Best Corporate Diwali Gifts for Clients and Employees

Celebrated worldwide for its long list of festivals and rich cultural heritage, India encapsulates numerous traditions and rituals that are deep-r...
Corporate Diwali Gifts

Celebrated worldwide for its long list of festivals and rich cultural heritage, India encapsulates numerous traditions and rituals that are deep-rooted not only in familial ties but are also becoming visible in corporate ties as well. Diwali is regarded as the most auspicious festival of Indian culture. For the corporate world, Diwali brings a great opportunity of strengthening ties with clients as well as employees.

With time, corporate gifting is establishing itself and more and more companies are coming forward to cherish their relationships with their clients and employees. Diwali is one such occasion where companies activate their gift program and bring corporate gifts for clients and employees. Festivals like Diwali and Holi are great occasions to reward your hard-working staff with Diwali gift hampers for employees and business gifts for your old clients.

Corporate gifting can contribute to your company’s growth. Gift giving reflects how considerate you are towards your employees and how much you value your clients. Therefore, to make them feel special you must prepare a list of Diwali gift hampers for employees.

Best Diwali Corporate Gifts for Employees and Clients

When you are deciding the corporate Diwali gifts for employees, you must choose something that is useful to them and that they can truly appreciate. You can look for something they can use daily. Sending out coffee mugs cannot make them feel valued and the mug may end up in the line with other mugs and they wouldn’t remember who was the sender. Look for corporate Diwali gifts that can be valued and treasured by your clients and employees.

Here we have created a list of Diwali gift ideas for corporates. Consider these gifts to present to your hardworking employed and precious clients this Diwali:

1. Photo Frame

First in line with Diwali gift items for employees is the meticulously handcrafted, Amethyst Photo Frame. Reflecting a more personal bond, this classy photo frame is a ‘heart-winner’. Curated with careful details, you can paired with any wall or adorn your work desk with it. Complete the frame with one of your precious, treasured memories.

You can attach a handwritten note with this elegant company gift and let your employees know how much they mean to you.

2. Pivo Photo Frame

Another Diwali gift ideas for corporates is the Pivo Photo Frame. A fascinating artwork is always cherished by the recipient on all occasions. Embracing geometric shapes along with chromatic lines, this Pivo photo frame will perfectly encapsulate your favorite moment. You can adorn your living room glass cabinet or your office desk with this beautiful and artistic photo frame. Show your employees some love and care this Diwali with this amazing piece of art.

3. Tai-Classic Silver Plated Tray

Silver is the most auspicious gift you can give someone on Diwali. Go beyond the realms of common corporate gifting and present the most unique gift this Diwali. The Tai-Classic silver plated tray is one of the most stunning corporate Diwali gifts for employees and clients. Fashioned by expert craftsmen, this antique will embellish the home aesthetics of your clients and will make them remember you each time they come across this unique piece of silverware. Reflecting a luxurious and antique nod, this iconic silverware will add class and sophistication to your art collection.

4. Leather Brown Tray

If you want to go more formal and classic, then include the premium Leather Brown Tray in your Diwali gift items for employees this year. Enhancing the elegance of one’s office room or home décor, this Leather tray will provide an aesthetic edge with its beautiful sleek design. Handcrafted with leather, this tray provides a pleasing way to organize your desk and serve food and drinks.

Boasting exquisite craftsmanship and embracing contemporary design, This tray will make perfect corporate Diwali gifts. So, surprise your clients and employees this Diwali with leather beauty.

5. Mughal Jali Silver Plated Tray

Embrace the efforts of your hardworking employees with this quite antique Mughal Jali Silver Plated Tray. Dipped in silver, this tray would bring the legacy of the Mughal era to your home interiors. You can also embellish your office desk or reception desk with this silver beauty. Surprise your special clients by including this elegant antique piece with this ravishing tray.

Boast the enthusiasm this Diwali, with present this unique gift with other corporate diwali gifts for employees. This tray can flawlessly be paired with all modern as well as classic interiors.

