Timeless Elegance: Classic Apartment Interior Design by Angie Homes

Introduction In the bustling coronary heart of Delhi, wherein records whispers through every road corner, lies a haven of undying elegance – a conv...


In the bustling coronary heart of Delhi, wherein records whispers through every road corner, lies a haven of undying elegance – a conventional apartment meticulously crafted by way of Angie Homes. Stepping into this sanctuary, one is immediately transported to a realm in which luxury meets sophistication, in which each corner tells a tale of refined taste and impeccable design. Join us on a adventure via the artistry of Anjaleka Kriplani and the magic of Angie Homes as we discover the epitome of conventional interior design.

Design for a Classic Style Apartment in Delhi

The architecture and design of Delhi, India's cultural blend, are testaments of the city's rich past. Enchanting and exquisite areas can be made by combining modern and traditional components in these lively homes with an classic style. Delhi's classic flats are best understood by Angie Homes, which creates interiors that capture the essence of the city by combining components of classic excellence with modern flair.

A Classic Apartment of Luxury Interior Design By Anjaleka Kriplani

The creative force of Angie Homes, Anjaleka Kriplani, is well known for her unmatched capability in opulent interior design. Anjaleka's passion for designing sincerely charged rooms and her magnificent eye for detail have allowed her to transform many homes into stylish, comfortable retreats. Angie Homes' brand name contact permeates each component of this classic apartment design, from the fine decorations to the carefully picked craftsmanship that holds tight the walls.

Transform Your Space: Classic Apartment Interior Design

Each area has the ability to turn into a masterpiece, as we would see it at Angie Homes. Our skilled design group teams up collaborates with clients to completely get a grasp on their vision and realize it in the most amazing manner. Whether we're renovating a memorable structure or adding classic enticement for a contemporary home, we appreciate meeting and exceeding assumptions with our work.

A Stylish Apartment with Classic Design Features

Timeless architectural components that endure after some time are the distinctive qualities of an classic apartment. Each viewpoint, from exquisite entrances to elaborate  crown moldings, is nicely decided to give a feeling of grandeur and complexity. Angie Homes is a pro at melding these traditional components of architecture with contemporary furnishings to make a durable entire that combines old world beauty and modern luxury.

The Eternal Apartment: Modern Classic Interior Design Ideas From Anjaleka Kriplani

Step into the Eternal Apartment, in which Anjaleka Kriplani, with her keen eye for design, has crafted a masterpiece that seamlessly blends the charm of traditional interiors with the sophistication of modern-day aesthetics. Each nook of this area tells a tale of beauty and refinement, wherein traditional elements harmonize with modern touches to create an ambiance that exudes undying appeal.

At Angie Homes, we recognize the preference to create a domestic that reflects your unique personality and tastes. Our curated series of furnishings and decor pieces includes a extensive variety of patterns, consisting of modern classics inspired by spaces like the Eternel Apartment. Let us help you rework your own home right into a sanctuary of undying beauty and modernflair. Experience the Angie Homes difference these days and embark on a journey of interior design excellence.

Top 20 Interior Designer For Classic Apartments in India

1. Anjaleka Kriplani (Angie Homes) - With a ardour for growing spaces that exude luxurious and class, Anjaleka Kriplani has set up herself as a pioneer in traditional interior design in India.

2. Sunita Kohli (K2 India) - Renowned for her understanding in restoring history properties and crafting classic interiors with a modern-day twist, Sunita Kohli is a stalwart in the Indian design industry.

3. Ashiesh Shah - A maverick in the international of design, Ashiesh Shah is understood for his eclectic fashion and capability to seamlessly blend classic and contemporary factors in his creations.

4. Gauri Khan - As one among India's leading interior designers, Gauri Khan brings her signature combination of opulence and refinement to every mission, developing conventional spaces that exude glamour.

5. Shabnam Gupta (The Orange Lane) - With a keen eye for detail and a flair for incorporating conventional Indian factors into contemporary design, Shabnam Gupta has carved a spot for herself inside the global of classic interiors design.

6. Vinita Chaitanya (Design Café) - Specializing in developing classic interiors which can be both elegant and functional, Vinita Chaitanya brings a fresh attitude to Indian design together with her modern technique.

7. Rohit Bal - Renowned for his first-rate fashion designs, Rohit Bal also lends his creative genius to interior design, infusing conventional areas together with his signature style and beauty.

8. Raseel Gujral Ansal (Casa Paradox) - A pioneer inside the subject of luxury interior design, Raseel Gujral Ansal combines traditional aesthetics with modern-day influences to create stunningly lovely areas.

9. Vikram Goyal (VIKRAMGOYAL) - Known for his impeccable interest to detail and undying design sensibility, Vikram Goyal creates traditional interiors that are both state-of-the-art and welcoming.

10. Tania Handa (Handa Designs) - With a focus on growing fashionable and undying interiors, Tania Handa brings a sense of refinement to each assignment, crafting conventional areas that stand the test of time.

11. Lipika Sud (Lipika Sud Interiors) - Renowned for her awesome flavor and impeccable sense of favor, Lipika Sud focuses on creating conventional interiors that mirror the particular persona of her customers.

12. Rajiv Saini & Associates - Known for their innovative approach to design and attention to detail, Rajiv Saini & Associates creates classic interiors that are timeless and contemporary.

