A Complete Guide on Bar Supplies and Design Ideas

The design and layout of a bar must tell a story and reflect one’s personality. Although designing a stylish and trendy space with unique Bar Acces...
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The design and layout of a bar must tell a story and reflect one’s personality. Although designing a stylish and trendy space with unique Bar Accessories can be challenging and time-consuming, the results will blow your mind. The way a bar looks and its ambiance & barware contribute immensely to setting the tone for the guests’ experience. A successful bar layout is all about aesthetics and functionality.

An ideal bar design incorporates the ambiance of the whole space including the relationship and balance between lighting, bar accessories set, music, barware, seating arrangement, floor layout, Bar Cabinet, and the customizations that will make the bar more appealing and unique. Apart from this, there are other practical elements that must be taken into account like equipment, suppliers, tools, foundational infrastructure, and so forth.

Planning the layout and design of a bar is no easy job. Above that, flaws can have a severe impact on both workflow and revenue. However, certain design strategies have proven to be successful for various scenarios and directed a bar toward success.

What Bar Supplies to Incorporate in Your Bar Design?

Bar Accessories

Any dedicated bar will make sure they invest in the right bar equipment, supplies, and bar accessories set that are specifically designed for the bar area. Most of these units and equipment take much less space and have their specific bartending purposes. Whether your plan is to serve craft cocktails or well liquor, domestic brews, and small plates, you’ll be needing a checklist to get all the bar equipment and bar accessories to get your bar running.

  • Back Bar Coolers & Underbar Refrigeration Units

These units are essential for any kind of bar or Home Bar Design and they are specifically designed to fit easily underneath a bar counter for stocking beer, juices, liquors, and sodas. There are several designs and patterns available in this category. You can choose according to your needs, space, and aesthetics.

  • Underbar Refrigeration Unit

Underbar or under counter refrigeration units are the best way to utilize space in a bar setup. You can choose from solid or glass door refrigeration units. Furthermore, you can go for thermal doors or triple-paned glass to maximize the efficiency of the unit while avoiding the risk of shatters or cracks caused by any accidental bump. Organize the items neatly and face the bottle labels forward so that customers can have a proper view while selecting without any assistance before they order.

  • Draft Beer Cooler (and Dispensing Tower Heads)

Direct draw draft beer coolers are quite common when it comes to dispensing systems for restaurants. They are included in modern bar accessories and maintain all the equipment’s components in one place instead of storing them in separate coolers. This cooler keeps your keg a few feet from the faucet (probably in a refrigerated unit underneath) and carbon dioxide is injected to provide a push to the beer and through the tap line. These systems have around 5 feet of tubing work that provides efficiency and ease of maintenance. These systems can be employed in various situations however they work most fluently for Black Modern Bar that store their beer selection underneath the counter. They are ideal for portable bars too. This is because kegs do not need a separate specialized cooler room.

Last but not the least, add tower heads for dispensing beer. These are available in various designs for dispensing different beers.

  • Wine Cooler

Next in line with Bar Accessories is the wine cooler. These coolers are known for specialized glass door refrigeration that intends to store and display wines only. You can place bottles horizontally or at a particular angle from where the labels are visible to the customers. Make sure labels face outwards. These units are set at a specific temperature ideal for storing wine and that may not comply with the normal refrigeration ranges of other refrigerators.
Some of these units come with drawers that can be pulled out with circular indentations for the stability of wine bottles.

  • Glass Chiller

While shopping for the ideal Mini Bar Accessories, glass chillers should be at the top of your checklist. There is an extensive range of models of plates and glass chillers that can easily be accommodated underneath the bar. This will provide you with ease of access and perfect your glass-chilling duties.

  • Sinks/Dishwashing

There are several options available in sinks and dishwashers when it comes to serving a bar area. The compatibility between these units and your bar area will depend on factors like health code restrictions, space constraints, and other bar requirements. Here are some suggested bar accessories and equipment you can choose from.

  • Handwashing sink: Keep your bar healthy and hygienic by installing this basic hand washing sink. By installing this unit you would be complying with the health codes. This unit can be placed out-of-the-way or the back of the bar.

