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We ensure our customers have a great time as India's first and largest online gifting portal. India makes it easy and convenient to send gifts onli...
Wedding Gifts

We ensure our customers have a great time as India's first and largest online gifting portal. India makes it easy and convenient to send gifts online. Online, people buy presents for their family and friends. When you purchase a gift online through Angie's List, you can find something that fits the person, the occasion, the age, and your relationship with them.
Angie Homes offers a variety of gifts for various occasions, including the Engagement Gift, the Mehndi Gift, the Trousseau Gift, and the Wedding Gift. You can purchase things based on your preferences.

What Is a Great Wedding Gifts?

Somoni Hanging Light

Somoni Hanging Light Give your living space a warm glow with the help of this gorgeous hanging Light. The timeless elegance of its design is undeniably captivating. The Light features sleek and sophisticated aesthetic and cutting-edge functions. The Somoni Hanging Light is crafted from high-quality materials and features a shine that is both sturdy and long-lasting. If you give this Somoni Hanging Light Wedding Gifts to a family member, they will undoubtedly think it is thoughtful. This seems like an awe-inspiring wedding gift to the person you love.

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Standing Light was Named After Maxson

A standing light is a decorative element in the living room, dining room, and bedroom. We can put it to use in both residential and commercial settings. This Maxson Standing Light for Gifts is a beautiful alternative for a wedding present for any of your relatives because it can be used in various locations. When seeing their dwellings with this Light cast, one gets the impression of increased refinement. If you are looking to buy Classic or Contemporary Standing Lights to give as wedding gifts, then you can do so at Angie Homes because they have a supply available.

Pillow Cushion for Wedding

A pillow makes a thoughtful and appropriate present for any wedding-related occasion. The Pillow Cushion for Wedding Gifts comes in the shapes of a rectangle and a square and features a variety of designs.

In addition to providing elevated comfort in your sleeping area, they can also aid in bringing texture, colour, and pattern to the room and making the place feel cosier. On the other hand, when it comes to scattering and throwing pillows, quality is almost always more important than number. An overabundance of cushions can make a room appear cluttered and bustling.

The Most Excellent Trousseau Gifts

Ameli Green Fusion Dining Chair 

This Dining Chair, which features an ideal fusion of Contemporary and Modern Design, is exactly what you need to take the decor in your dining area to the next level. The chair provides excellent comfort both in terms of its seat and its back support. The raw materials utilized in the Ameli Green Fusion Dining Chairs production are of an exceptionally high standard. The Ameli Green Fusion Dining Chair is the perfect present to give as part of the trousseau gift. You can select the desired number of Ameli Green Fusion Dining Chairs from the available inventory on the Angie Homes website.

Engagement Gift

Denver Blue Sofa

Energize the atmosphere of your home with this Contemporary Sofa in Denver Blue. Please put it in your living room for a modern design for your comfortable environment. Marandi is the primary material utilized in production, and the colour of this substance is blue. You might use this sofa you buy for your daughter's wedding as part of her Contemporary Sofa Trousseau Gift. Your daughter's laws will most likely take a shine to it.

Zeke Coffee Table

The Trousseau Gift collection would benefit significantly from the addition of a coffee table. Coffee Tables are low tables utilized in living room settings and positioned in the centre of seated furniture. They are also cocktail tables, used for beverages and flowers and as a standard table for setting things on. Brown is the colour that it is.

Compared to centre tables, Zeke Coffee Tables often have a lower surface area. They are designed to be positioned in front of a sofa or seating area.It is common to practise placing a coffee table in the exact centre of a living room, which also happens to be the point at which the room's length and width are proportionately equal. On the other hand, there may be more than one visual centre point in L-shaped living rooms or living rooms that are long and narrow. If you find that this Zeke Coffee Table meets your needs, you should consider purchasing it from Angie Homes.

The Best Engagement Gifts for Couples


When it comes to artificial arrangements, the Alanis Artificial Flower is your best option for Home Decoration. It has a calming and refreshing green colour. If you give it to them as a gift for an engagement, then your relatives are guaranteed to be overjoyed, and they will like it. Alanis Artificial Flower is available online in India with angiehomes.co this Alanis artificial flower bright in up your home and make your home environment very peaceful. Alanis Artificial Flower Planter make your home environment extremely relaxing.

Engagement Gifts


ARA Yellow Golden Elegant Flower Vases created with Exclusive Murano Glass Vases. This piece of home décor gives off the impression of being unique. Angie Homes Online E-commerce Platform is where you can buy Home Decor like this, which is available online in India. Because it is unique compared to other gifts that one might give, this is the ideal present to provide for an engagement.


Your bedroom can have a contemporary and timeless look by purchasing a bed sheet collection with a chic Printed and Self Stripe Design. This lovely Online Bed Set is made from 100% soft cotton, and as a result, it is very breathable and lightweight. This is a convenient item to have as an engagement gift. Its design is imposing, and as a result, you should buy it for either your own home or for a guest room.

Willow Dinner Plates

Contemporary Dinner Plate sets crafted of high-quality Porcelain and Bone China Luxury Tableware is excellent in every way for your social functions. The colour of the Willow Dinner Plates that we provide is white. It is made to an extremely high standard. This dinner set is ideal for a gift for an engagement or use in the home.

Willow Dinner Set Detail

1 Set - 4 pcs (1 Charger Plate, 1 Dinner Plate, 1 Quarter Plate, 1 Snack/ Dessert Plate) 2 Set - 12 pcs (6 Dinner Plates + 6 Quarter Plates) 3 Set- 18 pcs (6 Dinner Plates + 6 Quarter Plates + 6 Snack/ Dessert Plates) 4 Set - 24 pcs (6 Dinner Plates + 6 Quarter Plates + 6 Snack/ Dessert Plates + 6 Charger Plates)

What is an Appropriate Gift for an Mehndi Party?

Mehndi Gift

Reed Diffuser with Eternal Romance

Engagement Gifts

Rich amber, which reminisces of an open fire in the winter, is improved with fruit top notes to create a very seductive and alluring odor. Helps create a mood of quiet. This racy present can be purchased as a Mehndi Gift for the people in your circle of friends. They will, without a doubt, adore it. A High Quality Fragrances will not only leave you smelling nice, but it will also lift your spirits. Utilizing scents offers several distinct advantages. It may help you feel more confident, make you more attractive, function as an aphrodisiac (which is a drug that stimulates sexual desire), keep your stress levels under control, and provide relief from insomnia and headaches. It is the perfect present for the mehndi ceremony.


Olympia Decorative Paper Mache Box

The Olympia Decorative Paper Mache Box is an excellent choice for a mehndi gift because it is a piece of decor that lends a sense of grandeur to any home. The Olympia Decorative Paper Mache Box gives the appearance of an older period in your Interior Design.
A memory preserved in a box will be passed down through the generations. This line of thinking prompted the creation of a paper mache box that features rich flora and fauna silhouetted in a design that is one of a kind.
Its size is 10 inches by 13 inches, and its color is a blue-black combination.


  • What is the Significance of Bringing Gifts to Weddings?

Wedding Presents are presented to the newlywed couple as a sign of thanks and a way to express one's warmest wishes for their future. The act of gift-giving in and of itself is a helpful method to express gratitude to the bride and groom for their wedding.

  • What are Some of the Reasons for Giving a Gift?

It is common practice to present gifts to those who have positively impacted our life as a token of our appreciation for them. However, there is a widespread belief that offers must be expensive to show how much we care.

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