13. Ritu Nanda (Chaitanya Design Studio) - With a passion for luxury and a dedication to excellence, Ritu Nanda designs classic interiors which might be elegant, refined, and utterly charming.

14. Kavita Singh Interiors - Specializing in creating classic interiors with a moderntwist, Kavita Singh Interiors infuses each mission with a feel of sophistication and fashion.

15. Sussanne Khan (The Charcoal Project) - With a keen eye for design and an aptitude for creating areas that are each stylish and purposeful, Sussanne Khan brings a modern sensibility to classic interiors.

16. Ambrish Arora (Studio Lotus) - Known for his or her progressive technique to design and dedication to sustainability, Studio Lotus creates traditional interiors which are both timeless and environmentally conscious.

17. Puneet Jasuza (Punit Jasuza & Associates) - With a focus on creating classic interiors that reflect each client’s unique personality, Puneet Jasuza & Associates brings warmth and elegance to every project.

18. Kavita Singhania (Design Studio) - Renowned for her impeccable flavor and interest to element, Kavita Singhania designs classic interiors which are each highly-priced and alluring.

19. Suniti Bhimani (Artique Design Studio) - Specializing in growing traditional interiors which can be each stylish and undying, Suniti Bhimani infuses every assignment with a experience of grace and class.

20. Neha Changwani (Neha Changwani Designs) - With a ardour for creating areas which can be each stunning and useful, Neha Changwani designs traditional interiors which might be tailored to the wishes and possibilities of her customers.

Top 10 Interior Designer For Classic Apartments in Delhi

1. Anjaleka Kriplani (Angie Homes):

An epitome of luxurious and refinement, Anjaleka Kriplani's Angie Homes stands out as a pacesetter in classic interiors design in Delhi. With a keen eye for element and a ardour for growing spaces that evoke emotion, Anjaleka has converted countless houses into havens of style and comfort.

2. Sunita Kohli (K2 India):

Renowned for her information in restoring background houses and crafting traditional interiors with a cutting-edge twist, Sunita Kohli is a stalwart inside the Delhi design scene. Her organization, K2 India, specializes in creating undying spaces that seamlessly combo culture with modernity.

3. Shabnam Gupta (The Orange Lane):

With a completely unique ability to infuse classic design factors with a cutting-edge sensibility, Shabnam Gupta is one in every of Delhi's most sought-after interiors designers. Her corporation, The Orange Lane, is known for growing spaces that are each stylish and welcoming, with a focus on craftsmanship and interest to element.

4. Raseel Gujral Ansal (Casa Paradox):

A call synonymous with luxurious and class, Raseel Gujral Ansal's Casa Paradox is renowned for its revolutionary method to classic interior design. With a portfolio that spans excessive-quit residences, hotels, and industrial areas, Raseel brings a experience of drama and opulence to every venture.

5. Vinita Chaitanya (Design Café):

Specializing in creating conventional interiors which might be both stylish and practical, Vinita Chaitanya's Design Café is a name to reckon with inside the Delhi design industry. With a focal point on developing areas that mirror the specific personality of each purchaser, Design Café brings a clean angle to traditional interiors design.

6. Rajiv Saini & Associates:

Known for its innovative approach to design and meticulous attention to details, Rajiv Saini & Associates is one of the leading interior design firms in Delhi With their imagination built on timeless spaces that are stylish and contemporary, Rajiv Saini & Associates brings meaning that is sophisticated for any project.

7. Lipika Sud (Lipika Sud Interiors):

Renowned for her exceptional taste and impeccable feel of fashion, Lipika Sud makes a speciality of developing classic interiors that are tailored to the needs and preferences of her clients. With a focal point on growing areas which are each high-priced and livable, Lipika Sud Interiors has earned a reputation for excellence in the Delhi design scene.

8. Kavita Singh Interiors:

With a ardour for creating areas that exude warm temperature and beauty, Kavita Singh Interiors is a name synonymous with conventional interiors design in Delhi. Known for his or her interest to element and dedication to nice, Kavita Singh Interiors brings a sense of sophistication to every task they adopt.

9. Punit Jasuja (Punit Jasuja & Associates):

Specializing in creating timeless and contemporary classic interiors, Punit Jasuja & Associates is a name to be reckoned with in the Delhi design industry. Puneet Jasuza & Associates focuses on creating spaces that reflect everyone’s unique personality bringing a new approach to classic interior design.

10. Tania Handa (Handa Designs):  

With a focal point on creating classic interiors which are each stylish and understated, Tania Handa's Handa Designs is a name to reckon with inside the Delhi design scene. Known for her impeccable flavor and interest to element, Tania Handa brings a experience of refinement to every project she undertakes.

4BHK Apartment Classic Interiors by Anjaleka Kriplani

Step inside a 4BHK apartment adorned with traditional interiors designed by way of Anjaleka Kriplani, and you'll be transported to a world of timeless elegance. Every room is a testament to Angie Homes' commitment to craftsmanship and luxury, with luxurious fabric, wonderful furnishings, and bespoke accents that elevate the space to new heights of sophistication. From the grandeur of the living room to the intimacy of the bedroom, every corner tells a tale of delicate taste and impeccable design.

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