  • Underbar bar sink: This category of bar accessories online can be extremely useful for sanitizing, washing, and rinsing glassware in the bar area. Their major function is to clean the glassware which is essential for a successful bar. You can find some sink units with multi-compartment options if that suits your needs or health codes.

  • Upright glass washer: Also goes by the name bar glass washer, this upright glass washer is available in two chief options: one is the manual washer that comes with suction cup bottoms and the other one is electric upright glass washers which are powered by electric motors. Both of these bar accessories can speed up the tedious & time-consuming washing work or glass cleaning. 

  • Speed Rails

Speed rails are one the essential bar accessories for home that are used for storing bottles of liquor. They are available both online and online in various shapes, sizes, lengths, and single or double-tier models. Before deciding which speed rail to buy you must know your bar design and setup well and evaluate the number of liquor bottles & Ash Tray you’ll be storing in it.

  • Bar Blender

Your Barware set must incorporate a bar blender to curate the perfect cocktails for your guests. You can consider the following tips to pick the perfect bar blender:

  1. Size/Capacity: Several frozen drinks are made individually or in small batches in order to retain the frozen cocktails and save them from being liquified before they are served. However, some establishments may favor larger batches according to high customer demand.

  2. Material: Bar blender cups are available in plastic, glass, or stainless steel. Selecting a material is mostly based on people’s preferences while keeping in mind the aesthetics and design of your bar or home bar accessories.

  3. Power: The ideal way to know the power of a commercial bar blender is by determining its horsepower (HP) or wattage. Horsepower is more common and relatively simple to identify.

Ice Machines

The next Colorful Circle Bar Accessories you must include in your bar or home bar designs is an ice machine. While some cocktails and beverages will be served chilled, others will be required to be served blended or preferably on the rocks. For this, you’ll need ice without making a second trip to the kitchen. As a solution, you can consider installing undercounter ice units in your bar area. There are several options available in this bar accessories set category too. You can choose the one that comes with dispensers or a storage bin.
    Bar Accessories


    Other bar supplies include spoons, muddlers, strainers, mixing glass and stainless steel shaker, ice buckets, glass Rimmers, drip Bar Tray, liquid pourers, measure pourers, bar mix pourers, condiment boxes, cutting boards, bottle openers, glass racks, bar mats, and so forth. There are several bar accessories online that can be accommodated well into your interiors. Consider these valuable bar equipment and supplies and shortlist all your potential options before you head out for your barware shopping. While different equipment and bar accessories set are essential for setting up a bar, the manufacturer and the brand also contribute immensely to the quality.


    • What barware do I need?

    There is not a very long list of Home Bar Design and equipment that you will need to set up a mini bar at home.

    • The Couple Glass: Also known as the champagne coupe is ideal for various homemade cocktails.
    • The Double Old-Fashioned Glass: This is perfect for all kinds of drinks. This is an enticing piece of barware that looks perfect filled just a third with a big ice cube and an appealing garnish.
    • The Collins Glass: Ideal for easiest drinks topped with tonic or soda water. These glasses are perfect for a strong pour of gin topped with a tonic.
    • The Curved Rocks Glass: The convex sides of these glasses encapsulate the aroma. These glasses are perfect for hosting parties and great for people with a taste for brandy and cognac.

    How to Clean and Store Barware?

    Here are some expert tips for cleaning and storing barware

    • Use a dishwasher for the bar glasses and other utensils that come in the everyday use category. For the more delicate and precious ones, you can go for hand-washing. This way you’ll ensure their safety as well as their cleanliness.
    • You must prefer to clean stemmed glassware by hand. Providing a bit of extra care to this glassware can extend their life and save your money.
    • Never place plated barware in the drawer or dishwasher because this way they’ll clink with other metal stuff and ultimately, the plating will start coming off.
    • Ideally, it is recommended to polish the silver barware with a microfiber cloth after every wash. This is because dishwashers tend to leave some kind of film or fingerprints that do not look good. So polishing the silver Modern Bar Accessories Set with microfiber would be a nice solution to get rid of this problem.

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