Discover the Elegance of Corelle Dinnerware Sets at Angie Homes

Introduction Dinnerware is not just plates and bowls in the simplest definition; it is what completes your dining theme, and captures the aesthetic...
Discover the Elegance of Corelle Dinnerware Sets at Angie Homes


Dinnerware is not just plates and bowls in the simplest definition; it is what completes your dining theme, and captures the aesthetics of your home. The frequent realisation by most people that such items are both functional and beautiful is fully recognised by Angie Homes. When it comes to dinnerware set that gives that sublime touch to your dining experience, our Corelle dinnerware set collection will not let you down. This blog is aimed to explain basic information about Corelle dinnerware sets, their descriptions, advantages, and why are they so important to have in your dining room?In this article, we’re going to explore Corelle dinnerware and how Angie Homes can help you find the right set that is perfect for homes alike.

What Is Corelle Dinnerware Set?

What Is Corelle Dinnerware Set?


Corelle is a famous brand well admired by consumers because of its lightweight but highly durable, and elegant dinnerware. Their dinnerware sets are made from Vitrelle, a material that is resilient, and the dinnerware is famous for its superior elegant designs. Vitrelle or vitamin is a glass laminate that is made of three layers of glass and this makes the Corelle dinnerware piece to be very strong and cannot be easily chipped or broken. Some of the sets that are offered in the market are dinner sets, side sets, bowl sets and mug sets to mention but a few.

Types of Corelle Dinnerware Set

Types of Corelle Dinnerware Set


It is important to note that Corelle has many sets of dishes available depending on the needs of a customer or their preference. Here are some popular types available at Angie Homes:Here are some popular types available at Angie Homes:

    • Classic White

      Functional and elegant, the Classic White Corelle dinnerware set has “Unused Root” that harmonizes well with today’s settings. Designed for use in everyday dining as well as more specific occasions such as business or office lunches and dinners, this set adds a certain level of elegance to the meals which are served in a dining room.

        • Floral Designs

          There are those who prefer to have something that will remind them of the beauty of nature even while in the dining area and for this, Corelle has come up with dinnerware sets that have been designed with floral designs. These sets bring an attractive and at the same time a playful note to your dining table, and every meal will make a delight.

            • Geometric Patterns

              A touch of class and simplicity, Corelle’s geometric pattern sets are ideal for people with modern decorations. These designs are fashionable and when placed on the table, make your experience when eating quite refreshing at the same time and perhaps even unique, depending with what they are placed on.

                • Rustic and earthy tones

                  Corelle cookware also has its sets as in the natural colors and some more raw looking which is best for the warm and homey look. These sets are great for family dinner and leisurely consumptive meals that make diners feel welcomed.

                  Benefits of Corelle Dinnerware Set

                  Benefits of Corelle Dinnerware Set


                  Corelle dinnerware sets offer numerous benefits that make them a popular choice for households around the world:

                    • Durability

                      A feature that has attracted many people to the use of Corelle dinnerware is the strength of the product. These sets are made from Vitrelre glass and have the durability of being chip, break, and scratch reistant so they last years.

                        • Lightweight

                          Nonetheless, Corelle dishes are slightly heavy duty, yet these pieces are incredibly lightweight so that clients do not struggle holding them or storing them. This makes the feature especially appealing for people with scarce space to store their cookware or who favor lesser portions of oil and butter.

                            • Space-Saving Design

                              they are made in a way that allows them to be stored in a stacking manner in the limited kitchen cabinet space. The nice thing about most dish sets is that they come in compact sizes, enabling you to put more of them in a limited space thereby creating more space in your kitchen.

                                • Microwave and Dishwasher safe

                                  It includes that microwave and dishwasher safe Corelle dishes are very convenient to incorporate in your everyday lifestyle. They have the advantage of withstanding higher temperatures, not losing their full structural or architectural appearance.

                                    • Variety of Designs

                                      Over and above, we can attest to the fact that Corelle has something for everyone considering the infinite designs and patterns available in the market. No matter if you like more minimalistic, traditional, or shabby chic, you can always find a set that fits you.

                                      Advantage of Corelle Dinnerware Set

                                      Advantage of Corelle Dinnerware Set


                                        • Aesthetic Appeal

                                          You’ll be pleased to recognize that the Corelle dinnerware sets are not merely useful but also stylish too. This is a proof that there are various designs when it comes to sets so as to find the best one to complete the table setting complementing the home décor.

                                            • Cost-Effective

                                              In other words, it is very hard-wearing, and the pretty, timeless designs of Corelle sets are more than worth their cheap price. They do not wear out quickly; therefore, there will not be much need for their replacement and this will be advantageous in a long run financially.

