Buy a Luxury Table Online in India From Angie Homes

In the realm of interior design, the choice of furniture plays a pivotal role in defining the aesthetic appeal of a space. Among the various pieces...
Buy a Luxury Table Online in India From Angie Homes

In the realm of interior design, the choice of furniture plays a pivotal role in defining the aesthetic appeal of a space. Among the various pieces that contribute to a home's charm, a luxury table stands out as a versatile and eye-catching element. If you're considering enhancing your living space with a touch of opulence, delve into the world of luxury tables.

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore what luxury tables are, the types available, their benefits and advantages, tips for choosing the right luxury dining table, reasons to opt for custom luxury tables, a curated list of the top 10 luxury tables in India, and finally, how to buy a luxury table online at the best prices, with a special focus on Angie Homes.

What is a Luxury Table?

What is a Luxury Table?

A luxury table transcends the ordinary, embodying the epitome of elegance and sophistication within the realm of furniture design. Crafted with an unwavering commitment to precision and finesse, these tables elevate themselves beyond mere functional pieces to emerge as exquisite works of art. The essence of luxury tables lies in their ability to seamlessly blend functionality with aesthetics, creating a harmonious marriage of practicality and beauty.

  • Meticulous Attention to Detail

At the heart of every luxury table lies a dedication to meticulous attention to detail. Craftsmen painstakingly work on each element, ensuring that every curve, every joint, and every finishing touch contributes to the overall grandeur of the piece. It is this meticulous craftsmanship that sets luxury tables apart, making them stand as a testament to the skill and artistry of those who bring them to life.

  • High-Quality Materials

Luxury tables are distinguished by the use of only the finest materials. From the rich warmth of solid woods like mahogany and walnut to the lustrous sheen of metals like brass and gold, every component is selected for its exceptional quality. The selection of materials not only imparts a luxurious aesthetic but also ensures the longevity and durability of the table, making it a lasting investment.

  • Intricate Designs

Intricacy defines the designs of luxury tables. Whether adorned with hand-carved motifs, inlay work, or intricate patterns, each table tells a story of craftsmanship and artistry. These designs not only serve as visual delights but also reflect the heritage and cultural inspirations that often influence the creation of luxury furniture.

  • Impeccable Craftsmanship

The hallmark of a luxury table is its impeccable craftsmanship. Skilled artisans invest time and expertise to bring each table to life, employing techniques that have been passed down through generations. The result is a flawless piece that exudes a sense of refinement and quality, showcasing the mastery of those who have honed their craft over years of dedication.

  • Reflection of Refined Taste

Owning a luxury table goes beyond the tangible; it becomes a reflection of one's refined taste and appreciation for beauty. These tables are curated with a discerning eye for design, and their presence in a home communicates an unwavering commitment to creating an environment that exudes sophistication and style.

  • Commitment to Lavish Living Spaces

Luxury tables are not mere furnishings; they are statements of a commitment to lavish living spaces. They transform ordinary rooms into sanctuaries of opulence, inviting residents and guests alike to immerse themselves in an environment where every piece of furniture is a testament to the art of refined living.

In essence, a luxury table is a masterpiece that transcends the boundaries of conventional furniture, weaving together art, craftsmanship, and functionality into a singular expression of opulence. It stands as a symbol of the homeowner's dedication to creating a space where every element is not just utilitarian but a celebration of the beauty inherent in design.

Types of Luxury Tables

Types of Luxury Tables

Luxury tables come in various types, each catering to different needs and design preferences. Here are some popular types:

1. Dining Tables

Luxury dining tables are a focal point in any dining room. They come in a range of shapes, sizes, and materials, allowing homeowners to choose a design that complements their interior decor.

2. Coffee Tables

In the living room, luxury coffee tables take center stage. Whether contemporary or traditional, these tables serve as both functional surfaces and decorative elements.

3. Console Tables

Console tables are often placed in entryways or behind sofas. Their slender design adds a touch of sophistication to any space, making them a popular choice for luxury interiors.

4. End Tables

Luxury end tables provide the perfect finishing touch to seating arrangements. They can be used to showcase decorative items or serve as functional surfaces for drinks and snacks.

