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Classic Interior Design has taken the world of interior designing by storm, and this type of interior design is based on balance, order and perfect...
Classic Home Interior Design

Classic Interior Design has taken the world of interior designing by storm, and this type of interior design is based on balance, order and perfect harmony. It is deep-rooted in tradition, and to distinguish classical design from other kinds of creation, you should understand the idea behind the focal point. The toughest part of interiors is to design the space planning strategically. However, with the help of Angie’s homes, it is an attainable task.

Classic Interior Design are the ones which contain sizeable focal points, and some good examples of focal points are a large fireplace, an impressive staircase or an elegant dining table. These designs create a sense of perfect symmetry, and a classic interior design is immaculate.

For an authentic classical look, many people go for off-white or beige. However, shades of yellow, green and brown are also widespread. Some muted colours of terracotta are also standard for highlighting the cult feature. The flooring is also straightforward, and mosaic and wooden floors blend beautifully with the classical finish. Teak wood is ageless when you speak of texture, the arch-shaped doors enhance the beauty of your door, and these luxury doors are held with ornate handles to add a touch of finesse. One thing which sets the classic interiors is that they are not symmetrical like the modern or the fusion interiors.

Classic Interior Solutions

Living Room Home Interior Design

We all are no strangers to the fact that a living room is the most ‘lived-in’ room in one's house, and it is the room where one spends most of his time. It is a multifunctional room of the house where one can practice reading, play games, watch TV and welcome guests! When we plan to design the living room, we fall in love with the complementary elements such as cushions, paints and Table Lamps, and you get to decide what should be the focal point of your room. It can be an accessory such as a coloured wall, a painting, a grand piano, or any other element that attracts people’s attention when they first enter the room.

The sofas in the living room have curved silhouettes and upholstery embellished with pleated work, giving your home a perfect mix of class, elegance and warmth. Some of the sofa designs we have are the Bhama Classic Silver Leaf Sofa, L-shaped Grey Velvet Upholstered sectional sofa, Camelback sofa sets, Emerson swift sofa, Republic grey sofa etc.

Lighting is also a crucial part of the Living Room Interior Solutions, and you should know how to experiment with mirrors that reflect light. For the living room, it is also recommended to use a combination of various sorts of lighting. The lighting depends on your aesthetic requirements, and you should know how to enhance the beauty of the living room through natural as well as artificial light. You can use clear, bright and neutral colours for the accessories and walls. 

You can choose from the myriad of Lights we have

  • Scorpio Handing Light
  • Tirich Hanging Light
  • Derby Hanging Light
  • Clio Hanging Light
  • Jason pendant Light
  • Kamet Hanging Lights
Living Room Interior



Kashmiri Carpet

Kashmiri Silk Carpets are the epitome of luxurious interiors and are the perfect fit for your living room as they enhance the beauty of your home. If you want to give a classic and elegant touch to your Home Décor, you can create a focal point in your living room by using a beautiful hand-knotted Kashmiri Silk Carpet. This area rug is woven in a traditional design pattern that has originated from different places in the world.

Home Decor Accessories

Accessories add warmth and style to any space, and we pledge to transcend your vision to reality by transforming your simple space into a chic space with the right Home Decor Accessories. These ensembles are a reflection of your personality and style. You can deck up the wall art that suits your Living Room perfectly. We have a plethora of wall art, such as Mouri Framed Wall art, Amano Framed Wall Art, Hills Creek Wall Art, Five Sense Framed Wall Art, Soren Framed Wall Art and Dreams Framed Wall Art. 

Bed Rooms Interior Solutions

A bedroom is one of the most significant parts of your abode, and it is necessary to rejuvenate it by giving it a classy makeover. A Luxury Classic Bed Room Interior Solutions provides baskets full of sophistication as well as character. The quintessential exotic brown wooden wall design perfectly balances with the pop of whites, and it is recommended to use wooden flooring as it looks exquisite with the furniture. The exposed brick walls and the wooden flooring go hand in hand, and the books, Home Decor Accessories and artefacts will bring in pops of colour and make your room even more vibrant. 

