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Ms. Anjaleka (Angie) Kripalani is the third generation entrepreneur, who has been designing luxury interiors for homes, offices, hospitality, real-estate projects for the last 20 years. She has been a pioneer in bringing international luxury brands for furniture and home accessories. She has won several awards and has featured on covers of several magazines.

Interior Designer Angie Kripalani | Blog on Design of Door & Entrance Design.

Door | Angie Kripalani blog on the importance of doors in interior design | how to select the door and door details in your space 1)- choose your concept of your interiors classic | contemporary or fushion.

2)) the next important feature to see is the architecture of the home | office or hotel 

3)- the next step is too see the cealing height of the home before designing the door 

According to me these 3 features are fundamental to design a space ..and design the style and concept of your doors and entrance doors .

The entrance door as this image suggests is classic .

If the height of a room is 12 or 11 ft or more I suggest a high Celing door of 10 ft in height .

This makes an interior not only look grand and linear , but also enhances the scale of the look and feel at a Intrtior space .

The nest is the material used for doors .. usually the entrance door is made or wood be it mahogany . Teak wood ( in india ) or in glass .the good best quality doors in Burma teak .

I personally use a door frame 6-8 inches around the door which - makes the door look grand.. and richer .. this could be in marble .. or wood or stone depending on the look and feel ..

The concept and the detailing of the door or door frame ..in the internal detail has to merge with the concept of the home classic contemporary or fushion .

I suggest in my master class of design just in case your celing height is not high more than 10 ft atlest try n have a door of 8 ft height .

clasic door | a door which has carving in the middle and a mounding on thr entire door .

Fushion | which is rich in veneer and a slight inlay or metal rim design to give a fushion look 

Modern door | a door with a straight lined look it could be light wood .. or cherry wood with contemporary tone on tone pattern .

entrance door | usually 6 ft with a height of 10 ft or 8 ft height .with a double door it should have a lock and a very very nice detail so the design and entrance door make a statement 

The entrance door and tge corridor and lobby concept should be synergies 

Book your appointment for the door & entrace design with all the luxury items. Contact Angie Kripalani mail at angiesindia@angiehomes.co or call at +91 9810711655


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