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Introduction Our country is known for having countless festivals spread throughout the year. And other long-time gaps are filled by some big or sma...
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Our country is known for having countless festivals spread throughout the year. And other long-time gaps are filled by some big or small occasions like birthdays, Valentines, weddings, anniversaries, house-warming, and so forth. Moreover, you can also come across occasions where you’ll feel the need for some useful solutions for corporate gifting or registry for your kids. While these occasions and festivals can bring abundant joy and excitement, they come with confusion and dilemma for buying the perfect or right gifts for your loved ones.

With the digital era taking over traditional norms, the days of giving physical gifts seem to be long gone. Since people are operating everything online, they have replaced physical stores for buying gifts and other items and like to browse online to find the perfect gift for various occasions. Online exposure gives them the freedom to search for various categories and brands that complement their budget.

Uniquely Curated Gift Cards for Special Ones

Being a globally renowned entity in the international interior design industry, Angie Homes has opened its online portal and offers an extensive array of products and services. One of our esteemed service categories includes ‘Gift Cards’ that are turning out to be the best alternative for an occasional present.

Our uniquely curated gift cards will take away the pain and hassle of selecting the perfect gift while being a considerate and thoughtful gifting option for your loved ones. Our gift cards, which are earmarked for some special occasions, will solve the gift-giving problem as they will provide the recipients the freedom to pick whatever they want or find useful from our elaborate website of Angie Homes. Gift cards are rising as a popular, convenient, and thoughtful alternative for several occasions like anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, festivities, housewarming, and many other events as well.

Angie Homes has taken a huge leap into the future and introduced a wide assortment of Gift Cards that are unique as well as thoughtful. Bring joy with a touch of class and luxury, Angie Homes classifies the range of its gift cards into festivals as well as occasions such as Diwali, New Year, Valentines, Christmas, Birthdays, Anniversaries, House Warming, Wedding, Shagun, Mehendi, Corporate Gifts, Kids & College Registry and so on.

Complementing every occasion, Angie Homes offers a range of gift cards that will not only embellish your interiors but will set a style statement. Angie Homes is a one-stop shop for all your home decor needs and our gift cards provide solutions to each occasional gift-giving tradition. The common presents on occasions like sweets, snacks, and hampers will perish but a home decor gift will stay for a longer time and will remind them of you each time they see it.

  1. Birthday, Valentines & Anniversary


Kids’ furniture is a great category to choose from when you are hunting for presents for kids. Investing in their surroundings and decorating their room might be the best gift you can give them. Have a look at the trendy and classy Scoop Poufs that are available in a set of 2. The poufs are designed for modern and contemporary interior settings and come with a soft sea green Shaneel covering that covers the sides with vertical quilted bars. It has a plain Shaneel fabric on the top that exudes a classy look.


Babies can learn a lot from their surroundings making it significant for you to design and provide them with a safe learning environment. Inspire them with some good stuff and lighten up their den with our Baby Room Wall Decor Voucher.


Interior aesthetics have a significant role to play when it comes to first impressions or reflecting your personality. Help your loved ones adorn their interiors with this beautiful bar trolley that comes with a modern finish and sleek design.


If you are looking for a perfect gift for someone who likes to host dinner parties or get-togethers and has a taste for tableware then a gift card for Premium Cutlery will do the trick. Take a look at this set of cutlery with modern designs and an alluring finish.


Another category of gift cards that you can explore for special occasions is the throws & blankets category. Throws and blankets are a classic gift and will never disappoint the recipient. Angie Homes offers gift cards for throws and blankets with premium quality fabric.


Make a toast with your loved ones with this attractive set of Wine Glasses that will set the right mood for every occasion.


Artwork is another category of Angie Homes that you can explore for special occasions. Buy a gift card for your close ones who have artistic taste and would cherish art in their interiors.

    2. Diwali, New Year & Christmas


      Choosing furniture for your next gift card can be a great option. If you know the interiors of the gift recipient then you can choose the right furniture as a gift. This classy rectangular wooden sideboard table gift card will make your interior enthusiast’s gift recipient feel extra special.


      You can explore the comfort category for your gift-giving tradition and have a close look at our Chaise Sofa. Exuding luxury and class with a unique design, this Chaise sofa is bound to impress the spectators and add to your modern interiors.


      If your gift recipient likes to host tea parties and is a fan of tableware and silverware, then this stunning Silver Plated Tea Set can be the perfect gift for them on special occasions like Diwali or on their birthday.


      Gifts for festivals and similar occasions must contain a little festive theme. Surprise them by sending them a gift card for this stunning Silver Plated Diya and make their Diwali extra special.


      If you have family or friends who have a modern or contemporary interior set up, you can grab this Gift voucher for a modern center table. This golden accented beauty with marble table top will provide a style statement to your living room.

        3. Wedding, Shagun & Mehendi


          For those who like to enjoy occasional drinks, this amazing gift card for whiskey decanter is the perfect gift.


          Angie Homes has an extensive range for the vases category. As vases constitute a flawless home decor item and can be adorned according to your convenience, a gift card for a beautiful and extravagant vase is the perfect gift.


          You can also be considerate towards your loved ones and give them this voucher. Apart from showing love and care, this gift card will be cherished by them.


          Table lamps are another great category to explore. Given our wide range of table lamps, you can pick one for your family or friends that complement their interiors.


          Duvets are a very graceful gift. You can send a gift card for a duvet cover set to a newly married couple or give them to someone for a special occasion.

            5. House warming & Corporate Gifts


              Angie Homes brings to you a wide range of stylish mirrors. If you are getting ready for someone’s housewarming party or searching for a corporate gift then this gift voucher is the perfect gift.


              This voucher constitutes the perfect gift for corporate as well as for housewarming events. It comes with premium quality and modern designs that will impress your guests.


              Choose this elegantly designed murano vase for your next corporate gift-giving or for someone’s house warming party. This unique murano glass will complement all interior aesthetics and impress the spectators with its glossy glass finish and strong build.


              What better way to make your loved ones feel special than giving them the opportunity to choose a gift they like or want. Another advantage of picking a gift card is that you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time worrying about finding the right present. Angie Homes provide an assorted range of vouchers and gift cards for all occasions that will never disappoint the recipients and make a great impression of you.

              Furthermore, Angie Homes always provides referral bonuses to those who refer our gift cards to their family or friends. This ultimately benefits everyone! So, explore from a wide-ranging product gallery and gift cards and voucher sections and pick your favorite luxurious accents today.

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