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India's Best floor Tiles Collection

Floor tiles are a crucial component of your room, and Orientbell Tiles produces high-quality floor tiles for your consideration. The price of these tiles varies from 34 to 327 rupees per square foot. The most popular product categories include those made from a variety of materials and including vitrified, ceramic, forever, germ-free, and anti-skid. To meet your needs, tiles are produced in a wide range of sizes.

Points to be remembered while choosing Floor tiles:

● Material

● Size

● Design

● Finish

● Colour

● Cost

Given their characteristics, floor tiles can be added to any space, whether it be indoors, outdoors, or both. For example:

● Floor tiles: The surface of a floor tile cannot be harmed by even the sharpest of blades because it is scratch-resistant. Floor tiles can be used in a variety of spaces Each space needs a tile with a specific set of qualities, and frequently, tiles that work well indoors may not be ideal for use outdoors.

● Bathroom tiles: The bathrooms are a necessity in every Indian home. These days, people are spending more money on luxurious, designer bathrooms. Bathrooms are no longer just functional spaces; they are now the most upscale area of the house. The importance of bathroom floor tiles in Indian bathrooms can thus be seen.

Kitchen tiles: While cooking, spices and oil fumes collect in all the nooks and crannies, leaving the counters and walls splashed and splattered. Some examples of kitchen tiles include terrazzo, glass, vitrified, and natural stone tiles.

● Porcelain tiles have gained a lot of popularity in the modern world. These tiles are increasingly popular because of their power, toughness, and lovely texture. When it comes to tiles, porcelain lasts longer than its competitors. It is more resistant to deterioration and foot traffic.

● Additionally, there are a variety of colors available for the floor tiles, including beige, blue, green, orange, purple, and many more.

Bathroom Floor Tiles at Affordable Price

The most important rooms in any Indian home are the bathrooms. Nowadays, people spend more money on luxurious, designer bathrooms. The bathroom is now the classiest room in the house; it is no longer just a room for necessities. Thus, bathroom floor tiles are essential in Indian bathrooms.

The top bathroom flooring tiles options are listed below:

● Ceramic bathroom floor tiles: They come in a wide range of colors, shapes, textures, and sizes because they are made of clay. Due to its matte finish, it has become one of the most widely used options for bathrooms in India. Ceramic tiles are the best option if you're looking for non-slip flooring. These are also affordable and simple to maintain.

● Marble: When considering options for flooring in a home, marble is the renowned stone that immediately comes to mind. This is as a result of marbles' exquisite beauty. These give your homes a ton of charm and give them a distinctly Victorian appearance. Marble is a popular material for bathrooms for the same reasons as above and more. Marble should be installed in your home if you want to give your bathrooms an opulent appearance and feel.

● Granite: Granite is an elegant substance that is used to enhance the room. It has been utilized for some time. It enhances the flooring's quality and has a classy appearance. It has lovely textures and patterns and improves the appearance of your homes. Granite is ideal for bathroom tiles because of these characteristics.

Best and Affordable Tile Store

If you want to instantly increase the curb appeal of your property, using tiles is a surefire way to produce lovely, long-lasting effects. Tiles, which can be found at Angie's Homes in a variety of materials, forms, patterns, colors, and styles, can produce a modern, elegant, and striking aesthetic whether they are used to cover an entire room, a decorative border along with the single feature wall.

We offer a wide range of modern decor options and are fully cognizant of the needs and trends of the populace. Our commitment to inventive design, high-caliber craftsmanship, and innovation continues to set us apart from the competition. This is demonstrated by our knowledge of all aspects of tile design, whether it be for the bathroom, wall, or kitchen. Angie's Homes offers countless design options for creating your ideal living spaces. The best tiles from the most prestigious contemporary brands are available from us in a variety of shower tiles, bathroom wall tiles, mirror tiles, stone tiles, etc.

Angie's Homes chose a modern design tile collection that stands out for its sobriety, variety of sizes, and elegant colors. The technical and artistic beauty and refinement of a tastefully modern floor or wall made of our tiles can be used to identify it because these qualities greatly enhance the flavor and appeal of the room.

Angie's Homes uses only the best materials, creating a collection of tiles that are actual design spaces, with patterns and colors created to sense and foresee the newest contemporary style trends.


What are the different types of materials used in the manufacture of floor tiles?

Modern manufacturing techniques are used to create the floor tiles at Angie's Homes, making them strong and long-lasting. These tiles are created using materials like ceramic and vitrified materials. The production of tiles like forever tiles, digital glazed vitrified tiles, full body tiles, double charge tiles, germ-free tiles, anti-skid tiles, etc. results from further processing of these materials and tiles.

How should floor tiles be cleaned?

If there is only accumulated dust or dirt, cleaning floor tiles with a wet cloth or mop is simple. Even floor tiles can be washed in a solution of detergent and water to remove stubborn stains or marks. In the case of sweeping floor tiles, using vinegar or lemon juice can also be effective.

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