a balanced feel and look. All the attractive cutting-edge pieces of furniture provide a foundation for your space.

  • Beautify Interior Design

It is also very essential to strike a balance between beauty, functionality and style. If you use the right furniture, it can transform the available space in any room and add long-lasting beauty to it.

  • Conveys a signature style.

All the interior designers have a signature style, and the furniture they choose defines their work the shape, size and colour and design of the furniture also make the room eclectic.

Following are some furniture items you can give your loved one who is graduating-

  • Heart Pink Chair
  • Kaira Grey Fusion Dining Chair
  • Kara Brown Fashion Dining Chair
  • Nyra Brown Fashion Dining Chair
  • Rattan Gold Metal table
  • Mandalal Gold Metal Side table
  • Genon Gold Metal Side Table
  • Toscano Metal Table
  • Slaby Metal Table
  • Minimal Metal Table
  • Guarding metal table

Coffee Mug

A coffee mug is a very ideal graduation gift. Buy giving a coffee mug as a gift, you are trying to make a special connection with that person. A coffee mug is a great collectible and by giving a mug as a gift, one is extending a special reminder to the person that they are loved and cared about.

A coffee has many uses and it is much more than something you can drink from. It can also be used for storing pens, paint brushes and many other things. 
Mentioned below are some different types of coffee mugs

  • Classic mugs

The classic mugs are usually made of ceramic, glass or porcelain, and they have similar base and top. They are best suited in homes and offices, and one can choose these mugs based on their material as they have different heat retention capacities.

  • Regular mugs

Most people use regular mugs as they are the larger version of the classic coffee mugs. They have a similar design as that of a coffee mug. However, they are different in size.

Material used for Coffee Mugs

  • Ceramic

It is the most used material for a coffee mug, and it can be molded into various shapes, sizes and designs according to one’s preference. It is non-toxic to the environment and it is a little porous. Ceramic is less fragile as compared to glass, and it is also scratch less. 

  • Porcelain

It is a kind of ceramic, however, it is a little different in properties and the texture. It is made with finer clay particles. It is more smooth and strong, and it is also a little bit denser.

  • Glass

This is the best material for making mugs and a majority of people do not prefer drinking coffee from glass mugs. However, the shapes can be diversified and glasses are loved by a majority of old schools.

Following are the types of coffee mugs which are available at Angie’s homes-

  • Oslo Red Coffee Mug
  • Kyoto Blue Coffee Mug
  • Tokyo Butterfly Coffee Mug
  • Panama Leaf Design Coffee Mug
  • Blue bird Floral Coffee Mug

After graduating from a college or a university, the person would want to move to a different city for a job or further education. He/she can also move into a new apartment as it is the first step towards one can take as an independent adult. In such a case, they might start scouting for furniture, dining table and bathroom accessories for decking up their home with. 

Bathroom Accessories are very important as they add comfort and style to one’s bathroom space. For leaving a tempting impression on the guests who visit the house, modernization of the bathroom accessories has come into the picture. 
The first thing one should consider while buying bathroom accessories is the size of the bathroom. It is ideal to go for compact designs which can accommodate the bathroom space. One of the most common accessories which can be used in a bathroom is a mirror. The size of the mirror will depend on the taste and the needs of the person. Bath mats and rugs are also important in a bathroom as they are the ones which prevent the person from wetting the bathroom and these rugs come in a plethora of shapes and textures. One can also make use of contemporary accessories such as the faucets or the fittings which adds a classic and a personal touch to your bathroom.

We all know that an unsanitary bathroom is a major turnoff for everyone and it can also become a breeding ground for many types of dangerous bacteria which cause diseases. Bathroom fresheners are important as they not only help in eliminating the odour but also make sure that there is no air borne germs lingering around. Many people tend to like different types of Fragrances in their bathroom. The best type of bathroom scents are fresh and airy. You can make your bathroom smell good by adding a couple of drops of the essential oils to a container or a dish. All these fragrances mask the bad or the pungent odour and they impart a pleasant odour.

A soap dish is also one of the most important accessories in the bathroom. It is a shallow open container where a bar of soap may be placed for drying and they are usually located near a sink or a shower. These soap dishes are made from waterproof materials such as ceramic, plastic, metal or glass. 
Soap dishes are associated with hygiene and they are a very integral part of a bathroom. These soap dishes are a standalone accessory and their placement is at the user’s discretion. It is recommended to keep a soap dish outside the perimeter of a faucet for it to be dry all the time.

Following are the types of bathroom accessories which are available at Angie’s Homes-

  • Roger Golden Bathroom Accessories
  • Brown Agate Vanity Set
  • Rock Crystal Vanity Set
  • Somany Pinnacle Soap dish
  • Vahi Fragrance
  • Faidh Fragrance
  • Idris Fragrance
  • Babr Fragnance

These are some of the aesthetics you can gift your loved ones as a graduation gift. You can also get a College registry done at Angie’s Home!

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