Best Tips to Accessorize Your Living Room

Nowadays the living room is considered the hub of your house. You spend most of the time in this place with your loved ones. It is the place to wel...
Best Tips to Accessorize Your Living Room

Nowadays the living room is considered the hub of your house. You spend most of the time in this place with your loved ones. It is the place to welcome your guests, where friends and family gather to gossip and watch a movie perhaps. Many people prefer to have their entertainment unit and area in the living room only. It is because of these reasons and several more that you must get the perfect vibe from your living room. The Living Room Design contributes significantly to establishing a cozy and appealing vibe for you, your family, and also your guests.

As the living room is the area where everyone gathers, it should be cozy, comfortable, and accommodating. It must reflect an inviting and homely vibe to your guests. This is where the living room decor will do its magic. The decor of a specific area decides the tone, ambiance, comfort, and several other factors of that place. Accessorizing the living room has become a norm of the day. Everyone is striving to make their living room space look the best. Whether it’s wall decor of the living room or adding an Indian sculpture as artwork, the living room is the best way to flaunt the artist in you along with your interior designing skills.

The trick is to strike the right balance between interior aesthetics and functionality. However, accessorizing a room can be less challenging than designing one. You can imagine the accessories in the places where they’d go. It is comparatively easier as you can use your likes and dislikes to pick the items for each room. But when it comes to the living room, everyone should have a say as the place is equally shared by everyone. Whether it is deciding to adorn the side table with a crystal Sculpture or explore vase decoration ideas, every family member must be included in the decision-making.

So, make sure you accommodate the personal taste of each family member to furnish the living room with a more appealing and welcoming vibe.

Best Tips for Accessorizing your Living Room

Some people will prefer to approach an interior designer to acquire some help while others will try to do their own research to embellish their space. Either way, it is crucial to have some knowledge and understanding of the material, aesthetics, accessorizing, color schemes, designs, various concepts, etc. This way you can find out which design or aesthetics you’d like to adorn your home interiors.

Living Room Interior

In this article, you’ll gain some insights about accessorizing the living room, so try to understand these concepts and adapt them to your own Living Room Interior Design

  • Discover a Design Concept

Before you begin with the accessorizing process, understand the kind of design you want for your living room. Once you have decided on the design, it will become a lot easier to figure out the accessories for the area. If you design to go with a traditional, classic design, then you can adorn your space with wall mirror décor, Art Work, indian sculpture, buddha sculpture, white ceramic vase, patterned rugs, and so forth. So, in order to get the perfect accessories, you first need to finalize the design concept.

  • Favor Window Treatments

If you start searching, you’ll come across several window treatments that can be used in your living room decor. You can go through these and pick the ones that suit your style and design the best. You must consider the material and also the color of your choice. Window treatments are very effective in instilling life into your living room decor. You just have to understand how to use it wisely.

  • Accent Your Floor

Adding some accents to your living room floor can be a great idea for your living room design. You can even place some stylish, lighter, and softer rugs or carpets to provide an elegant touch. Most people prefer tiles for their floor. It basically depends on your choice as long as it looks amazing and goes perfectly with the living room’s design. When you accent the floor with a stunning carpet, make sure you pick the right hues. You can either opt for printed carpets or plain ones. But plain ones will work better with everything.

  • Lighting is the Key

It is crucial to have great lighting not just in your living room decor but in all rooms of your home. Layered lighting isn’t merely for lighting up space but also for adding beauty or complementing the aesthetics of the living room. You can install lamps for the corner tables. There are several other lighting fixtures that are mainly used for accenting the home. For more elegant and luxe living room decor, you can opt for pendant lights or Chandeliers Light

  • Utilize Tables and Storage Areas

Utilizing tables and storage areas is the best way to accessorize your living room. You can flaunt a stunning buddha sculpture, or a glass vase on these tables or place displays on cabinets. Open shelves are a very popular way of showing off your accessories collection, moreover, these units are intended for displays. Open shelves can also contain your timeless treasures like your photo frames and other stuff.

  • Incorporate Wall Art

You must have great wall decor for living room ideas before you start decorating it. Wall Art is a popular and elegant category to explore for accessorizing your living room. Making your walls interactive and indulging can be a good impression on your guests. You can display some framed wall art to add style to empty walls. Make sure the artwork you add complements the overall scheme and style of your house.

  • A Perfect Color Palette

Along with planning the design and layout of your living room, give proper attention to the color palette you’ll be exploiting for your living room interiors. You can go for some soft hues, black & white, or for some louder colors. This can be purely your choice. Take various aspects for deciding your living room color palette.

color palette

Living rooms often flaunt pastel colors and some furnish a totally vibrant vibe. Let your living room reflect your personality and style by picking the perfect color scheme.

  • Go Botanical

Plants and Artificial Flowers are the most elegant and classy indoor accessories one can flaunt in their interiors. Living rooms are the best spaces for incorporating some green elements into your design. You can opt for succulents or other indoor plants for your coffee or side table. Relatively bigger plants can be placed in the corners, along the couch. Fresh flowers will make the most elegant centerpiece for your table and furnish a refreshing vibe to your living room.

  • Add Throws and Blanket

Placing Throws and Blanket on your sofa will amplify your style game and provide a more refined style statement to your living room layout. You can provide a softer look to your overall design with the help of these throws and pillows. Pick cushion covers that complement and add beauty to the living room aesthetic. Some people go for vibrant cushion covers to highlight the color scheme. A colorful cushion can be a great idea with subtle furnishings. Other options for cushion covers include printed or plain ones.

Elegant Accessories for Your Living Room

  • Dried plants and flowers

  • Wall baskets

  • Coffee table books

  • Textural throw pillows

  • Stacked mirrors and framed art

  • Wall hanging

Living room interior design

Decorating and accessorizing a living room can be so much fun if you have the right knowledge and sources. Gather the personal tastes and perspectives of each family member and flaunt them in the designs and accessories of your living room. You can ask them about what kind of sculpture, artwork, Wall Art, Painting, or decorative Vases they will prefer. This way, your living room decor will be so welcoming to your family members and also your guests.


  • What Size Rug Should you Purchase for the Living Room?

To pick the right size rug for the living room, you have two main options. Ideally, all the furniture pieces must fit on your living room rug. But when you actually look, this option can be very expensive. As an affordable alternative, you can make sure that the furniture’s front legs sit comfortably on your rug.

  • What are the Dos and Don’ts of Styling Coffee Table Books?

Do: You can color-code books or simply arrange similar cover books together.

Don’t: Overdo it. Avoid stacking too many books as they would reflect a too “done” impression. You must aim to make the coffee table books look neat and chic. The guest must feel welcome and take a look through them.

Do: You can style the bookcase or coffee table with randomly discovered objects, like a statement vase, a beautiful keepsake, or a sculpture.

x`Do: Arrange the books and other items in a tray.

Living Room Accessories

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