5. Side Tables

Similar to end tables, luxury side tables offer additional surface space and can be strategically placed throughout the home for added convenience.

Benefits of Luxury Tables

Benefits of Luxury Tables

Investing in luxury tables brings forth a myriad of benefits, transforming your living spaces into refined havens. Some notable advantages include:

1. Exceptional Craftsmanship

Luxury tables are crafted with unparalleled skill and attention to detail, ensuring a level of craftsmanship that stands out in any room.

2. High-Quality Materials

From fine woods to premium metals and exotic stones, luxury tables are constructed using top-tier materials, contributing to their durability and timeless appeal.

3. Unique Designs

Each luxury table is a unique piece of art, often featuring exclusive designs that set them apart from mass-produced furniture.

4. Prestige and Status

Owning luxury furniture, including tables, conveys a sense of prestige and status, making a powerful statement about your appreciation for the finer things in life.

Advantage of Luxury Tables

Advantage of Luxury Tables

When it comes to incorporating luxury tables into your home, the advantages extend beyond aesthetics. Here are some key advantages:

1. Versatility

Luxury tables come in a wide range of styles, allowing you to find the perfect piece that complements your existing decor or serves as a standout focal point.

2. Longevity

Due to their high-quality materials and superior craftsmanship, luxury tables are built to last. Investing in such pieces ensures longevity and resistance to wear and tear.

3. Customization Options

Many luxury furniture brands, including Angie Homes, offer customization options. This allows you to tailor the table to your specific preferences, ensuring a perfect fit for your home.

4. Elevated Living Experience

The presence of luxury tables elevates the overall living experience, creating an ambiance of sophistication and comfort that resonates with residents and guests alike.

Luxury Dining Table – How to Choose the Right One?

Luxury Dining Table – How to Choose the Right One?

Choosing the right luxury dining table involves a thoughtful consideration of various factors. Here are some tips to guide you through the selection process:

1. Size Matters

Consider the size of your dining space. The table should comfortably accommodate the number of people you expect to seat regularly.

2. Shape and Style

Determine the shape that complements your dining room layout. Round tables foster intimate conversations, while rectangular tables are more formal. Additionally, choose a style that aligns with your overall decor theme.

3. Material Selection

Luxury dining tables come in an array of materials, from classic wood to sleek glass and modern metals. Select a material that harmonizes with your design vision and meets your practical requirements.

4. Comfortable Seating

Ensure there is ample space between chairs and that the table height is suitable for comfortable dining. Consider upholstered chairs for an added touch of luxury and comfort.

5. Functional Features

Opt for a dining table that offers functional features, such as extendable options for hosting larger gatherings or built-in storage solutions.

Why Choose Custom Luxury Tables for Your Home

Why Choose Custom Luxury Tables for Your Home

While pre-designed luxury tables offer exceptional quality and style, opting for custom options adds a personal touch to your furniture. Here's why choosing custom luxury tables for your home is a compelling choice:

1. Tailored to Your Style

Custom luxury tables allow you to express your unique style preferences. From selecting specific materials to choosing intricate designs, the end result is a table that perfectly aligns with your vision.

2. Fits Your Space Perfectly

Customization ensures that the table fits seamlessly into your living space. You can tailor the dimensions to accommodate specific room layouts, ensuring a harmonious and balanced look.

3. Reflects Your Personality

Luxury tables are not just pieces of furniture; they are expressions of your personality. Customization allows you to infuse your distinctive taste into the design, creating a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

4. Angie Homes Customization Options

Angie Homes, a prominent name in luxury furniture, offers customization options that empower customers to create bespoke pieces tailored to their preferences. From choosing materials to selecting finishes, Angie Homes ensures a personalized experience that goes beyond standard offerings.

