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Dreaming about and planning out a nursery may be a lot of fun. Still, the work involved in creating a space suitable for a newborn in every way (se...
Nursery| kids  room interiors in soft COLURS by interior designer Angie Kripalani

Dreaming about and planning out a nursery may be a lot of fun. Still, the work involved in creating a space suitable for a newborn in every way (secure, comfortable, attractive, and peaceful) can be daunting for some. As a beginner's guide, Angie Homes features insights from seasoned experts to help you get off the ground.

Kids Interior Design

Baby Bedding & Cushions

Pile beautiful pillows on your child's twin bed for a relaxed day. Does your child like textured bedding? Mix materials. Think soft velvet or embroidered for a pillow cover. A down-alternative insert is a family-friendly, eco-friendly option. Add baseball, basketball, and soccer cushions to youngsters' rooms if they want to be pros. Another option: animal-shaped pillows. Kids that enjoy cute and fluffy things love the farm, underwater, and forest animals. Stars, vehicles, and ombre designs are traditional.

Check out the variety of Study Desks for Kids. At Angie homes

Setting up a good learning environment for your kids is an easy way to get them to pay attention. The first step in this direction is for kids to have their study desks and chairs. Check out our different kinds of study furniture for kids and choose the ones that work best for you. Here are some options for you.

Kids Furniture

These are the most basic chairs, and kids can use them to play, eat, study, and even watch cartoons. When you think about how much time your child will spend in a chair, it makes sense that you should choose the best one. With safety and comfort in mind, the corners of these kids furniture are rounded.

Kids Furniture

Kids Room Interior Design

Angie's List knows that every Kid's Bedroom design has distinct needs that require careful planning. We consider every design aspect. Making a child feel at home in a new place is complex and exciting. If you try to find an interior designer, you may give up too soon.

Our guidance may make designing a kid's room interior pleasant and stress-free. We help you create a safe environment for your child. Kids need space to grow and play, just as adults. Angie's List can design a Nursery Kid's Interior.

Kids Bunk Beds With Ladder

Two beds in a tiny space? Then bunk beds are a godsend. Kids' bunk beds combine design and comfort while adding space to your home. These beds attract children, making bedtime more exciting.

Nursery Kids' Room Decor and Accessories

Nursery kids' décor and accessories inspire joy and creativity. These humorous modern decorations complete a nursery or playroom, birthday parties, slumber parties, and other events. Do they have a vibrant personality that bright colours and patterns would compliment? Wallpaper or art on their walls. Instead of a single accent, try two or three. Adding curtain panels, mirrors, and toss pillows boost the room's aesthetic. 


Kids Accessories

Kids Room Wallpaper

Have you just upgraded your kid's bedroom design from a nursery to a proper room for them, complete with kids wallpaper and wall decorations? Add some coverings to the walls to complete the fresh design of their space. Consider using removable wallpaper if your family likes to go all out. Why? The entire room's aesthetic can be changed in a matter of minutes using this simple yet effective method. In a light, airy space, go for patterns like polka dots, rainbows, and speckles; use scales, planets, and animals in a darker room. Wall decals are another option that may be used to create the same atmosphere. Allow your youngster, if they are of an appropriate age, to choose the placement of each sticker. Smaller iconography, such as clouds and circles, can be used for understatement, while more enormous murals depicting the ocean, maps, and constellations can make a bolder statement. Do you want to save time while decorating the walls? Instead, put up some art or growth charts on the walls.


Kids rooms - nursery rooms interiors and tips by interior designer Angie Homes

Nursery rooms should be functional- pretty - soft and soothing for a warm a comfortable interior .

I would first choose the colour palette and mood board.

I would suggest that we fist make a floor plan .

The third important feature would be to list the requirements of the mother who is expecting life’s best gift.

In  a nursery or kids rooms the following products should be the wish list | requirements such as a crib , bed , comfortable large club chair or 2 seater sofa depending on the room Sox’s , also a desk , a mirror ,changing table, wall paper , mattress , blanket , curtains, wallpaper , table lamps .rugs , clocks , sanitizer, art work and many more .

I would  match and coordinate the fabrics , Blanket , net , sofa fabrics , cushions , rugs , wall paper to give a soft soothing look and feel.when selecting three colour scheme for a nursery we should try and ask the mother to be if she would like a room for a boy or baby girl or keep it neutral like a acqa green , or a mauve or a yellow ..

Furniture - the furniture should be of good quality teak wood , such as the crib , and the polish can be Matt with cedar or light oak .the changing table should have the same polish finish or light wood or oak .. the shelves should be board and laminate to keep the cost In check as children’s rooms are redone after 5-6/years as the children grow up soon .. 

sofas and seatings should be of soft colour palette and the upholstery fabrics in soft colours , 

all these are furnishings and furniture are available on Angie homes.co in our kids section - http://angiehomes.co/ collections/ kids 

Accessories are a key element in the interior design of a kids / nursery room .. I would dress it up with wall paper - clocks - kids blankets and kids bed covers .. baby art work and bath accessories .

Book your appointment for the Interior Nursery Kids Decor with all the luxury items. Contact Angie Kripalani mail at angiesindia@angiehomes.co or call at +91 9810711655

for interior mood boards and 3 d drawings I would approach our online design consultants .. http://Angie homes.co/collections/ interior solutions 


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