If you are old school at heart, you can make use of cream-coloured furniture, bringing the grey walls alive. You can also add a chic closet to the décor, which looks spunky and compact. This explicit décor is bound to leave your guests enthralled! If you are a minimalist, you can add a fresh blend of beige and white to your classic bedroom furniture.

Classic Bathroom Interior Solutions

With the right kind of interiors, you can turn to make your bathroom a personal oasis. Classic Bathroom Designs with the right detailing will give your bathroom a timeless and elegant look. A Classic Bathroom Interior should have minimalist interiors, and you should try incorporating colours such as black and white. The ideal finishing touch to the décor is completed when you deck up the bathroom with an old-fashioned bathtub with a solid black exterior that blends in perfectly with the white interior of the bathroom.
You can elevate the bathroom's appearance by adding classic wooden tones to the pristine white theme. You can also go for all marble interiors, as marble represents elegance and lavish living.

Bathroom Accessories

There are several other colour combinations, such as pebble white, gold and sea green, and they are exquisite. These touches of gold should be strategically introduced, incorporating them in bath fittings and frames around the mirrors. Gold is the colour which makes a smart and a subtle appearance around the tiles around the vanity area.

Following are some aesthetic Bathroom Accessories you can buy from Angie’s homes

  • Roger Golden Bathroom Accessories
  • Kids Bathroom Set
  • Rock Crystal Vanity Set
  • Brown Agate Vanity Set
  • Blue Agate Vanity Set
  • Rose Quartz Vanity Set

Classic Dining Interior Design

A Classic Dining Interior Design is an important space in every home, and there are many dining room ideas which can help you achieve an ideal appearance. You also can experiment with different types of designs and concepts. If you want to improve the entire appearance of the eating area, you can keep it low key and opt for blending the design with wooden pieces. It is a preconceived notion that one has to make use of traditional dining tables and chairs for defining the style of your dining area. However, this concept can also be replaced by a dining hall design concept that has a tinted glass table with chairs and this can look even more attractive by combining it with the right wall colours.

Living Room Interior

A combination of neutral colours and a plant décor also works in your favour. Adding a touch of colour is one of the simplest upgrades you can make to your dining room. Add hues of light gray with the lilac undertones adds a tinge of sophistication and it proves to be an excellent colour contrast to the dining table.

Many people appreciate uncluttered spaces and for these types of spaces, minimalist dining rooms are perfect for you! The Minimalist Home Décor and the Home Interior Design is going places and these rooms exemplify the essence of a minimal dining room. 

Decorating your dining room is very simple as you can add a few simple touches and you will be quickly able to transform your dining room into a cozy place to host dinner parties. The type of decorations you choose should express your personality and the theme that you choose for your dining room should match the vibe of your home and it should be consistent throughout. The art you put in your dining room should not be larger than the dining room table. If you love eclectic and exotic designs you can make use of patterns and colours in your dining room. Hanging indoor plants is a great idea for bringing the outdoors in

Floral Arrangements in Your Dining Room

Dining room is one of the very few places in your home which can actually benefit from fresh flowers. A well-made Flower Arrangement acts as the perfect centerpiece. These floral centerpieces are inexpensive to create, and they give your dining room a new feel.


Tableware is one such thing where functionality takes precedence over design. The right type of flatware compliments the appearance of the food and helps one to set the atmosphere. If you choose the right type of flatware, it will add to the décor and the overall dining experience. You should look out for the correct cutlery for meeting the demands of the professional hospitality.

Luxury Tableware

We have the Following Type of Flatware

  • Vintage Tea Set
  • Geometric Galore Multi Colour Plate Set
  • Bali Malachite White and Green Leaf Plate Set
  • Sarah Blue and White Plate Set
  • Spoze Black and White Plate Set
  • Elizabeth Blue and White Plate Set

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