In India, Angie Homes is a well-known manufacturer of furniture and home furnishings that has had a big impact on the market. Pioneered by Anjelika...
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In India, Angie Homes is a well-known manufacturer of furniture and home furnishings that has had a big impact on the market. Pioneered by Anjelika Kriplani who did her schooling and college from Delhi Convent of Jesus and Mary and Jesus and Mary college. She did interior architecture in New York at Fashion Institute of technology NEW YORK and has done most homes and offices in fusion and classic style where her work was appreciated and highly recognised. Angie Homes owner feels that warm interiors with rich texture are elegant and when put together defines an depicts a class and luxury.

You can make a space dull and lively by incorporating the artwork accessories and furniture pieces. If you wish to buy the best artwork for your home or furniture for the office or home shop at Angie Homes online hassle free.  For a number of reasons, it might be seen as “Made in India” with a modern age twist. Their products are thoughtfully designed to cater to the evolving tastes and preferences of the urban Indian consumer while incorporating elements of Indian art, craft, and culture. Why Angie Homes is the new age look of made on India for modern and fusion culture and heritage we will discuss in this blog.

Wide Variety of Products: Offering a variety of furniture and home décor goods to suit different tastes and aesthetic preferences is Angie Homes. Products from traditional and ethnic designs to modern and contemporary aesthetics are available from them. Customers can choose items that match their individual interests thanks to this wide selection of products, which also highlights the diversity and adaptability of Indian design.

Collaboration with Designers and Artists: It works with established and up-and-coming designers and artists from various regions of India. Working together with these innovative people results in a special fusion of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge design from different parts of the country who bring their expertise in wood-working, handloom, embroidery, and other traditional crafts to create unique and high-quality pieces. The promotion of Indian craftsmen’ abilities, the preservation of traditional crafts, and the provision of a stage for their talent are all aided by this collaboration. This not only helps in preserving traditional art forms but also gives customers an opportunity to appreciate and own unique pieces that reflect India's diverse cultural heritage.



Customization Options: For some furniture pieces, renowned home décor company Angie Home offers customization possibilities. Customers can thus customise their furniture to suit their unique requirements and preferences. Customers can build pieces that represent their own style and taste thanks to our customisation options, which embrace the idea of individuality.

Quality and Durability are Stressed: It stresses the value of quality and durability in their products. They work hard to give consumers furniture that is both aesthetically beautiful and durable. This emphasis on high-quality craftsmanship makes sure that the goods reflect the “Made in India” culture of skill, knowledge, and care for the little things.

Online Presence and Convenience: Angie Homes runs as an e-commerce platform and has a strong online presence. Customers from all over the nation may now readily access and buy their products thanks to this. It has improved the convenience and accessibility of furniture purchasing for a variety of customers by utilising technology and internet platforms. Their online presence and e-commerce model allow people across the country to access their products easily. They also incorporate digital tools like augmented reality and virtual reality to provide a more immersive and personalized shopping experience.

The opinion of any brand can differ from person to person, but it’s crucial to note that these factors help Angie Homes stand out as a modern example of “Made in India” in the furniture and home décor sectors. Please inquire if you have any more queries or need any additional details. Angie Homes is a popular online furniture and home décor marketplace in India. While they offer a wide range of products for home décor and accessories, it’s important to note that availability and specific regional themes may vary. However, you can certainly find a variety of home décor items inspired by different regions, including Kashmir and South India:

Wall Art: Look for pieces with traditional Kashmiri or South Indian motifs in the paintings, prints, or wall hangings. No matter what type of artwork you choose to put up in your home- portrait paintings, prints of animals, traditional artwork or modern art, every art has significance and power to transform a gloomy place into a great place full of aura and mood lifting vibes. To shop best artwork for your home, office, restaurant or to gift Angie Homes is a one such destination to help you get the desired artwork online. These may consist of scenes from nature, complicated patterns, or both. You can also look at Angie Homes’ selections of pichwai, lithographs, and tanjore paintings to purchase online for your house, business, etc.



Cushion Covers: To buy cushion for bed, pillow for bed, decorative cushion, decorative pillow or any other they are just a call away; Angie Homes- catering excellent quality huge collection of pillow and cushion in sizes, color, and pattern along with cushion covers. Look for cushion covers with South Indian block patterns or Kashmiri embroidery. These can give your house a little extra cultural depth.

Rugs & Carpets:. A carpet is a wonderful flooring option for chilly bedrooms or drab offices since it gives tremendous warmth underfoot. For the carpet floor design check out our luxury carpets online at Angies India. Look through the selection of rugs and carpets that include classic Kashmiri or South Indian motifs. These may give your living areas warmth and charm.

