Best 7 Ideas For Perfect Dining Room Design

The perfect place to entertain your guests, have interesting conversations, and spend a gleeful time with your family is the dining area. A dining ...
Dining Room Design

The perfect place to entertain your guests, have interesting conversations, and spend a gleeful time with your family is the dining area. A dining room is definitely not the place to skimp on style. Creating the ultimate gathering spot for serving delicious food and chatting about day-to-day adventures, is not an easy task.

A dining room is much more than merely a functional space for serving meals on a dining table. It is a gathering spot for families, friends, and perhaps colleagues to share their experiences and stories after a long day. It may also be a place where children draw, study, complete their homework or finish their projects; a place where several parties are hosted; a place for formal gatherings. At some times, it may even be your ‘temp home office’. The purposes of the dining room are many.

This is the reason that this heart of your beautiful home needs a little extra attention and some extra effort for your dining room interiors. While designing dining room interiors there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration like space, functionalities, experiment with your furnishings, dining room table lights, color palettes, dining lights, and so forth. A perfect setup is required for hosting memorable meals with your loved ones.

To make sure you host the most amazing dinner parties and stock the right dining room sets for everyday use, we have scoured the archives and accumulated numerous elegant and classic dining room interiors examples with a long variety of styles ranging from industrial to modern, eclectic to traditional, shabby chic to Victorian, and so forth.

Some Great Ideas for Designing the Perfect Dining Room

Whether you wish to redecorate your dining space or simply need some inspirational ideas for your dining room interiors, we have acquired an interior designer-approved blueprint for you to recreate delightful and eye-catching dining decors in your home. Prepare yourself to observe and take notes of some awe-inspiring dining room decorating ideas that are bound to impress you and your guests.

  • Determine the function of your dining area

In case you are preparing to decorate the dining area from scratch, then before jumping into wallpaper patterns, color schemes, and dining table lights, you must ask yourself what will be the prime function of your dining room. Are you going to reserve the space for fancy dinner parties and formal gatherings or will you have casual family meals here too? Is it ever going to be a space for your home office setup (even a temporary one) as currently, we are WFH a lot more? How many people are you going to entertain at your dining table? Do you wish to fashion an intimate space or something more formal and elegant?

Essentially, you have to decide who, when, and how the dining room space will be used and let the answer dictate the choice of furniture, dining lights, dining table, color scheme, dining chairs, floor plan, and layout. If you are not sure where to begin the decorating process, we would recommend that you go old school with some theme in mind. You can explore your Pinterest board or take out pictures and ideas from a magazine to make sense of a theme that you’ll be executing in your dining room interiors. Further, you can take some inspirational ideas from your favorite restaurants and bars as they are ideal sources for quirky decor.

  • Get the right floor plan for your dining room

It is only natural to stick to the floor you have inherited. However, flooring in a dining space is of utmost importance and makes sure that it functions the best. The floor plan of a dining room should not only look lovely but also needs some hard work. This is because the dining room area will be a high-traffic space and is susceptible to stains and spills too.

The flooring of a dining room can be decided depending on 3 factors: design & style, ease of cleaning, and durability. Due to the high traffic witnessed in these areas, it is advisable to opt for high-quality, durable flooring that will not only be low maintenance but also be there for a longer period of time. Opt for a material that is easier to clean given the area is susceptible to stains and spills. Dark designs and patterns will be suited the most to everyday marks.

Hard flooring is a popular alternative in several homes that like to entertain their guests very often. Engineered wood will be a great solution as it provides durability along with an attractive finish. Further, if you wish to add a tactile tinge underfoot, lay appealing rugs to spark interest with patterns and colors.

  • Plan plenty of lighting

Plan your dining lights or dining table lights early in the designing process as it would be a significant element to set the tone of the entire space. Make sure there is sufficient lighting and it does not appear to your guests that you are feasting in a cave. Avoid opting for strong downlights as they would create awkward shadows and highlight a single spot rather than disperse a low light throughout the dining room.

Try to incorporate sufficient light sources like dining room chandeliers, dining lights, complementing dining room pendant light, sconces, and so on. You make a dining chandelier the focal point of the whole space but never forget to add some lights around the edges at eye level. Such lights can be in the form of sconces or lamps.

If the dining space is often used for more practical tasks then try considering dimmer switches for switching the mood of the whole space depending on the occasion.

  • A perfect color scheme is crucial

Moving on from the more practical elements of the dining designing process to the more creative and fun ones. First in this direction is the color palette you pick. Whichever color scheme you pick will decide the overall vibe of the room. You can either go dark & sumptuous or airy & bright.

Again, this will be decided on how frequently and for what purposes you are using your dining space. In case you have your lunches and breakfasts on the dining table with your family, going super dark will not be recommended. Instead, you can stick to a neutral color palette and experiment with greens and blues. However, if your dining space is reserved for entertaining gatherings and parties then you can act brave with something rich and deep.

Dining rooms frequently used for dinner parties and formal gatherings tend to exude more ambient lighting such as table lamps and candles. So, you can be creative with colors that are bold and beautiful and reflect glamor.

  • Adding pattern with wallpaper

Paint isn’t the only element that can be paired with a color scheme, dining room interiors can act more lively with vibrant and elegant wallpapers. Opting for a wallpaper for your dining room is an easy escape to bring colors, patterns, and textures into a particular space.

The dining room brings together food, wine, and your loved ones. This is the reason it deserves a unique style statement. Therefore, a beautiful wall mural or wallpaper is always a great idea.

  • Complementing dining room furniture

Furniture and furnishings are the key element of any designing process- dining table, dining chandelier, pendant lights, dining lights, dining chairs, and so on. This should be a very careful decision and you must do thorough research before you proceed to shop for your dining furniture. While deciding on which furniture would suit you best in your place, think about factors like size and shape along with the number of people you entertain. Would it be necessary to add an expandable table or a circular table to provide some flexibility to the seating arrangement?

You can go on to put some masking tape on the size and shape of your potential furniture to have a clear understanding of how your space would look and whether it would be easy to move around.

  • Pick the right layout

It might seem to most people that choices are limited when it comes to dining room interiors, the popular one being- a table in the center surrounded by dining chairs. This setup makes complete sense, however, there are other options for styling your dining layout specifically when your dining area is smaller in size. Styling in other ways rather than sticking to the traditional style would accommodate other pieces of furniture, seating, and other tiny elements of the room.

For a smaller dining place, you can dial up the coziness by placing the dining furniture in one corner- fusing a circular table with some chairs and a built-in banquette.

These were some of the tips and ideas that can be considered when you start your dining room designing process or when you simply want to redecorate your space. You can even do some simple changes to give your space some vibrant and fresh new elements.


  • What is the best dining room layout?

An ideal layout for a dining room will depend on the size and shape of the room and the theme you wish to execute. If you want to go formal and elegant, then it is recommended to keep it simple by bringing in a long rectangular table placed in the center surrounded by a comfortable amount of chairs.

  • What should be included in a dining room?

Comfortable chairs are crucial for every dining room seating. A dining room design is only successful if you can sit comfortably for hours without getting shifty. Lighting is another incredibly important aspect of dining room design and it must have the ability to modify the lighting depending on the mood.

A storage dresser, credenza, or console table can accommodate drinks and extra crockery.


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