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    Violin Soft Cotton Mattress

    Rs. 49,000.00
    Sleep in luxury with the Violin Soft Cotton Mattress! This mattress online is made from premium cotton and fine foam for a luxurious, comfortable night of sleep. Its innovative construction...
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    Betty White Orthopedic Mattress

    Rs. 48,900.00
    Sleep restfully with the Betty White Orthopedic Mattress, made with a foam of superior quality to provide optimal support while you rest. Crafted with a superior density that won't break...
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    Mike Comfort Spring Mattress

    Rs. 48,000.00
    The Mike Dual Comfort Spring Mattress is a sophisticated online mattress that offers customizable comfort options. It features two layers of foam with different densities that can be adjusted to...
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    Malta Grey Foam Mattress

    Rs. 50,000.00
    Our Malta Grey Foam Mattress is a perfect choice for those who need an online mattress to get the most out of their bed. This foam mattress is designed to...
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    Jivo Dual Sided Foam Mattress

    Rs. 50,000.00
    Experience optimal cushioning with the Jivo Dual Sided Foam Mattress. Offering 7" of ultra-supportive memory foam for maximum comfort, this mattress provides maximum support for every sleep position and relieves...


When it comes to resting and relaxing at home, comfort is of the utmost importance. Your luxury bed and bedding have a significant impact in sleeping. A mattress is good to relax and lie that can add a second layer of your choice to your bed to enhance the comfort. You can choose a mattress topper that suits your sleeping preferences, whether you prefer a warmer, cooler, firmer, or softer feel in your bed. In addition, the increased layer might help prevent your mattress from stains and sagging. You can find so many different types of mattresses when you go to the store or search online that you might become confused. To buy best mattress for back pain or baby mattress you can shop at Angie Homes.


We are all aware that sleeping on a poor mattress can result in back pain, which over time can even lead to injury. There are types of mattress to buy and they differ to each other in many ways we have discussed here- A foam mattress composed entirely of foam is available with no coils in it. the most well-known type of foam utilised in these mattresses is memory foam. Making foam mattresses involves using high density foam that is incredibly soft. This is the one to choose if you frequently have back pain. Mattresses using innersprings have been in use for a while. They have since undergone constant development to offer the highest level of comfort. There is a lot of open space between the springs of the mattress, which provides great ventilation. This type of mattress contains multiple layers in addition to a coil-based support system.

An orthopaedic or foam mattress helps relieve pressure on your spine by giving it the firm, sufficient support it requires while you sleep. Due to its lumbar and spinal support, an orthopaedic mattress has gained recognition in the marketplace. It helps to keep your spine straight while sleeping or lying. It can fetch you more money as compared to other ones but then health and comfort should be the priority. To get orthopaedic mattress at best price you can shop at Angie Homes.


Since you spend almost a third of your life asleep, it's critical to maintain a clean, hygienic, and functional mattress. Since your mattress is typically covered by sheets and other bedding, it's simple to forget to clean it. But routine mattress cleaning can assist to lessen unwelcome accumulation of dust, dust mites, dead skin cells, mould, and bacteria. Gently sprinkle a little amount of baking soda over your mattress. Baking soda keeps your mattress smelling clean and fresh while also helping to absorb moisture. The more time you can give it to sit, the better. To remove it, carefully vacuum. To clean your mattress, use a fresh, moist towel, being careful not to damp it too much. Before you replace the bedding, fully air your mattress to make sure it is completely dry.

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