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Since that generates heat, sheds light, and adds to the room's overall appearance, a fireplace is essential to every living space. Modern Fireplace...
Stylish modern fireplace in stone and wood

Since that generates heat, sheds light, and adds to the room's overall appearance, a fireplace is essential to every living space. Modern Fireplaces offer aesthetic and functional enhancements that can benefit commercial establishments such as restaurants, hotels, and luxury resorts. These establishments can make all profits from the modifications that fireplaces can give.

Any person who owns a home or building, works as an interior decorator or is in the process of remodelling must make a critical decision regarding the fireplace. Keeping this in mind, sharing some of our favourite Fireplace Design Ideas with you today would be great. Our online shop carries all of these fireplaces, and you may get them by making a direct purchase there.

Decorative Living Rooms Interior Solutions:-

Who says a living room's decor has to follow a formula? In reality, the whole purpose of Living Room Interior Design is to give a space character and charm! Each client's interpretation of these guidelines will be unique. In many ways, this is the allure of interior design, particularly regarding themed living rooms.
The sample shown above serves as the ideal illustration of how you may customise the fireplace model, colour, or even print to fit any theme you have in place. Your whim is our command, from Modern Fireplace Interior Solution that can fit into almost any décor to vibrant colours that pop and even metallic tones that look very regal!

Traditional and Modern Designs Coming Together:-

Combining traditional and Modern Fireplace Designs is one of the biggest trends. The need for a more extensive viewing area has led to a shape that is a mix of wide and tall. It isn't quite a square and is taller than a standard line. The typical linear fireplace, which used to be 12 to 15 inches tall, is now 18 to 20 inches tall and often has logs instead of glass media.

Style Development: Defined Areas

With more people making working from home a permanent arrangement, it's crucial to think about ways to add some separation to open floor plans. Because a fireplace wall can serve as a boundary between two rooms without completely blocking off the area around it, they play a significant function in this style.

The Current Style in Design Is Modest

 In 2023, clean-finish Classic Fireplaces will be in great demand due to the growing popularity of minimalistic design. Homeowners prefer fireplaces that they can complete up to the glass rather than those that require a large stone hearth or other expensive embellishments. Materials that are neutral in colour, simple in design, and draw attention to the fire are also in style.

Classic Fireplace

Classic Fireplaces that Reduce the Amount of Space They Take Up

Because square footage is at a premium and a growing desire to downsize, Classic fireplaces with a compact footprint have become an increasingly attractive option. Smaller homes typically have smaller rooms, which have reduced structural requirements and fireplace sizes that are more manageable. Condominiums, townhouses, mobile homes, and recreational vehicles are all options. The desire for a fireplace is always maintained, no matter how cramped the living quarters become.

interior designer Angie kripalani  | mini master class on modern fire place design!

Fire place is my my design concept a focal point on a home | space | and a interior detail 

We need to understand a brief from a client | if they want a classic fire place or a modem one !

a design descion if the fire place should be in the formal area of a home .. or the out door space or family room or an informal space ! 
THE 5 golden tips to design the fire place 

1)we need to get the layout | elevation done as the first step in this design 

2).a designer has to decide which materials u need and is a wish list as per the concept 

3).  The drawings  in 2 d or 3 d can be made with sections or detail  of the fire place 

4) another important design feature to be taken into account is that do we have a electric fire place or a real one with a chimney

5) as a designer in my modem fireplace is in a formal space like living room or out door or a bed room 

I would prefer to use wood and slate to give a look and feel to it .of straight clean lines .. in case of a classic fire place it is easy to dress it up with wood | marble | metal | and with a lot of carving details !

7). If the theme and concept is modern as explained in this blog | I would like to keep a low fire place .. 

The ceiling height also defines the shape of the fire place | 

as far as the room and interior of the fire place on a living room I would like to keep 2 large sofas with a large coffee table with 2 large chairs so on either side of the fire place we have a seating 

in the out door or could be in a  corner at a diagonal to make it a focal point !!

in a family room | I would use a comfortable fire place 

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