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Modern office interior which desk , credenza and shelves with a leather seating and exotic art work and photographs, leather accessories for the table / desk top . Beautiful chandeliers , warm colour paLatte .

How to design a stylish office interiors for men . Work from home or office space.. office interior design by interior designer Angie Kripalani.

The most important space for a man besides his home and family .

I would keep 7 bullet points to decide the design of A mans office .

men have less time and lot of pressure they take descions   fast and call theshots and have the financial power.

A mans office in my experience- speaks of his power and strength .

I would first ask a man his requirements for his office .

then would prepare a layout for his furniture requirements.. which would include a large desk .. 



executive chair .. 

sofas .. club chair and coffee and side tables for his seating of VIP  guests .

if the office suite is large I would add a small meeting table for 4-6; persons depending on what the space allows .

Once the floor plan | the layout | the concept .and the furniture in place .and the elevations and 3 d .drawings 

I would suggest and discuss the theme contemporary office - classic or fushion ,

3)- the next step would be the mood board 

4)- then I would choose the accessories such one nor two wall art such as a oil on canvas Ceo make a statement.

and the opposite walls 

4- a good sculpture ..some vases .. photo frames ( with family photos ) 

5)- a good chandelier or table lamps depending on the size and dimensions of the room which would make a statement .

6)- and a nice set of leather accessories for the table top.. with a pencil holder . Cards holders .. paper holders and a stationary set . A clock and table Accesories.

7)- men love Their toys I would add space for the mobile phones, I pads , lap tops speakers and other gadgets .

coloureds I would suggest could be  be dark warm interiors or a soft colour palette .



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