Artefacts: The days of only being able to examine sculptures at museums or the houses of wealthy art collectors are long gone. It’s time to make space in our homes for some stunning works of art. Choose a variety of classic-looking sculptures for your living room or figurine sculptures to display on the mantelpiece. Bold and modern pieces work well in gardens, terraces, animal sculpture, and other outdoor spaces for a more authentic and lovely appearance. Take a look at the variety of brass and metal statues, figures, and kitchenware that symbolise the South Indian and Kashmiri artistic traditions. Consider adding ornamental items like traditional lamps, sculptures etc  made in the vein of Kashmiri or South Indian aesthetic traditions.

Although these recommendations provide you a general sense of the kinds of things you can purchase, it’s best to go directly to the Angie Homes website or app to explore their current inventory and filter the search results in accordance with your unique tastes.


As we know that Kashmir, a region in the north of the Indian subcontinent, is well known for its extensive historical significance and cultural heritage. While Kashmir is renowned for Its spectacular natural beauty, it is also well-known for its artefacts that display its masterful traditional workmanship.  In Kashmir, the practise of carpet weaving has a long history. Because of their stunning designs, vivid colours, and superior craftsmanship, Kashmiri carpets are widely sought after. Traditionally, they are hand-knotted using premium wool and silk threads. The area has a strong cultural history, and it is known for its beautiful and skilled handicrafts.

When incorporating South Indian artwork and accessories into your home, consider your personal preferences, the available space, and the overall aesthetic you want to achieve. South India has a rich artistic heritage, and there are several famous paintings, artworks, and accessories that reflect the culture and traditions of the region. Here are some examples:

Tanjore Paintings: Thanjavur or Tanjore paintings are one of the most famous art forms from South India. These paintings are known for their rich colors, intricate details, and the use of gold foil. They often depict Hindu gods and goddesses, religious themes, and scenes from mythology. Also Mysore Paintings that were originated in the city of Mysore in Karnataka. They are characterized by their delicate brushwork, intricate designs, and the use of natural dyes. Mysore paintings typically feature gods, goddesses, and royal figures from Hindu mythology.



Pichwai paintings are a traditional art form that originated in the town of Nathdwara in Rajasthan, India. They are highly regarded and famous as they are created using traditional techniques that have been passed down through generations. Pichwai paintings have a long history and are fundamental to Rajasthan’s cultural heritage. Traditionally, they were produced as sizable textile works of art to adorn the walls of temples, particularly in the worship of Lord Krishna. Paintings of Pichwai are renowned for their exquisite and intricate craftsmanship. They are often produced on fabric using natural pigments like mineral and vegetable dyes. The artists are distinguished by their vivid colour palette and meticulous attention to small details. Bold and vivid colours, such as diverse shades of red, blue, green, yellow, and gold, are used by the artists.  Paintings by Pichwai are produced utilising conventional methods that have been handed down through the generations.

 The painting procedure involves precise brushwork, layering of colours, and great attention to detail. The artists utilise brushes made from squirrel hair. The distinct aesthetic and aesthetic attractiveness of Pichwai paintings are enhanced by these techniques. They are valued as priceless works of art and are loved by admirers, museums, and collectors around. The Pichwai paintings ability and craftsmanship have been acknowledged as a significant component of India’s artistic legacy. They are a beautiful choice for home décor because of its vivid colours, elaborate designs, and themes that are inspired by Indian culture, nature, and spirituality. They also lend a touch of elegance and cultural depth to any room. They are a significant element of India’s creative legacy because of their beauty and complexity, which continue to enthral admirers and devotees of the arts.



Incorporating these in your home, workplace or any other place will lit up to a different level that sparks of liveliness, positivity and aura speaks giving the whole place a great makeover. Home accessories are an essential part of a home’s interior décor. You can convey your tastes, passions, and even personality through them. Through them, you may add your personality to your home and express yourself. They help you create a story that you might wish to tell guests, family members, or other interested people. Accessories make your surroundings better by letting you coordinate different components of your home’s style.



Make sure the items you purchase for decorating are both aesthetically beautiful and functional. What you do with your home is up to you. Your home should be a wonderful place to live, a haven where you can relax and feel at home while taking pleasure in the simple things. As a result, you should take excellent care of your home’s interior and outfit it with whatever you like to make it a lovely space for yourself. No matter how big or little your property is, add elegant décor to make it more inviting to guests! Use the greatest furniture and accessories from Angie Homes to furnish your home from floor to ceiling and wall to wall. Try to incorporate your distinctive individuality into the interiors through accessories because everyone loves uniqueness. Decorate your home to your heart’s content with an extensive and wide selection of home accessories online, exclusively at Angie Homes online, from living room décor to bedroom, dining and bathroom interiors. Every item at Angie Homes is quality checked by our professional stylists and team to guarantee its usability.  Angie Homes offers the most comprehensive variety of home design products, all of which have been carefully chosen to accommodate different tastes in furniture, décor, and room layout.

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