Attractive Bunk Bed Designs For Girls

Introduction Furniture for kids – bunk beds are not only useful and practical, it’s a good way to turn an ordinary piece of furniture into a wonder...


Furniture for kids – bunk beds are not only useful and practical, it’s a good way to turn an ordinary piece of furniture into a wonderful dream-garden, fairytale-castle, and a warm, friendly, and cozi bedroom for your little darling. At Angie Homes, we do regard children’s rooms as playgrounds where dreams are shaped and memories are created. That’s why we have collected the most spacious and at the same time pleasantly surprising bunker bed designs to make your daughter’s dream come true. Here, we present contemporary flags for various moods, from a lighthearted spirited and themed to modern designs for the more playful, style, and subtle personality. Here are some of the aesthetically pleasing and cozy bunk bed designs for girls that are sure to make any room an enchanting one.

Bunk Beds For Girls With A Playful Vibe

Bunk beds can be a lot of fun for children and it makes their bedroom much more enjoyable if they can make the room as cute as they can. Such designs can include interesting accessories as slides and ladders along with small climbing towers, and of course, the bed itself becomes the object of a child’s play.

It could be so fulfilling to have your daughter wake up in the morning and then slide down the stairs to commence her day. These times, these bunk beds maybe painted in vibrant colors and styled like castles, tree house or even a pirate ship . In this way, it brings the sense of playfulness that calls for continuity of physical activity and focused playtime in the bedroom that is fun and functional at the same time.

At Angie Homes, we’ll help you attain a level of personalization that will cover everything, right from style preference of your daughter to the interior designing preferences of your home. From the lights the curtains to the types of bed clothes and many more, we assist you in decorating your daughters room to the best themed one.

Bunk Beds For Girls With Pops Of Pink

Pink is also one of the most fabulous colors in the world which a lots of girls like it. It is often connected with coziness, home, and a little bit of Disney storybook enchantment. Decoration with pink can be subtle, but can also be striking, depending on how declarative you would like the bunk beds to be and on your daughter’s preferences.

If you prefer opera-set whimsy, white bunk beds with pink edges, or mild pink sheets that blend perfectly to infuse the room with needed color without turning it into a circus wagon. On the other hand if you want to be very specific or be unique or be noisy, put pink color bunk beds or bunk beds with pretty pink accessories like bedsheets, pillows, curtains, and carpets.

These bunk beds are available in pink and Angie Homes offers a number of pink-themed designs for walls, including decals and furniture that would remain perfect for the space. Our designs bring all elements together and make the room look great and comfortable, therefore giving your daughter the safe space to be herself.

Bunk Beds For Girls With A Forest Theme

A bunk bed with a pyramid-design and specific designs in the shape of trees makes you feel like you are in the forest. These designs are special for girls who enjoy the nature and like the elements of adventurous seriousness. Consider a bed that looks like a tree house with six pseudo branches, tiered trunk and designed with faux foliage and rustic wooden finish.

It is equally important for such themes, the use of earthen colors and green bedding as well as furniture with nature-inspired designs. Place the cover of trees or install the string lights to imitate the view of stars when the forest top is used. These beds do not only represent a comfortable and warm place to have a good night’s sleep but a fantasy world for your daughter to read a book, play with her toys, or let her imagination fly thinking about the next adventure.

Angie Homes must maintain the standard and work hand in hand with high quality material as well as complicated set of designs in order to incorporate these themes. I will be able to incorporate a forest theme for the room and also other elements of the bedroom to make a whole environment of the forest that will make the bed and other accessories look enchanting.

Bunk Beds For Girls That Are A Modern Innovation

The modern bunk bed designs are so friendly for those who would want to have a temporary or permanent built-in bed that has a small space. These designs are known to possess geometric and less exaggerated form works, as well as functionality. Imagine a bunk bed where not only the whole top bed and the entire lower bed are like desks but also there are drawers below the lower bed and light fixtures above the top bed and underneath the lower bed.

Modern bunk beds are suitable for small bedroom designs or multi-person occupancy as they are sleek and stylish. These can come with different types of construction and fully enclosed with or without insulation or only the outer casing exposed and to bear materials ranging from metal to wood or even a combination thus coming with different finishes and colors.

