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Nothing conveys creative expression, individuality and an imaginative spirit better than our own furniture. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a distressed vintage piece passed down as an heirloom or a special wooden piece picked up from a furniture store nearby, it certainly has the power to turn every space into a canvas of its own. At Urban Ladder, we provide our customers an online marketplace to experiment with ideas in a way that may not really be possible in the wooden furniture shop down the street. A wood furniture shop may keep limited pieces made of Teak, Rosewood or Oak but will it provide the comfort and convenience of an online catalogue with detailed and specific description? That’s where we step in! Unlike every other brick and mortar furniture store, India we have an exhaustive range of designs that can accommodate every need and specification. It’s akin to strolling through any home furniture store minus the arduous travel, bargaining, frequent delivery delays and disappointing post-sales service. Our online furniture showroom is designed in a user friendly and seamless manner that makes it so easy to own exquisite furniture pieces that are often available only in top furniture stores in various cities. Whether it’s rustic, eclectic, contemporary, industrial or traditional, every unique furniture design style is available at Urban Ladder’s online furniture store!

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