                                                • Easy Maintenance

                                                  Corelle dinnerware is very easy to clean and can easily be maintained, thus meaning that the user will spend very little time required in cleaning the set. These are not prone to retaining food, hence they are easy to clean, being dishwasher safe or easily handwashed.

                                                    • Versatility

                                                      These sets are ideal to use every time you are cooking for your family and or with your friends or co-workers during a business event. They are fashionable, and as such they can be used in meals that are served on a casual basis as well as for formal occasions.

                                                        • Health and Safety

                                                          The Corelle dishes are produced from safe and non-porous material that does not harbor on odors and stains. This feature helps you to minimise contact between your food and unwashed hands hence making your food to be safe for human consumption.

                                                          Top 10 Luxury Corelle Dinnerware Set

                                                          Top 10 Luxury Corelle Dinnerware Set


                                                          1. Corelle Boutique Brushed

                                                          This set is created with grace, its design that resembles subtle, elegant brush stroke, adds classy elegance to your dining table. It is quite appropriate for formal dinners, cocktail parties or even arranged informal meals.

                                                          1. Corelle Square Splendor

                                                          All-in-four-square-plates-bright and fearless colourful . This set will fit modern dining Table perfectly to complement any given meal.

                                                          1. Corelle livingware winter frost white

                                                          Classy and boarder-line conservative, this all-white attire is appropriate for various occasions. As you can see it’s not particularly fancy but it is elegant and will fit in any decorative theme.

                                                          1. Corelle Impressions Watercolors

                                                          Stylish and elegant, this set will not only provide a wonderful dining setting but is artfully crafted with watercolor patterns. Works best when included as a garnishing ingredient on your meals to enhance the colour.

                                                          1. Corelle Vive Sweet Lavender

                                                          Corelle Vive Sweet Lavender is a comprehensive and multi-functional dinnerware collection that can complement any home’s décor.Subtle filigree of the lavender color adds elegance to these plates, so they are ideal for using during spring and summer.

                                                          1. Corelle Garden Lace

                                                          Readily usable and versatile, still, it has an ornament in the form of a beautiful floral lace pattern, which gives the set a delicate and sophisticated appearance.

                                                          1. Corelle Provincial Blue

                                                          This set imitates some of the French designs and has that distinctive blue color that brings about vintage looking and sophistication.

                                                          1. Corelle Simple Lines

                                                          This set is perfect for contemporary homes as it has a modernistic furniture with clean lines giving it a neat and elegant look. It blurs out all clutter and brings a form of elegance on your dining table.

                                                          1. Corelle City Block

                                                          Black and white geometric patterns make this outfit quite bright and distinctive which can become the decoration of any dinner.

                                                          1. Corelle Bella Faenza

                                                          As you can see from the descriptions, this set has very detailed drawings, so it is perfect for use in more official scenarios, such as the formal diner.

                                                          Corelle Dinner Set- 30 Pack

                                                          Corelle Dinner Set- 30 Pack


                                                          The dinner set by Corelle is available in 30 pieces making it ideal for large families or numerous households. This set typically includes:

                                                          • 8 Dinner Plates
                                                          • 8 Salad Plates
                                                          • 8 Soup/Cereal Bowls
                                                          • 4 Mugs
                                                          • 2 Serving Bowls

                                                          This powerhouse set guarantees you consistencies in your dining equipment supply without compromising on quality. It is good to know that the variety of pieces can result in serving multiple courses or preparing for a reception with more people coming.

                                                          Corelle Dinnerware Set of 21 Pcs

                                                          Corelle Dinnerware Set of 21 Pcs


                                                          Ideal for smaller families or couples, the 21-piece Corelle dinnerware set offers a balanced selection of essential pieces:

                                                          • 6 Dinner Plates
                                                          • 6 Salad Plates
                                                          •  6 Soup/Cereal Bowls
                                                          •  3 Serving Bowls

                                                          It will serve everyone’s need for everyday dishes come breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

                                                          Corelle Dinnerware Set of 57 Pcs

                                                          Corelle Dinnerware Set of 57 Pcs


                                                          Corelle Dinner Set includes 4 Dinner plates, 4 salad plates, 8 bowls, 16 cups, 15 dinner forks, 15 dinner knives, 15 dinner spoons

                                                          Among the dinnerware sets we have today are the 57-piece Corelle dinnerware set ideal for events that require a lot of serving. This extensive set includes:

                                                          • 16 Dinner Plates
                                                          •  16 Salad Plates
                                                          •  16 Soup/Cereal Bowls
                                                          •  8 Mugs
                                                          •  1 big dinner plate

                                                          It’s reasonable enough to accommodate a large number of people and keeps your tray set ready for your casual dinners, family get-togethers, and parties.