He said at Angie Homes he follows design trends closely to ensure that they offer their clients with the best. While our modern bunk beds are fantastic to look at their functionality is equally impressive. Sometimes, it is essential to create additional space for storage, a home office, or a children’s play area, or simply a snug reading corner; whatever the case may be, it is always possible to design beautiful yet multifunctional spaces using all the available square footage efficiently.

Custom-Made Bunk Beds For Girls

Significantly, every child is gifted in his/her own way, possessing established own individuality and certain unique traits, skills, preferences and goals. Their bedroom should be a reflection of this individuality, a space the is not only utilitarian but creates, motivates and inspires. If you can afford to get new furniture, custom made bunk beds can help meet this goal, since the design features of these beds can be adjusted to the preferences and needs of your daughter. At Angie Homes, we focus on developing unique bunk bed designs for people who love having creative rooms without exterior help.

Here are some reasons why choose handmade bunk beds makes so much sense:

Being able to order a set of furniture beginning with the ground up, with the exact measurements and materials chosen, custom-made bunk beds are the most valuable for the specific needs of their users. Here are some of the key benefits:

    • Personalized Design: Specific bunk beds may also be built to fit specific themed, colored and styled preferences of your daughter. From the girly Cinderella’s castle to the non-traditional urban loft to a wooden treehouse inspired by natural setting – all that is possible.
        • Perfect Fit: Modern beds may be standard, however, there are those that are specially designed to fit a certain room. This is more especially ideal for areas that are complex in terms of their design or have poor space to fully utilize floor and furniture space.
          • Quality Materials: Here at Angie Homes we only make use of quality material and workmanship in the construction of our bunk beds so as to produce pieces that are both safe and aesthetically appealing. To add onto this, there are diverse types of woods, finishes, and fabrics which are available so as to suit your taste and quality requirements of the bed.
            • Unique Features: These designs can be particular in a way that they are devised according to your child needs and his or her interests. It may involve integrated study tables, shelves, play zones, or lighting fixtures; or any other form of built-in variant.
              • Future-Proof: They will require constant feeding and as they grow, their choice of foods and other essentials will also change. When considering bunk beds it is pivotal to note that there are companies that manufacture bunk beds that can be customized and built in a modular form so that as the child grows or needed additional ware shifts can be made to the bed.

                Inspiring Custom Designs

                Here are some inspiring ideas for custom-made bunk beds that can transform your daughter’s bedroom into a magical retreat:

                  • Fairy-Tale Castle

                    To precisize the idea about a fairy-tale castle bunk bed, it is ideal for a little girl who desires to be a princess. One can only think of how a bed that has turrets and balconies and other fine engravings that gives her the castles of a magical kingdom every night. Place a capsule for an enjoyable look and blinds that look like castle walls to avoid intruders’ access and also to give a home feeling.

                      • Space Explorer

                        Here are some tips on how to create a fun and exciting room for your daughter: If your daughter is a space enthusiast, then a space-themed bunk bed will make her over the moon. Bed designs can include an alien bed, complete with an enclosed spaceship style bed, starry night ceilings, a control panel headboard as well as rocket-like compartments at the feet of the bed. This theme can make her day bright and can build her fondness towards science and different things present in this world.

                          • Modern Loft

                            Loft bunk beds that come in modern designs would suit the young one in teens or any child who has a different taste. This can incorporate simple elegant architecture that has an added working table, bookcase, and a seating area at the base. Avoid using bling and go for simple colors since the dress is in fairytale style and will still be trendy when she becomes big.

                              • Nature-Inspired Treehouse

                                Here is a fantastic concept for a treehouse-inspired bunk bed that will bring the outside inside for any kid’s room. These can be wooden accents, artificial leaves, and branches to make the person feel they are sleeping under trees’ canopy. Included a tree trunk for a ladder screwed on the wall, and above, a canopy of leaves to make the experience look as real as possible.

                                  • Artistic Studio

                                    For the novice artist, the best creation for the child’s room is a bunk bed that also contains an art studio. This design can also have a foldable lower bed for the desk, other space for the art equipment and the easel. accomodate it with her favorite color and the decorations that promote creativity.