6. English Classic Martin Clock

A stunning amalgamation of gothic and antique elements, this English Classic Martin Clock, will add the perfect amount of elegance to your dining room or your study chamber. Astonish your employees and clients with this captivating charm this Diwali.

Fashioned with antique elements, this rare clock must be incorporated into the list of corporate Diwali gifts.

7. Metallic Brown & Yellow Aries Vases

Add a decorative warmth to the home interiors of your employees and clients this Diwali with this absolutely stunning Metallic Brown & Yellow Aries Vase. Exuding a radiant charm, this Murano glass vase is perfect for Diwali gift items for employees. This vase can be used for decorating your interiors with a plant flower and for placing other small adornments.

Sending out these vases for Diwali gift hampers for employees will strengthen your bond with the clientele and will be extremely rewarding for your employees as well. So, embrace your corporate bonds this Diwali with this astounding piece of adornment.

8. Harlow Blue & White Vases

While looking for some ideal Diwali gift ideas for corporates, Harlow Blue & White Vases will be a fascinating addition to your gifts list. Dripping elegance and inviting attention of all, this intriguing pair of vases will add sophistication to your interior aesthetics. An intricate blend of bone china and ceramic, these vases are a perfect corporate Diwali gift and they will reflect greatly in your relationships with your clients and employees.

9. Leather Desk Accessories

 Furnish a modern, formal look to your clients’ and employees’ desks with premium quality Leather Desk Accessories. Uniquely designed for corporate gifting, this Leather Desk Set will provide a unique and classy look to your office desk. So. put this on your bucket list for Diwali gift items for employees and reward them for their hard work and significant efforts.

This leather set would be a perfect gift for your clients too. You can personalize this by etching their name on the set and making it more special for them.  

10. Yixing Green Dinner & Tea Set

 Exhibit a natural charm in your corporate Diwali gifts this year by including Yixing Green Dinner & Tea Set in your gifting program. The Yixing tea tools are known as the best tea tools and are handcrafted with fine quality porcelain and bone china. A perfectly memorable and elegant gift for your corporate connections, this magnificent tea set will add to the beauty of your home interiors.

11. Deluxe Champagne Glass Set

 Give something more luxurious and classy this Diwali to your employees and clients. Cherish the bond with your corporate confidants by presenting this extremely charming Deluxe Champagne Glass Set. A tasteful addition to your drinkware collection, this set of champagne glasses is crafted beautifully and is perfect for a strong pour of champagne or sparkling wine. One of the best Diwali gifts for employees, you must add this one to your Diwali gift bucket list.

12. Florris Yellow Dinner & Tea Set

 Next in line for corporate Diwali gifts is the astounding Florris Yellow Dinner & Tea Set. Crafted beautifully with porcelain and astounding color combinations and pleasing symmetrical design patterns, this dinner and tea set is a perfect addition to any tableware collection. Present this amazing gift to your employees and clients and let them know how valuable they are to your organization. This set features eye-catching plates and cups and makes a perfect partner for hosting your tea parties or formal gatherings.

13. Geometric Galore Multi Color Plate Set

 Flaunting a masterful fusion of geometry and playful colors, this alluring Geometric Galore Multi Color Plate Set is crafted meticulously keeping in mind the modern and contemporary interior aesthetics. You can include this modern plate set in the Diwali gift hampers for employees you send out this year. Giving this plate set would reflect a strong bond and instill trust and confidence in your relations. Shop this elegant set of plates and add a luxurious element to the tableware for your employees and clients.

14. Era Blue & White Plates Set

 Embracing intricacy with a twist of floral designs, this extremely charming Era Blue & White Plates Set is the perfect luxury for your tableware. Given its delightful elements and fine quality, this rare beauty must be included in your Diwali gift ideas for corporates.  Furnishing an awe-inspiring look, this gorgeous plate set is bound to impress the spectators.


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Each client and employee is valuable to your company! They all contribute their own fair share to the growth of your business. Show a little extra care towards them this Diwali with the best Diwali gifts for employees and your clients to make them feel special and valued. This article contains some very unique Corporate Diwali Gifts and Diwali Gift Ideas for corporates that must enter your corporate gifting program this Diwali.

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