                                                          Corelle Dinnerware Set Price In India

                                                          Corelle Dinnerware Set Price In India


                                                          India has a great market, and there are lots of choices when it comes to dinner sets, but Corelle is unique and has a special appeal to those who want to invest in quality dinner sets, as they are beautiful, easy to clean and very strong.

                                                          Corelle dinnerware sets are available in different numbers of pieces and different designs and the price to corrispond to this place is different. Here is a general price range to help you plan your purchase:

                                                          30-Piece Set: A beginner with experience of six months to one year should expect to pay from INR 6,000 to INR 12,000 for his training.

                                                          21-Piece Set: If they have to pay Rs 4000 INR to as a calling rate, they pay not more than Rs 8000 INR.

                                                          57-Piece Set: For the current financial year the net tax liability is in range of INR 15,000 to INR 25,000.

                                                          These prices inclusive of costs associated with guttering, down pipe installation and may be subjected to change depending on available discounts from Angie Homes. As for the current prices and any offered offers, it is advised to check out our website for more.

                                                          Find Best Dinnerware Online at Angie Homes

                                                          Find Best Dinnerware Online at Angie Homes


                                                          The attractive offer at Angie Homes Dinnerware promises a very extensive range of best dinnerware that you might need online.

                                                          As part of our dinnerware sets in Angie Homes, we brag of licensing the highest quality dinner sets of Corelle. Our selection is made aiming at customers’ requirements, which means that all the products of our collection are produced with a high quality of materials and a great design. Here’s why you should choose Angie Homes:Here’s why you should choose Angie Homes:

                                                          1. A whole spectrum of possible outcomes is presented.

                                                          If it comes to ceramic products then the Corelle dinner sets have inexhaustible list of designs and sizes to choose from.

                                                          1. Quality Assurance

                                                          The quality of our products is very important to us and you can be sure that any product in Angie Homes goes through quality checking and control before it is delivered to you.

                                                          1. Competitive Pricing

                                                          Easy availability of affordable dinnerware and restricted site offer big discounts thereby enabling you to buy the best dinnerware at cheaper prices.

                                                          1. Customer Support

                                                          A fast response from our customer care department shall assist you into making the right choices and to answer any queries you may have.

                                                          1. Convenient Shopping Experience

                                                          The online merchandise is presented on a well-designed page and customers can pay for the dinnerware using secure payment methods for a pleasant shopping experience at Angie Homes.


                                                          The Corelle dinnerware sets are therefore beautiful and durable and serve as an essential part of any kitchen and dining needs. From basic to more formal dishes, Corelle provides designs that can blend with any setting and can suit the lifestyle of any individual. Corelle dinnerware remains one of the finest dinnerware sets which can be had for your home and here at Angie Homes we offer you great variety in these sets. Explore our collection today and to return home with the sophistication and style of Corelle dinnerware.

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                                                          Q. Is Corelle a good dinnerware set?

                                                          Ans: Yes, Corelle is a very good dinner sets that it is hard, lightweight, easy on the eyes and perfect for both formal and casual occasions. Corelle dishes are available in Vitrelle glass making them strong enough to avoid chipping, breaking or scratching hence can serve you for long.

                                                          Q. What is special about Corelle plates?

                                                          Ans: Corelle plates are manufactured using a delicate material known as Vitrelle and it is actually made of three layers of glass. This makes then very hardy and not easily break able or chip off like their traditional counterparts. They are also relatively lightweight, and easy to pile; furthermore, designs and patterns of these boards are numerous.

                                                          Q. Why are Corelle dishes so expensive?

                                                          Ans: Despite the fact that Corelle dishes are somewhat costlier than other brands, the dish sets are long-lasting, lasting longer, and have beautiful designs that are stylish and can fit any kind of theme regardless of the period or era. Their quality is normally high because of the type of materials used as well as the designs in creating them; unlike other products they are a bit expensive but you will agree that they are worth the amount you pay for them because they can serve you for quite some time.

                                                          Q. How long do Corelle dishes last?

                                                          Ans: When used, washed and maintained properly, Corelle dishes can be used for a long time; even for as long as decades. Because of this, the utensils can be used severally and rarely experience chipping and breaking, giving a new look like those that have just been purchased.

                                                          Q. Is Corelle plastic or glass?

                                                          Ans: It is therefore important to note that Corelle dishes are made from a material called Vitrelle glass which is made up of the composite of three layers of glass. This act gives them the glass outlook but has an added bonus of toughness and hardiness of glass making it influential in architecture. They do not include plastics.

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