                                    The Angie Homes Experience

                                    That is why at Angie Homes, we do not only focus on delivering a quality custom-made bunk bed that will fit your needs and personal style perfectly, but also aim to make the process of its creation as enjoyable as possible. Here’s how we make it happen:

                                      • Consultation: Our first step involves discussing with you regarding the best style and requirements as per your daughter’s requirement, preferred style, and individual needs of the place. You will be also able to see how we capture all your details to make sure that your design is a true reflection of your personality.
                                          • Design: Our skilled designers come up with blueprints that include the layouts of the stand along with a realistic model appearance that you can tweak from time to time. Our design goals are set to specific customer requirements to ensure that all aspects of the design meet your requirements.
                                              • Material Selection: We offer a huge selection of material, surface treatments and fabrics of top quality. Here you can find the detailed examples of works carried out by our team and get professional recommendations which will be helpful when choosing the individual style and proper price range.
                                                • Craftsmanship: It is our expert artists along with our artisans who translate our design on a piece of paper into an actual design with the best of efforts. The last aspect is by ensuring that high quality and standard material and workmanship is used to arrive at an initial non-defective bunk bed.
                                                    • Installation: Our installation team installs the bunk bed correctly and efficiently within your home to provide maximum safety. We have been taking care of all these facets to ensure that our customers do not have to even stress themselves about the slightest.
                                                        • Aftercare: To ensure that our roof doesn’t only looks good when newly installed but also in the future, we offer post-installation services to guarantee your satisfaction. We are here to help with follow-on and repairs, should you require them, to keep your custom bunk bed a vibrant part of your life.


                                                          Designing this bunk bed is not just about selecting the design; it is about creating an environment your daughter will love to be in, one that will make her feel comfortable and one that will inspire her. Angie Homes has the ideal bedding solution that she chooses whether to go for playfulness, pink, forest, modern, or custom type of bedding.

                                                          Our concept is based on a simple premise, children room should be a representation of them and place where they can dream big. How we create: Our designs come from the heart and the best efforts, meaning, every bed deserves to be special and functional at the same time.


                                                          Q. How do you make a bunk bed look pretty?

                                                          Ans: In a related note, decoration of a bunk bed so as to make it appear more aesthetically appealing requires the right choice of the bed sheet, pillow cases, and other accessories and furniture to match with the room. Begin with finding a beautiful bedding set fitted for the colour scheme of the room. To enhance comfort and bring in some details, place some decorative cushions, warm blankets, and an inviting rug. To increase this element, decorate with wall paintings, fairy lamps, and other colourful and appealing items such as curtains that reflect a particular theme or canopies. There are a number of options that you can choose from when coming up with this kind of decor and we are there to ensure that everything blends well into the overall theme of the room at Angie Homes.

                                                          Q. Can a 14 year old have a bunk bed?

                                                          Ans: Absolutely! First of all, it is necessary to take into account the fact that bunk beds do not have to be only for children, several years ago. They can also make for a chic and functional choice of bags for teens, for instance. Contemporary bunk beds feature amenities such as desk, shelves, or space for some additional chairs, which makes it even more suitable for elder children. Angie Homes also provides a range of house models that meets teenagers’ tastes together with the traditional features of any house.

                                                          Q. Can a 13 year old sleep on a bunk bed?

                                                          Ans: Therefore, it is not impossible to sleep on the bunk bed provided that a 13-year-old will be comfortable enough to sleep on it. Therefore, it is necessary to identify a durable and well-fashioned structure that would easily hold the kids’ weight while also ensuring that there is enough space for them to navigate effortlessly. Some of protective measures like guard rails and secure ladder are very important. Angie Homes includes single and bunk beds with focus on security of each kid and comfort so your child will be calm and won’t have any troubles with sleeping.

                                                          Q. Do kids love bunk beds?

                                                          Ans: Some of the benefits which children derive from bunk beds include the following: Bunk beds are particularly popular among children because they elicit a feeling of excitement of something new and mysterious. Bunk beds are quite popular simply because the additional sleeping space, coupled with the fabricated fun in slides or the theme, makes them quite interesting. It also serve as play pens, and they also create areas of seclusion and comfort that is well preferred by children. Angie Homes’ bunk beds have been organized and manufactured with the vision of children having happy moments with their beds, in that they are not only utility items in the house, but they can also make the kids happy.

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