Top 10 Luxury Tables in India

To help you navigate the world of luxury tables, here's a curated list of the top 10 luxury tables available in India:

  • Angie Homes Rosewood Dining Table
  • Heritage Brass Inlay Coffee Table
  • BoConcept Milano Expandable Dining Table
  • Hulsta Neo Wall Console Table
  • Knoll Saarinen Tulip Dining Table
  • Angie Homes Marquetry Coffee Table
  • Boca Do Lobo Fortuna Dining Table
  • Fendi Casa Crystal Coffee Table
  • Angie Homes Exotic Wood Side Table
  • Roche Bobois Mah Jong Modular Coffee Table

Buy Luxury Table Online at Best Prices in India

Buy Luxury Table Online at Best Prices in India

The convenience of online shopping has revolutionized the way we acquire furniture, and luxury tables are no exception. When it comes to sourcing premium tables online in India, discerning buyers turn to reputable platforms that offer a seamless shopping experience. Angie Homes, a name synonymous with luxury and quality, stands out as a go-to destination for those seeking exquisite tables to elevate their living spaces.

Buy Luxury Table Online from Angie Homes

Buy Luxury Table Online from Angie Homes

Angie Homes, with its commitment to excellence and a legacy rooted in the home furnishing business, emerges as a trusted provider of luxury tables in India. By choosing to buy a luxury table online from Angie Homes, you gain access to a carefully curated collection that combines style, functionality, and durability.

Why Angie Homes?

    • Diverse Range: Angie Homes boasts a diverse range of luxury tables, catering to various tastes and design preferences. From classic designs to contemporary pieces, there's something for everyone.
      • Quality Craftsmanship: Each table from Angie Homes reflects the brand's dedication to quality craftsmanship. Meticulously designed and constructed, these tables are a testament to the brand's commitment to excellence.
        • Customization Options: Angie Homes understands that personalization is key. With customization options, customers can tailor their tables to suit individual preferences, ensuring a truly unique addition to their homes.
          • Secure Online Shopping: The Angie Homes online platform provides a secure and user-friendly shopping experience. From browsing through the catalog to making a purchase, the process is streamlined for customer satisfaction.
            • Transparent Pricing: Angie Homes believes in transparency. The pricing structure is clear, ensuring that customers are informed about the value they receive for their investment in luxury tables.


              In the pursuit of creating a home that exudes luxury and refinement, the choice of furniture plays a pivotal role. Luxury tables, with their exquisite designs and impeccable craftsmanship, stand as iconic pieces that elevate the overall aesthetic of any living space. Whether you opt for a dining table, coffee table, or any other type of luxury table, the decision to invest in these pieces is a testament to your commitment to quality living.

              As you embark on the journey to enhance your home's interior, Angie Homes emerges as a beacon of trust and excellence. With a legacy rooted in the home furnishing business and a commitment to offering the finest in luxury, Angie Homes invites you to explore their collection of luxury tables online. Elevate your living spaces, make a statement with exquisite furniture, and indulge in the art of refined living.

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              Buy Luxury Side Table Online in India From Angie Homes


              Q. Can I change the top of the table?

              Ans: Yes, many luxury furniture providers, including Angie Homes, offer customization options that may include changing the material or finish of the table's top to suit your preferences.

              Q. Which table is better to buy online, round or square?

              Ans: The choice between a round or square table depends on your personal preference and the layout of your space. Round tables are often preferred for creating an intimate setting, while square tables can be more formal and structured.

              Q. Which table takes up less space?

              Ans: Round tables typically take up less space than square or rectangular tables, making them a popular choice for smaller dining rooms or living areas.

              Q. What is considered luxury furniture?

              Ans: Luxury furniture is characterized by exceptional quality, craftsmanship, and design. It often incorporates high-end materials, exclusive designs, and meticulous attention to detail, setting it apart from mass-produced furniture.

              Q. Which is the most expensive table?

              Ans: The price of luxury tables can vary significantly based on factors such as materials, design, and brand. Custom-made or limited-edition tables from renowned designers tend to be among the most expensive.

              Q. What materials are used in luxury furniture?

              Ans: Luxury furniture can be crafted from a range of high-quality materials, including solid wood (such as mahogany or walnut), metal accents (such as brass or gold), premium upholstery fabrics, and exotic stones (such as marble or onyx). The choice of material often contributes to the overall elegance and durability of the furniture.



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